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    I am angorarabbit and this is my journal. I am a doula in western PA, 24 years young with a great husband and happy flock of readily available meat in my backyard :-) (I raise chickens, ducks, turkeys and quail)

    I am struggling (like most Americans in the grips of SAD and CW) with my weight and I am hoping to gain a nice amount of muscle, lose a lot of fat and just become a healthier person in general.

    At this point my biggest difficulty is sticking with the nutrient ratios I have calculated when reading PB book. I should be keeping my cals between 1863-2300, fat between 125-140
    carbs between 50-75 and protein between 78-85.

    I've got fat and protein down pat but the fact that I'm less than enthusiastic about veggies doesn't help my case. I grew up in a house where the only veg options were corn (i know, i know), green beans and potatos. We also never ate seafood.

    Luckily I will try almost anything at least once and I've been able to find veggies I like (cabbage, eggplant, squash, etc.) as well as great seafood options (yum, scallops!).

    Frustrations with this so far have really just been my husband. He's extremely supportive of me but he doesn't "get" PB and while I wouldn't say he eats the SAD fully anymore, he needs to lose a significant amount of weight for his own sake. (Hubby's dad died of a heart attack in his early 50s).
    He typically eats an apple for breakfast or skips it altogether. He puts together his own lunch which if it's not leftovers is usually a sandwich, some carrots and a couple cookies and he eats whatever dinner I make (Primal). He doesn't think he can cut out grain and prefers to stick with weight watchers. I can't force him to anything but he eats totally primal on weekends and he knows it

    I'm hoping that we'll start TTC this coming fall so my biggest goal is to get my BF% down. At the moment I think it measured 45% which is a total disgrace for me. I used to dance, swim and was just a generally active person. I was never thin (I love pastries too much) but I was muscular and now I just feel like a giant blob.

    I have a life goal of completing the appalachian trail and I want to shed my burden so that I can complete this goal!

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    dinner was an OMGDELISH chicken parm.

    Chicken powdered with some almond flour, washed in egg and then breaded in a heavily seasoned mix of pulverized pork rinds and parm cheese. Fried in butter until cooked through then topped off with a bit more parm cheese, and a heavily reduced tomato sauce. Yay!

    I need to start tracking my foods better but I find that I can never hit my calorie goal of 1863 cals and when I do my fat or protein consumption is off the charts. Me thinks I don't need to be eating almost 200g of fat or 150g of protein (not accurate numbers, but darn close).

    I had a very difficult time doing weight watchers in the past because I simply cannot eat all the food I was supposed to be eating. 34 points worth of food is a lot of food and I ended up eating all day or pigging out on junk food just to hit my point value. There's nothing like a day full of healthy eating choices ruined by 16 points worth of cookies and ice cream because I have to hit my 34 points! (one of many reasons why the logic of WW escapes me). Even now there are days eating PB when I could quite happily eat barely 1000 calories and be perfectly satisfied which is horrible for the amount of weight loss I want to achieve.

    Even more depressing? Now that I'm eating PB I have to buy eggs. Now that days are shortened and cold my poor chooks are barely turning out an egg a day (that's between 4 healthy hens) however, come March I have 2 healthy pullets that should start making up for the old biddies reduced production. Yay!

    I'm off for my overindulgent dessert of fried cinnamon apples, dark chocolate and devon double cream


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      I recent news I've decided to say "f*** it!" in regards to tracking my calories, fats and carbs (don't worry, I NEVER hit 50 unless I try), at least for 30 days. Sticking with the program is what's more important for me and I find it less stress if I can just worry about how to eat first then what to eat later.

      Breakfast: Perfect scrambled eggs (4 eggs, 3 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp cream)
      Tomatoes lightly fried in bacon fat
      Bacon (4 slices)
      2 cups coffee with cream

      Dinner: Oxtail stew with carrots, parsnips and turnips

      If I bother with lunch it'll probably be a salad with tuna and boiled eggs

      Today's workout will be shoveling my driveway, which is in fact, uphill both ways!


