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    Veggie Scramble

    2 eggs, 2 flowers of broccoli, 1 spring onion

    3 slices of bacon

    1 cup of black filtered organic coffee


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      So deeply sorry for your loss.

      It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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        Thank you Sir G

        Her death was unnecessary I think. I am both deeply saddened and angry at the same time. It moves me to want to spread awareness throughout the schools and the community. Believe it or not, it is possible that the bottom line is worms. Perhaps a tapeworm. In their culture they still have a belief in witchcraft and it is also possible that the witch doctor muti treatment exacerbated her already weakened condition. The doctor said that there are herbal treatments which would have been quite toxic to her already weakened immune system.

        She apparently threw up what looked to her parents like a snake (read white worm) and that was that for them. This information I only got the day before she died. I gave the parents pics of tapeworms and round worms and the mom said it looked like that but she still believed that the evil ones had put it in her daughter. Mak had been sick for three weeks with little water or food staying down. She looked like those awful photos of dying Biafran children, except she was 6 foot and 3 weeks ago was strong, funny and beautiful. I could scream from the highest mountain. It feels as if I have lost my own blood child. She was a very special being.

        Once again - thank you.



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          Journal food log

          Snack - 1 rib celery with 1 Tbs organic peanut butter. This is nearly finished as well. I will move to almond and macadamia butter.

          Drink - 1 cider


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            Hi Journal

            It is a new day.

            Bacon and eggs for breakfast

            (Biltong) Jerky

            1 cup of tea with milk

            1 dry cider

            This is a beautiful day and the garden is gorgeous. Filled with lettuce, mustard spinach, spinach, Chinese cabbage and much more.

            And now for lunch

            Marinades Chicken strips - pan fried



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              Food log and thoughts...

              2 lamb chops

              4 farmer's sausages (probably 6 really)

              2 helpings commercial coleslaw (too much sugar I am sure)

              1 bowl of biltong (jerky)

              2 glasses of chardonnay

              1 bottle of red wine

              I think there is a danger of having too much protein, since an over abundance of protein will be turned into glucose just as carbs would be. I am pigging out on protein at the moment although I am not too worried. It is rather like the first two weeks on Atkins. Anything protein, just not carbs.

              I am drinking a lot of water. Even between glasses of wine.Yes I know I have had a lot of wine today, a lot since lunch time. Some things are unlikely to change. Some things I don't want to change.

              It is now bed time for me on this side of the world.

              Bowel movements are definitely changed...less frequent and sometimes more loose than normal. I think the coleslaw will cause a difference soon.

              There is so much I learned when I was following Atkins, and it bothers me some that there is a possibility of loss off bone density because of too much protein and I cannot afford that due to the fact that I have osteoporosis already.

              Somehow I have to shut my mind off all the knowledge I already have about high protein/low carb dieting. I really want to try and stick to it as long as possible...and see the test results. I have had high blood sugars every day since I started and I am thinking that it may have something to do with all the fat I have been eating. I cannot eat the fat on lamb chops anymore though. The dogs and cats got that.

              Water is definitely the answer to much of my weight loss. It is also a good way to dilute the wineI know that there are certain things I won't change. I found that out on Atkins. Guess I am stubborn that way. I have no desire to become some role model for some eating programme, but I do want to eat healthy food. Vegetables are so important, but I have had so few in the last few days. Somehow I may have to get into vegetable juices - lowcarb variety.

              No fruits have passed my lips today, and I know that the protein bug has bitten. That and water. I merely have to keep on going that way for the next 2 weeks and I should be in ketosis.

              Weigh in is tomorrow morning - 1 week from the start. There is a major concern in my mind about this whole regime and it is because I have done it before, lost weight and regained all and more after the loss. That was 8 years ago and I have steadily been putting on weight ever since.

              I must say that it is easier to go lowcarb than to try and count calories.

              Go girl go!


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                3/4 cup of paw paw (papaya)

                sprinkling of ginger powder

                I ate this at 12 noon. Was not hungry until then. Am now going to see what I can rustle up for a more substantial meal.

                A tin of Bully Beef (corned beef). Do not know how many carbs, but there will obviously be a few with the cereal they put in. Easy to eat, cold from the tin and that will have to do for now. On my own, so need not cook for anyone today. Will do vegetables for supper.


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                  I just thought about how good it is to eat pawpaw before eating meat - the enzyme papain. I enjoyed it with the ginger. Also an excellent digestif.

                  Food log

                  2 Grilled lamb chops left over from last night's supper. The dogs got the fat again. I have left one to chop into a vegetable and lamb stir-fry tonight for supper.

                  Spring onions, broccoli, Rosa tomatoes, yellow pepper, mustard spinach and green beans. Will I miss the Basmati rice?

                  Need to nap. Short night's sleep and a long day of perusing food magazines and new books for some more inspiration for the restaurant. I now know for sure that I will never again be a slave to any food regime. My goal is to manage my appetite and eat fewer carbs...and not to be obsessed


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                    Well I certainly did the 20% tonight! My shock clock kicked in and I gave my body carbs. EODD would call it a feed day. The Warrior Diet would have been proud of my 3 - 4 hour big meal, and Eat-Stop-Eat would have said don't worry, you can fast tomorrow and start again.

