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    Hello all,

    I have been going primal for about a month now and so far I like it. But I am probably only 80% primal. I eat good cheese, plain yogurt and drink a little milk. But I love the exercise principles.

    I practice Ju-jitsu and aikido for fun about 3 times a week. Other days I lift heavy thing and just started running sprints. I am a computer geek at work so I get plenty of rest there lol ;-)

    Over the past 30 day I have drop about 15 lbs and feel real good.

    You can find me on facebook and twitter if you like.

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    Todays WOD was an easy hike I have to cut it short because the bug were driving me crazy. Next time I need to remember the Off.

    B eggs,pepper,onion,salsa and cheese omelet

    S 2 pieces of string cheese and apple





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      WOD This was the 1st dat of TT original workout. Did set A then worked on the Bag for my intervals then added some chest flys, floor sweep and inverted rows.

      I feel pretty good.

      B veggie and turkey omelet

      S cottage cheese and pecans

      After workout snack whey

      L chicken and veggies

      D chicken and veggies

      S blue berries pecans almonds and whey.


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        WOD Went to the Ymca and did the rowing machine

        5 min warm up

        2 min hards

        10 push ups

        10 BW squats

        2 Min Easy on Rower

        2 min hard on Rower

        10 push ups

        10 BW squats

        2 Min Easy on Rower

        2 min hard on Rower

        10 push ups

        10 BW squats

        5 Min easy on rower

        Then 2 hours of Ju-Jitsu

        B 1/2 cup omelet 1/2 cup salsa 1/2 cup peppers 1/2 cup turkey burger 1/2 cup eggs (3 eggs)

        S 3 HB egg and hummus

        L Lettuces warp with chicken and turkey burger

        S 1 tbsp almond 1 tbsp pecan 1/2 cup blueberries and 1/2 scoop Van Whey <-- this is my favorite snack.

        D Chicken and Veggies


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          My Goals Every Choice you make bring you closer or further away from my goal

          The next 7 Days

          1 Loose 3 lbs (242 -2390

          2 Run Sprints 1 Time

          3 Do TT workout 3 Times

          4 Bike or Hike or Yoga on Sunday

          5 Primal Diet

          6 Donít Eat At night

          7 100 Push up per day

          4 Weeks Goals

          1 230 By 10-2-2009

          2 Jog .5 Mile

          3 2 Chins ups 40 push ups

          4 Stay on Primal with 1 cheat meal every 2 weeks

          3 Month Goal

          1 220 lbs 12/4/2009

          2 5 Chins ups 50 push ups

          3 Jog 1 mile ( I really cant run)

          4 Stay on Primal with 1 cheat meal every 2 weeks

          1 year Goal

          1 Weight about 200

          2 5 Chins ups 100 push ups

          3 Run a 5 K

          4 Brown Belt Jujitsu and Aikido

          3 Keep a primal diet 80% of the time


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            Squats, Db pull overs

            Bulgarian splits squats, Swiss ball leg curls

            inverted rows on rope, mt climbers

            workout on the heavy then rode bike to work.

            then a whey shake

            Plus did 100 push ups

            b 1/2 cup omelet

            s cottage cheese and pecans

            l veggies and chicken

            d beef tips veggie and some cottage cheese

            s blueberry almonds pecan whey