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        Yes. Trust your body not the numbers.
        Ancestral Health Info

        I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

        Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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          I've just registered for a level 1 kayaking class! I'm a water person, through and through. I'm happiest in a lake, river, ocean or even a swimming pool. I prefer baths to showers..that kind of thing. Anyway, I've always wanted to learn how to kayak and I've decided that this summer I'm going to learn. First Saturday in May is my first lesson and I've roped my mother into it with me! DH would be going but he has no idea how to swim and when I try to teach him there's always an excuse
          I've been looking into kayak rentals near where I live and it's pretty inexpensive (~$30 from a 3 hour max to all day depending on company) so I'm hoping that this is something I will enjoy and want to keep doing.


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            Approximately 3.5 miles walked today. By this evening I'm hoping for an even 10, but we'll see what happens.

            Dinner: Mexi-bowl. Beef with taco seasoning, greens, onions, tomatoes, sour cream, and cheese

            I keep having this distinct feeling that I'm going to end up having to cut out dairy, and that makes me sad. I don't really consume too much milk anymore, but I love cheese with a passion that I cannot describe


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              So I made some of the primal "cereal" today, the mixed roasted nuts. So delicious. Mine is a mix of hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds and I threw in some chopped up chocolate for giggles. 1/2 cups with a little bit of cream and some blueberries made a very filling snack.

              Intake for today: 1/2 cup mixed nuts with heavy cream, chocolate and blue berries
              6 oz. seasoned beef w/ sour cream and 1 cup spinach

              I have an interview on Monday with a veterinary clinic. This makes me very happy! I've been trying to find technician work in my area for over a year so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one!

              Dinner will be either seasoned cube steak with bacon lettuce tomato and cheese and Brussels sprouts or a steak. I have a feeling DH might be taking me out.

              ETA: all of a sudden I really, really want a diet pepsi. argh....
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                Breakfast/Lunch: @ eggs, 3 slices bacon, tsp mayo

                Dinner: 4oz. brisket, 2 TBSP Buffalo Chicken Dip, 1 cup coconut milk, 1 cup strawberries, 2 squares chocolate, 4 baked sweet potato fries with butter and 2x2 piece apple cake

                Today was a 20% day. I couldn't resist the apple cake and I knew that I should have, but I didn't.


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                  Kayaking is a great upper body workout but you are having such fun that you don't even notice it as "work".

                  And, yes, trust what your body is telling you and don't stress out about the math.

                  I love your chicken parma recipe. I have got to give that one a try.


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                    Thanks for stopping by Paleobird! Since ignoring the math, everything has become much easier and more enjoyable. Eating according to PB makes me a happier person. I have more energy and I WANT to be active. I no longer pine about how I wish I could do something, I actually just go and make the plans. I've quit being ashamed of how I let myself go and by knowing that I'm working on improving myself, I feel more freedom to be involved. This is why I finally decided to give kayaking a go.

                    Breakfast: butter fried apples with cinnamon, 3 perfect scrambled eggs, 2 slices bacon (I need to go to the bacon store)

                    Job interview today! yay! After about 4 months of actively looking I finally have an interview. I just hope all goes well. Wish me luck!


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                      Hi and welcome.

                      Your flock sounds so cool! You guys must have fabulous fresh roasted fowl all the time, so jealous. D

                      A tip from my naturopath about developing a taste for vegetables: she says that a LOT of CW/SAD people are zinc-deficient. If you're low in zinc, you lierally can't taste vegetables properly. They'll taste like cardboard to you, or worse. So when they have to get people to develop an appetite for veggies, they usually have them take about 50-100mg of zinc per day. Zinc supplements aren't that pricey either.

                      I also hear that herbs and spices and oils can help a LOT with making veggies seem tastier.