                    I fasted up until 1 pm. All the cravings came on when I saw the frozen panini rolls in the freezer. And the pizza bases. And the ice-cream.

                    Food Log:

                    1 Savannah (cider), 3 glasses Chardonnay, 2 Panini rolls with cheese and chicken, 1 bacon and cheese pizza, 1 large bowl of home-made mango, peach and cream ice-cream.

                    And again no vegetables.

                    This is obviously my weak point, so I shall work on it as a new good habit. A habit challenge. Haven't had one of those for about 7 years! So my habit will be vegetables on a daily basis. All the colours.

                    It is past one in the morning and I have been sitting in this chair for most of the day and I was up at about 8 or 9. Inactivity is weakening me. I need to get my weights here next to the desk so that I can use them when I feel the need. My back is sore where they operated last year. It is almost as if I can feel the rod holding the vertebra together. I still do yoga about three times a week, but the rod is in the waist part and bends can be a bit awkward. I do like using free weights though...making my arms strong, makes me feel powerfulAlways wanted a really nice muscled back as well. It will be such a present to myself to get strong and fit. Perhaps the Orbitrek will be helpful in getting the cardio going. Perhaps I could sprint on it As the weather gets warmer, my thoughts turn to swimming and I wonder how my back is going to hold out with that. Perhaps backstroke? No I am not being may just be the most comfortable position for my back. Breaststroke will make the back arch a bit and that may not be too comfortable. We will have to see...

                    So that's it for now. No stars. Just a few black circles. Exercise and a morning of fasting will turn them into stars.

                    M - you can do it.


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                      Sounds like you have gone through a lot of stress lately. You are doing great; just be as good to yourself as you are to everyone else.

                      Almost everyone on the forum here has had days like this. It's okay ;-)

                      As you know- humans eat for lots of reasons besides physical hunger, especially when they're stressed---

                      and the reason they do that is because it works.

                      Yesterday evening, I was bitten by the rum monster, myself. This morning I felt like crap, but do I regret drinking? Nah...there was a purpose to it.

                      You CAN do it, M!!!


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                        Thanks for your encouragement kuno1chi. Good of you. I feel for the rum morning feeling...I have been a bit heavy on the wine side myself. One of the downsides of having a restaurant as well. I have a long thin rubbery arm that is easily twisted when someone wants to buy me a glass of wine. Spending my teenage years in the Cape means that my wine collector father taught us about wines and I love it! We also have great wine tastings every month and subsequently we have a lovely collection of wines.

                        We have rum too


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                          Ok - this was a feed day. Mixing a few things up here. Every Other Day Diet, Eat-Stop-Eat and PB. I like the idea, so I am going to play with it and see how it goes.

                          I only ate at about 2:30 this afternoon and it was two rice cakes with butter and Marmite and a cup of tea. I know, I know - baby steps, baby steps.

                          This evening was date night and hubby and I went out to dinner. He was away from home for a couple of days so it was really good to be able to sit down and catch up...and the food was good

                          Falling asleep over my laptop.

                          goodnight Journal...


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                            Last night Food Log:

                            Gin and Tonic

                            Springbok (deer) carpaccio on lettuce for starters

                            Pecorino Fillet with stir-fried vegetables

                            mouthful of hubby's deep-fried Camembert cheese

                            3 glasses of Cab Sauv

                            1 tequila

                            Later 3 tsp sugar-free peanut butter (I know, it's a legume...)and 3 tsp peanut sprinkles

                            Result in the morning - gall reflux - UGH! Must have been the peanut butter because nothing else was fatty.

                            That was last night. This morning - water so far. Not feeling like eating yet and I still have a yoga class in half an hour.

                            A thoughtful morning.


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                              Just recently I was on a business trip to Capetown, and I made a point of eating venison whenever possible. I tried Springbok, Kudu, Eland and Ostrich, and I loved them all.

                              I would love to find a reliable source of SA meats, so I could introduce my friends here. Do you have any recommendations?

                              Also fell in love with Biltong; it kicks butt over American jerky. Tried bringing some home, but alas, Customs would not let me. Any thoughts?

                              Thanks so much!


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                                Hi kuno

                                I know that in some places in America the South African diaspora are making biltong...I will see if I can find any. As far as meat is concerned I really am not sure. I know there are gift baskets sent over from time to time but the laws on exporting meat are unknown to me. Let me ask a few people.

                                I live in true bush country up in the north east next to the Kruger National Park and there is a lot of game meat here. I have a leg of venison in the freezer as we speak and am considering doing it this weekend. I do love game/venison. At least we know for sure it is grass fed and organic!

                                Yes, our biltong is really delicious and it is one of my all time stand-bys for snacking. Glad you liked it...and I take it you liked Cape Town too? (Not dissimilar to California. I did my high school in the Cape and my mum still lives there. She is 84 and goes to gym - even has a personal trainer. I hope somewhere it rubs off on me!

                                Have a great day - you are probably still sleeping and romping in dreamland