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  • Jenny and Optimus Primal's Journal

    This new journal is a joint effort with my husband, Optimus Primal.

    We have been eating mostly primally since last July. Now that I've delivered our second daughter, we're ready to get more serious about this!

    We got the Primal Leap kit as a way to officially kick this off.

    We have very different starting points...

    • History:
      • 240 lbs. before pregnancy (5 foot 5 in.)
      • 200 lbs. last week, which was two weeks after having the baby.
      • My weight went down because of pregnancy appetite issues. Last pregnancy I gained the weight lost back -- but this time I think I kept the weight off in a healthy way thanks to good primal food. Primal eating also helped me pass the gestational diabetes test with flying colors, this time.

    • Health issues and risk factors:
      • I'm still recovering from c-section surgery right now, so I won't be doing exercise other than walking until the docs clear me at the end of January.... so consider this a phased approach for me.
      • Diagnosed with PCOS, so low-carb eating should help.
      • Also a family history of diabetes and heart disease.

    • Stats now:
      • 194 lbs.
      • 47% body fat

    • Goals:
      • Get down to a nicely muscled 160 lbs. and then reevaluate.
      • And of course get healthier, stronger, generally more badass!

    Optimus Primal
    • History:
      • Basically the same weight and build since high school. Was a cross-country runner.

    • Health issues and risk factors:
      • Family history of diabetes and heart disease. (I am a sugar nut and diabetic waiting to happen.)
      • Decreased muscle tone, resulting in back injuries.
      • Decreased endurance and vitality.
      • Many more illnesses over the past couple of years than I used to get.

    • Stats now:
      • 125 lbs. (5 foot 5 in.)
      • 15% body fat

    • Goals:
      • Get stronger and healthier.
      • Stop getting sick every month.
      • Feel good all day long.
      • Become a better cook.
      • Have more fun with kids and wife.
      • Be tougher and more bad-ass than any boyfriend my daughters may bring over fifteen to twenty years from now.
      • Live and be healthy for a very very long time.

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    Hello hello

    Welcome Optimus and un-parasitised Jenny

    Hey - love to hear what you think of the Primal Leap Kit.

    Won't yabber on and hijack a fresh fresh journal, so Hi and I look forward to watching how its all goes xx


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      Ooooooooh *sniff sniff* love that fresh journal smell!
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        Heheh, thanks Mog -- while I love my parasite, I love her a lot more now that she's been evicted! I'll definitely talk about my experience with the Leap kit and I'll encourage Optimus to do the same; his experience will probably be quite different since he can really work out and he isn't trying to lose weight.

        And yeah Primal Fist, ain't it sparkly and shiny? You know, I used your journal as an example when I was explaining to Optimus how journal-sharing might work. Plus with a shared journal, if we take delicious pics of dinner or want to show off geocaching finds, no double-posting in separate journals...

        So, speaking of pics. I know it's weird to START a new journal with a progress pic, but I have lost 40 pounds (or more) so I might as well. Also, I think the "RAWR!" expression and pose in my latest photo are amusing.

        I think even with the conveniently-placed DD#1 hiding part of my belly in the first pic, it's pretty clear those 40 pounds are gone. (I still have 40 more to go, but hey, halfway there!) If I hadn't been grinning quite so hard in the second pic you'd see a big difference in my face, too, methinks.
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        "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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          Wow, a husband and wife primal team, Awesome. I have got to get my husband on board.

          Congratulations on your new baby.
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            Jenny, you're looking great postpartum! I hardly recognized you without the third eye (heehee). Congrats on evicting the parasite

            I like the shared journal idea, looking forward to seeing your progress.
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              Looking good, Jenny! Another journal to add to my list to torment.. err... read.


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                Will be watching! Awesome to have all the support from your husband and that "before" pic (after baby) will be a great way to look back a few months from now.
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                  Thanks all -- torment away, Bane, heheh -- and agreed, iniQuity, it would be easy for him to fall into the "skinny is healthy right?" trap that I'm sure is common. He's been super-supportive and he's also interested in PB for his own reasons, which is great.

                  Plus with our two little kids, it's an ideal time to try and prevent them from becoming massive carboholics like so many toddlers end up. Easy for the new baby of course... DD#1 still gets plenty of crackers, etc. at the grandparents' house, but it's still a much smaller proportion of her diet than I'm sure is true for the average kid. And she gets no true sweet-sweets: no cookies, no juice, etc.
                  "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                    Wow you look Awesome, quite frankly, & not at all 200 lbs. You must have a larger or something. I am looking forward to your progress.
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                      You've done really well already Jenny! Looking forwad to seeing your progress


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                        You're looking just fine! That's really good progress, and I love the attitude.

                        You talked about some neuropathy from the C-section -- I'm in the very last stages of Miller Fisher Syndrome (which is an auto-immune myelin problem, but thank heavens it almost always gets better.) So, I did some research on what helps make and maintain myelin .... on the short list, try the methyl form of Vitamin B12 (taken under the tongue). I like Jarrow brand. Slightly lemon-flavored. Also take benfotiamine, which is a form of vitamin B-1 much better absorbed and longer-lasting than the ordinary B-1. And Calcium AEP (or sometimes it's called Calcium EAP) helps a lot by defending cell membranes. L-Acetyl-Carnitine is supposed to help. Some people get help from an Ayurvedic herb, ashwagandha, which is also very good for some other things. (They call it "the Queen of Ayurveda" and also "Indian Ginseng" since it gives energy, but unlike Chinese -panax- ginseng, it's a calm energy.) Good Vitamin D3, of course.

                        Good luck. I'm sure your healing is only a matter of time. Nerves take a long time, by the way, slow but steady it goes.


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                          Hi Jenny, and Greetings Optimus!

                          Way cool, I like your respective goals lists. And I love that you've already posted some progress pics - good for you! Looking forward to following your journey! Hmm...Primal Leap Kit...may have to look into that...
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                            Hi Jenny! Congratulations on the birth of your second daughter! Love the new journal and the pics-you've already made such an amazing transformation.
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                              me2 -- Yeah, I get that a lot actually, that I don't look my weight. Judging by how other gals who claim they're 200 look, I guess there's some basis for it. I imagine it's because even when totally untrained I have a good amount of muscle compared to the average gal, especially in my legs (my calves look pretty big but they're rock solid when I flex, for example.) Plus the "large frame" thing I guess!

                              Lindsey -- thanks for the well-wishes.

                              piano-doctor-lady -- Interesting! I'll keep all this in mind when I reevaluate my supplements. Thankfully in my case, my neuropathy is not really bothering me. It's just kinda the way it is. And, you know... better to be a bit numb ABOVE the incision than below.

                              Aila -- I'll be posting the results of the exercises (math I mean) from the Leap kit here in the journal, so you can get a better idea of what it helps figure out. Personally I ordered the kit because to me it seems sort of like a month of virtual personal trainer, except you can pick it up and put it down based on when you have time. Lord knows I need interruptability and convenience this month due to baby!

                              Tawny -- thank you! I can't take full credit for the changes so far though; I always lose weight when pregnant. Not too hard when your appetite is in the dumps! The most willpower I needed was to try and eat at all, and making sure what I did eat was not a giant bowl of pasta.
                              "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."