                      About sticking with the macronutrients: I have a version of this problem too. I'm hypoglycemic, so if my blood sugar is low, I tend to overeat or overmeasure, or 'just a bit more won't hurt', etc with carbs. What's helping me out is to just have stuff measured and put in a tupperware in the fridge AHEAD OF TIME. A lot of people aren't cravey or hungry in the morning at all, so this is a good time to chop, measure and prepare everything. Pretty much you want to NOT be preparing the meals while hungry. That way it's easier to stick with the numbers you decided on.

                      Your goal with the Appalachian Trail sounds really exciting too. Good luck with all these goals.
                      Getting my Grok on in the Pacific Northwest.

                      "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me."
                      "Cookie is a sometimes food."
                      "Sometimes cookie monster eat APPLE instead of COOKIE. Sometimes eat CARROT."
                      -Cookie Monster, partially reformed sugarholic



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                        Ok firstly, I'm angry and need to vent.

                        I am studying to become a Doula. I spent good money on a program and I have read countless books on childbirth and child rearing and pregnancy. I have a lot of money invested in this education because I am passionate about birth and a return to more organic labor and delivery (when medically possible).
                        Months ago my hubby's best friend, Tony got his "girlfriend" Melissa, pregnant. She's a sweet girl, but she's ditzy as all hell. A TTC that has received a terrible education and has been emotionally and mentally f*cked by her mother, all of which has left her socially retarded.

                        She is completely and totally devoted to Tony. He has admitted that if her were ask this girl to spread his poo all over her body she probably would, no questions asked. He can do no wrong and she makes no decision without consulting him because in the end he makes all decisions for her. (This behavior used to involve her mother, then her grandparents and sometimes her older sister.)
                        Melissa has admitted that she doesn't like making her own decisions and she needs others to make them for her. This goes to the extent that she didn't even have an OB until she was 7 1/2 months pregnant despite my telling her almost daily she needed to get a doctor! (please keep in mind both she and tony were living with us up until that point)

                        She was due on the 11th of January. The week before she decided to tell her doctor that I was her Doula.

                        I never broached this subject with her, because quite frankly, she acts like a child and I didn't want to be the one making all the decisions she and Tony should be making (except, that he could have cared less if she ever went to a doctor and never encouraged her to do so). However she knew I was studying and I do need to attend 2 births to obtain my certification and since she decided to give the doctor my name and number I didn't want to back out and look unprofessional.

                        So I panicked and bought a lot of what I needed for my birth bag, and I bought a couple of books to read that could get me though all of this at short notice and 3 days after her appointment when I went to meet with her she told me that Tony didn't want me to be her Doula. He was afraid I shoved myself on her and that I would replace him. I explained that is not my job, and that she knows very well I NEVER pushed my services onto her and I left some stuff for him to read about how a doula does not replace the partner. The next day she said that Tony said I could be around for the labor, but not the birth. I was fine with this, I could still use the birth for my certification.

                        Well her due date came and went, she was getting uncomfortable and worried, Tony was getting pissed off at using his precious few days off for false alarm contractions. I lent them a birth ball and told her to call me when she was ready.

                        This morning my husband called me to tell me the baby was on the way.

                        They never even had the decency to call me and tell me they didn't need my services, nor did they ever tell their doctor that they had dismissed me. So now I'm quite sure the doctor thinks I'm a no show and I'm back to finding TWO births to attend instead of one. I am so damn angry at the both of them it isn't even funny. They got $400 worth of services for free IN EXCHANGE FOR MY ATTENDANCE AT THE LABOR. ARGH!!!! I have been on call for 3 goddamn weeks, making no plans and not going out in case she needed me! ARGH!!!

                        Quite frankly I'm not entirely sure how to feel. It's already taken me awhile to get used to her pregnancy to begin with (long story) and we started getting along better and then this happens. Exactly what I knew would happen because she has no backbone and sticks her neck out for no one.

                        So with that out of the way.... I'll post later regarding more primal matters


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                          Thanks for stopping by Candylandcanary! I'm going to try the zinc supplements and see if that helps some. I usually cook up veg into something heavily seasoned or smother them in cheese. I need to cut back on the cheese usage and I'm trying to start eating veg as raw as possible. If I can develop a taste for them raw, then hopefully I'll love them even more cooked! As for pre-preparation, I cook almost all my meats on Sunday night. Everything is cooked so that when it is heated it will finish cooking which cuts down on dinner prep for me. I'm usually only worrying about the sides at that point.

