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    Hey, welcome back!

    You are a weight loss machine. 180s! you';; have to post another pic soon, that's tremendous. I have never heard of waterproofed ipod...hmmm.

    Steak and strawberries...nice!


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      Yeah, looks yummy doesn't it?

      I'm using an Otterbox to keep the iPod safe. The old ones with the pressure controls (not a touch style) can be controlled right through the skin of the box. Handy.

      Not everybody has an iPod just sitting around ready to be put at risk like that... but, they sell cases for the Shuffles and they're pretty cheap. Works better than the "waterproof MP3" I've tried before too.

      As for headphones, I keep my head partly above the water cuz I'm a lazy kickboarder, so the water-resistant Sony MDR-J11G work fine. I do own some waterproof earbuds which are basically like earplugs for swimming, but they sound Bad.
      "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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        Does look yummy. and she is being raised to like her steak medium rare!

        I have never seen any of the waterproofing music stuff, so I just need to look for it. Though is it weird being underwater with music? you know that freaky feeling of not 'hearing' or 'sensing' what is going on around you? I don't know if I could deal with that with music blocking out everything in addition to the water. But must make swimming more enjoyable, so I guess its worth trying.


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          Thanks for the comment. I was wondering if it might get boring. I like the structure. Yeah, the Walking Dead comic is good, very long, and still going on.


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            PRIMAL LEAP POST 5, Supplemental

            Week 2:
            Lifestyle Action Item 1: Self-Limiting Beliefs, Behaviors, and Lifestyle Circumstances:

            I remembered one belief that is unreasonable and silly on my part: Sleep is a waste of time.
            Obviously, it is not. I’d like to need less sleep. Perhaps that will be an effect of living Primally. It is more likely that I will enjoy my awake time more if I am rested. Either way, for now there’s a limit to how much we can get as much sleep as we need. maybe after the baby is sleeping through the night.


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              PRIMAL LEAP POST 6

              Week 3:
              Diet Action Item 1: Cultivate Your Primal Appetite:
              Ways emotions impact my eating:
              When I am stressed or super-busy I tend to resent having to stop and eat, much less fix myself anything. This has, however, already changed a lot for me. Now I LIKE to eat AND to prepare meals.

              My response to the recommendation that we eat whatever we want, as much as we want:
              Very freeing, unless what I want is not primal. I like the idea of having as much steak, egg, and veggies as I can stand. Regarding non-primal treats, I have decided that occasionally, if I indulge, I do it guilt-free. In some cases, I am happy I did it, but quickly satisfied. In other cases, I find I don’t really like it anymore anyway. In those cases, I can just stop. I am taking a very reflective stance, watching my responses rather than making value judgments about myself based on what I do.

              Deprivation/restriction mentality:
              I never had this mentality about dieting, etc. However, there was a time I felt guilty in general about indulging, costing money. This was about food and a bunch of other things. That’s old news, though, and I am free to enjoy many things now, so I won’t bother going into where that came from or how I got past it.

              Current indulgences that could be made more sensible:
              McDonalds and other fast food
              Eggs with toast
              Doritos, other chips
              Ice cream
              Hot chocolate

              Steak and onions, always better!
              Eggs with bacon and a lot of pepper
              Nuts (anything else that I can put lots of seasoning on that crunches?)
              Yogurt (Fage) either the cups, or with fresh berries
              Green tea or tea with lemon and honey
              Occasional dark chocolate

              Primal snack list:
              Berries, pistachios, almonds, dried berries, dark chocolate covered pomegranate, beef jerky, salad stuff

              Positive observations of child eating habits:
              My kid still loves grilled cheese, crackers and noodles. However, she frequently tries new things, is easily redirected at times, and likes chicken and other meats. She likes to try what we eat, so we have an influence. She also eats when she wants, and stops when she is satisfied. This does tend to follow a general pattern in terms of timing during the day. Also, she likes to share, most of the time.

              Diet Action Item 2: Intermittent Fasting:

              I’m choosing not to do any fasting, aside from waiting until I’m actually hungry to eat. I’m not trying to lose weight, and I have a history of ignoring my need to eat when busy doing work. If anything, I need to focus on when I am hungry and respond.

              Diet Action Item 3: “No Labels” challenge:
              The point is that, generally, food without labels tends to be healthier than foods with labels, and that labels are often insufficient or misleading in terms of what’s healthy. I , for the most part, avoided foods with labels from January 15 to 18. I’d say I success was about 8 out of 1, and difficulty was about 3 of 10. What I liked: Non-labeled foods are good! Most of what I ate included meats, eggs, nuts, etc, and that was good. Labeled foods included Fage yogurt (an allowance I will continue to make), and about twenty five Doritos total. Obviously, I should cut out the chips. I have not yet decided on that, although they’re MUCH more limited, and always accompanied by a bunch of nuts or a large salad snack. Honestly, I did not find this all that interesting since I pay little attention to labels anyway. But it makes sense that many labeled foods are also not as healthy.