                          I need to make more jerky and I need to buy more nuts.

                          My written journal is covered in all of the spring clothes I would love to buy! I have spent the past 3 days scouring the websites of the Gap, Lucky Brand, Old Navy, Anthropologie, Victorias Secret, Zara, etc. printing off pictures of all the clothes I love and I've been making collages. I love clothes and I have never been able to really wear the clothes I love so having those pictures in my journal helps to motivate me. I might not WANT to walk 5 miles a day, but if it means a cute short skirt, I'll do it


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                            Welcome! I've loved reading through your journal - I hope your job interview went ok and that things have settled down with your "friends", how awful to be taken advantage of like that!

                            Regarding the dairy - just like you, I LOVE my cheese. I'm currently going no dairy, though (for 3 weeks) and it really isn't that bad. Well, I have had cheese twice, sorta accidently Replace your butter with coconut oil and your cream with coconut milk and then it's pretty easy. I've noticed some improvements, but I do plan to add back cheese and cream/milk occasionally next weekend.

                            It's sounds like you are making good progress - little slips like with the apple cake are totally normal. Eating good food (you really sound like you know what you are doing here!) and listening to your body will take you far!
                            My Journal:


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                              Tawny, thanks for the words of advice on dairy replacements. I've actually just started a whole30 inspired strip down of my diet. Only for 5 days, baby steps, right?
                              I'm planning on doing a Whole30 starting March 1st, for ease of counting. When I decided to switch to PB and really stick with it I elected for 30 days of being Primal, no tracking which means I'll be done in mid-February. I figured starting a Whole30 on March 1st would just make it easier to track my progress, no math involved when trying to figure out how long I've been sans cheese! Depending on how March goes I'm hoping to extend the 30 days into 60 days (well, 61 since March does have an extra day).

                              Day 1 of clean diet :

                              Breakfast: 3 slices bacon (got a bit hungry when preparing lunch), 2 cups black coffee

                              Lunch: Cabbage, onion and bacon soup in homemade ham stock. Topped off with bacon grease.
                              (haven't pooed in a week. It was make soup or use cabbage leaves to scoop out cold bacon grease from the yum-mug on my stove)

                              Dinner: salad greens with cajun beef (I think)

                              I'm hoping to go out tonight with DH to pick up some veg. All I have now are 2 sweet potatoes and I might make a big bowl of mashed sweet taters and coconut milk for lunch tomorrow.
                              I'm also picking up a pair of scrubs for my working interview Monday! At the interview this past Monday, the woman interviewing me let loose that the doc was NOT a fan of printed scrubs, but preferred jewel tones so I'm going to buy myself a pair of burgundy or hunter green scrubs :-) I want to be able to wash them a couple times and wear them around so I don't look like I'm trying too hard!

                              In regards to my rant, the steam has been let off and I feel a lot better. Mom panicked Monday night after she hadn't felt the baby kick all day and called Tony to take her to the hospital. Mom and baby are fine, she had her son yesterday morning in the 8 o clock hour and he looks just like his daddy. Spoke with Tony and he explained they were going to call me... I told him I was upset because I should have been notified. Even if they didn't want me there, she should have called or text me. If she had been sitting around worrying all day, I should have been called because it's part of my job. Comfort, support, education are a part of what I do and when she decided that she wanted me to be her doula I sat down with her and explained all of this to her. That is why I was upset. I was being treated more like a friend who'd understand why you didn't call her instead of the professional you need to call and update. Even though I am her friend, in this situation, she had wanted me to be the professional and I wasn't treated as such.

                              When DH got home last night he was ready to go visit the new baby. He and T have been friend since 2nd grade so he was very excited! He kept telling baby L all the great stuff they were going to do together and it was all very cute.