              Lifestyle Action Item 1: Complete a Play Endeavor:

              Formal Play Endeavor: Honestly, there’s not enough time or energy right now for a prolonged physical play endeavor. A LOT of time and energy is going to baby care with our newborn, my wife is not allowed to do much more than walk at this point, which can be good exercise and social, but is not hard play, and our energy levels are still low due to lack of sleep.
              Future plans: I have, however, given this MUCH thought over the last several months, and am looking forward to doing the following in the coming months as our sleep increases, recovery comes to completion, and whether gets warmer: Hiking in the woods, alone or with friends; daily walks with my kids and wife; walking all around DC, going to museums; playing Frisbee; roller skating; geocaching with my wife, and maybe friends if anyone wants to. I do not enjoy sport games, so I won’t bother with those. I do like sparing and chasing around, so I may get into that a bit.
              Every day play: Play breaks I regularly engage in, and would like to do more of, include: sitting around socializing with my wife and brother-in-law; Superbowl party (planning to have one); chasing my girl around the house; any number of games that involved lifting and swinging my kid around to make her laugh.
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                1) My recycling bin used to be full of empty cans and bottles. Not it's full of berry and tomato containers.
                2) My wife reported that the two bowls of strawberries she ate had fewer calories than a couple of bites of pasta.



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                  PRIMAL LEAP POST 8

                  Week 1:
                  Exercise Action Item 2: Introduce Law 4--Lift Heavy Things:

                  Abbreviated Strength Workout Log:
                  Location/Duration: Home office, 15 minutes
                  NOTE: I’m using a Self Assessment tool (for the Five Essential Movements) as a workout. This will also guide me to what level I should start at for various exercises. Whenever I am lifting myself, for reference, I weigh about 125 lbs.
                  Pushups: 20---start with Knee pushups
                  Pullups: 2---Start with chair assisted 2 leg (Wow. I used to be able to do a couple dozen no problem!)
                  Squats: 20--start with wall squats
                  Overhead Press: 12---start with dive bombers
                  Plank: 25 sec---start with hand/knee plank + side knee
                  COMMENTS: It felt good to try some new exercises, but I also became aware of just how out of shape (compared to my past) I have become. Of course, I forgot that I shoveled the driveway earlier. If it turns out I under-estimated my strength here, I’ll progress faster through the exercise levels than I thought.


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                    Originally posted by Mog View Post
                    Though is it weird being underwater with music?
                    Yeah, it is weird -- but I don't go underwater anymore with the music, so it's moot now.

                    Considering how incredibly noisy the pool is since it's indoor, I'd say music is no more disorienting than a lack of music. Ah well.

                    As I was swimming my laps yesterday, it occurred to me I could instead use the giant awesome waterslides there and count that as a workout. After all, I'd be climbing 4 flights of steps, taking a quickie break to slide down, then walking back to the steps and up again.

                    I'll have to wear my VFFs though. It grosses me out to walk on the pool deck with everybody else's wet feet. (But swim around in their pee? Hey no problem!)

                    Originally posted by Optimus Primal View Post
                    My wife reported that the two bowls of strawberries she ate had fewer calories than a couple of bites of pasta.
                    I said that casually, but I just looked it up to confirm:
                    • 12 medium strawberries: 43 calories, 10 carbs.
                    • 1/4 cup of pasta: 49 calories, 10 carbs.

                    For reference, a quarter-cup of pasta is only enough to fill a shotglass. Pretty pathetic eh!

                    I would bet that basically ALL of my weight gain over the past decade could arguably be attributed to my pastaholism.

                    Food porn:

                    OMG this was so good. Basically shrimp scampi with some tomato sauce. Ingredients: 1 pound of shrimp, 1/4 cup tomato sauce, 1/4 cup olive oil, 2 tbsp butter, 2 tsp minced garlic, 1/8 tsp red pepper, salt, parsley. Saute the garlic with oil, butter, and pepper. Add sauce, bring back to medium heat. Add shrimp, cook for about 3 or 4 minutes, flip as needed. When done, add parsley.

                    Got the recipe from my dad -- he makes this with pasta, of course, and of course we didn't. But with the sauce it certainly scratched that old pasta itch! Optimus said it was better than pasta actually, and I have to agree.

                    In retrospect we didn't need as much sauce as this recipe makes, since this wasn't going over pasta. Maybe next time I'll try just a smidge of that concentrated tomato paste instead of sauce.

                    My psychic powers predict more shrimp dishes in our future.
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                    "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                      Oh man, that looks tasty. I'm writing that one down!


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                        Allow me to reemphasize the deliciousness factor. Just, wow. Plus it was so easy and fast to make -- thawing and peeling the shrimp is what took time. (Thank you Optimus!)

                        I'm sure it would be good with kelp noodles or zucchini or something, too, if one wanted more than shrimp.
                        "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                          oh wow, that looks amazing!
                          my primal journal:


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                            PRIMAL LEAP POST 8

                            Week 3:
                            Lifestyle Action Item 2: Commence a Use Your Brain Endeavor:

                            Endeavors I am interested in:
                            1: Read more books: I would like to read/finish more books. Currently, these include Feed, a book about the world after the zombie outbreak; two books about sociopathy (People of the Lie and The Sociopath Next Door), and the rest of the web-based book Anachronauts, by Stefan Gagne (
                            2: Learn to cook more: I want to be able to cook what I want when I want, and to add variety if bored. I want to be able to say to myself, “If you want something, just MAKE it! If you’re hungry, just MAKE it!”
                            3: Take more seminars:I am required to anyway, since I need to keep up my license. Specifically, I want to take a seminar on the effects of war on vets and their families.
                            4: Learn more about space travel and astronomy: I love sci fi, but want to teach more about real space to my kids, because it’s fascinating. Eventually, I want a telescope.
                            5: Build a decent train set: Need I say more?

                            Saving for the future:
                            1: The seminars: I need to pick a day to take off of work, and a time that I can focus mentally for a day. I have purchased a DVD for the war vet seminar already. I’ll do it sometime next month, provided my boss is okay with it. I’ll have to pick, purchase, and attend about three others before the end of the year.
                            2: Learn more about space travel and the stars: Again, I can wait on this until I’m actually sleeping again. I’ll probably start with some kids books so that I can read them to my older girl.
                            3: Trains! This will be on hold a while, since it will take time, space and money I do not have. I DO have one train set. I could hook it up and see if it works. Got it from a yard sale.

                            The two I can start now:
                            1: Read more:
                            I have these books, and have access to the online book. I need simply to make the time to read more frequently. Instead of watching TV, I could keep a book near me (or an iPhone, for the online book), and read while I hold the baby. I could also give myself some time each day to myself to do so, if the baby allows. If I like, I can write down comments to encourage thinking about what I read. I could also explain it to someone.
                            2: Cook more:
                            I am enjoying the simple and fast steaks and salads I make. I would like to look up another recipe or two, list and purchase ingredients and make something new. I won’t put myself on some schedule (make two new things a week), since right now we’re so tired. But I will try something new this week.

                            Primal Lifestyle Laws:
                            Success: 7/10
                            Difficulty: 8/10 (circumstances, such as new child, winter storms, cold, made integration pretty difficult this week)
                            Satisfaction: 8/10 (considering the circumstances, I am not unhappy at all with how We’ve been doing. I do plan on increasing the level of integration in the coming weeks and months, however.

                            Sleep: I have improved, when I could, by going back to bed as soon as our baby settled down (in the middle of the night). I am also allowing myself to sleep in a bit more, resulting in completing less work, but...As our baby sleeps more, we will go to bed at about 10:00 and get up at about 6:00.
                            Play: I have certainly been goofing off a lot with my older child. That’s about it, since we’ve been so tired from having the baby. Our energy levels are suffering. However, we are socializing frequently, and, as the weather warms up, or if it snows, I intend to get out there and run around in the woods, and play with my family outside.
                            Sunlight: We’ve been walking around the neighborhood some of the time, but between the gloomy cold weather and having a newborn to deal with, we’re not getting a lot of outside time. We do keep blinds open, and as it warms up I intend to walk and play a lot, and to leave windows open in the house when I can.
                            Avoid Stupid Mistakes: Being super tired from sleep deprivation has not helped a lot. I keep losing things and forgetting what I am doing. This is not normal, however. While driving, at least, I am being very careful to stay aware of surroundings, to not multitask, and to do those things I think should be taken for granted, like signal before changing lanes, etc. I did, however, cut my finger with a knife. THAT was avoidable.
                            Use Your Brain: I have begun reading more aggressively, and am catching up on the web-book Anachronauts. I am also doing these exercises.

                            In general, I struggle with all of the lifestyle laws right now because I am not able to get enough sleep or time for everything. that just comes from having a newborn. It improved every week, so I am feeling very positive most of the time.


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                              Originally posted by Optimus Primal View Post
                              “If you want something, just MAKE it! If you’re hungry, just MAKE it!”
                              I see what you did there. So you're telling me Jordan Chase is primal?

                              Originally posted by Optimus Primal View Post
                              want to teach more about real space to my kids, because it’s fascinating. Eventually, I want a telescope.
                              Oooh. Sounds fun. Remind me to show you my brown paper schoolbook section on astronomy, it's a great intro and includes activities for the kids!

                              Originally posted by Optimus Primal View Post
                              I keep losing things and forgetting what I am doing. This is not normal, however.
                              Sure, if you say so, babe.

                              You're better about this primal-specific blogging than I am. I should at least get back to reading the leap workbook, methinks.
                              "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                                Oh yum those shrimps!!