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    Morning workout:

    5 rounds:
    7 heavy front squat - @142#
    10 inverted burpees
    Run 400m m @ 100%
    walk rest 2 min actively

    my running suffered on account of my feet (in Vibrams) on freezing pavement, outside. I think I could have run harder in shoes. May need to invest in a pair of sneaks to keep at the gym for running days.

    breakfast - 4 eggs, butter, decaf coffee with heavy cream
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      Originally posted by TheFastCat View Post
      Morning workout:

      5 rounds:
      7 heavy front squat - @142#
      10 inverted burpees
      Run 400m m @ 100%
      walk rest 2 min actively

      my running suffered on account of my feet (in Vibrams) on freezing pavement, outside. I think I could have run harder in shoes. May need to invest in a pair of sneaks to keep at the gym for running days.

      breakfast - 4 eggs, butter, decaf coffee with heavy cream
      Or you could invest in the Vibram's designed to handle colder temperatures.


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        Never! A barefoot running shoe with extra material built to withstand cold temperatures would be a running contradiction. Anyway toughing it out fits my sig.

        Evening workout:

        broke out my cross training shoes for this (yes that is a writing contradiction). Wearing them I am a whole inch huger.
        (that's what he said)
        run 1 mile with 1 24# weight vest about a 9:30 mile I reckon
        Farmer carry 2 pood kettlebell each hand (140# total) wearing 24# weight vest 400 meters
        dead hang pull ups - 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

        dinner: 1lb bison, onion probably a yam or asparagus

        since it's Friday night and you all are such great lurkers, a special movie treat!:
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          I don't want to go do a twenty minute metcon at 10 am.

          I went to the twenty minute metcon at 10 am.

          had a small portion of leftovers from last night to break my 16 hour fast.

          dinner was beef, onion and swiss chard


          no exercise!

          5 scrambled eggs at 8:20 am

          lunch was at 1 pm - steak and eggs with avocado

          dinner - order of shrimp at Jax, glass of red wine, grey goose dirty martini, shot of tequila

          (two glasses of water before bed)

          at 1 pm had steak, eggs and avocado for lunch
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            Ah... President's day!

            Woke up at 8:45 this morning - that's 4 hours later than normal! Anyway I feel so refreshed and relaxed. I think that my cortisol levels are much lower than normal. I might not exercise today to see how I feel tomorrow. Maybe I could hit the workout extra hard? In the meantime I don't think taking two days off in a row will hurt me. At some point I need to learn to for the sake of my own mental sanity!

            edit: I went to the gym at 5

            warm up: mile run with 24# weight vest

            3x5 press @120# (WOOT!)
            1x3 press @120# (extra)

            1x3 dead lift @332
            1x4 dead lift @322
            1x3 dead lift @322

            hrm... I wonder why my DL so weak today...

            weighted pull ups w 24# weight vest 1x6, 5x5

            3x5 slow dead hang ring pull ups

            4 sets of hanging window washers. First time doing them holy crap these babies are styling; I think I will start doing them regularly just to increase my steaz they look so sweet.

            did 2x arm extended plank holds -- until my spine felt like it would snap

            dinner looks to be chipotle pepper eggs with onion, jalapenos and green onions
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              Morning workout:

              10 rounds for time:
              10 floor presses 135#/ 95# - a bench press on the floor (elbows to floor is the range of motion)
              10 wypers (each side) - so with back on floor and weighted bar extended on top of you touch feet to the weights on each side

              25 minutes

              wow a tough workout. The wypers are a breeze by themselves - but not while holding 135# above you and after doing 10 presses. Each time you need a break you drop the bar right on top of you and only have a couple centimeters from it crushing you - kinda scary! Additionally it's super uncomfortable (chafes your back doing the whypers) -- back of your hips on the ground underneath you get beaten to hell.

              I wasn't very impressive -_- Definitely would be much faster time with a better bench and if I could figure out a way to get more comfortable

              breakfast - 5 eggs, asparagus, mug of coconut milk

              I have reduced my salt intake a bit since my work has run out of salt. Since I ate so much? :O
              anyway I will try to stick with lower salt consumption I am generally a salt fiend.

              my box just got 3 huge tires yesterday! They are jumbo tractor sized - I had fun flipping one around the gym. It's like a huge toy! The first 5 flips were super fun - I imagine after about twenty the fun stops. I'm sure I will find out soon enough.

              snack: 1 oz pistachios/almonds

              lunch: asparagus, can of tuna in water, 1 apple, 1 orange

              Jesus fruit makes me want to binge on it O_O fructose/sugar is the devil. bad fruit.

              snack: 1 oz pecans/Brazil nuts

              dinner: 1 lb 93/7 hamburger (not grass fed), 1 white onion, diced green onions, tons of swiss chard skilleted together with coconut oil as per ritual, glass of coconut milk

              30 minutes later had 1 oz of pecans/Brazil nuts and 1.5 glasses coconut milk because I was still hungry

              watched a Netflix movie: Every which way but loose (1978) starring Clint Eastwood as a lonely prize fighter with a pet orangutan named Clyde. Pretty great solely on the basis that Clint Eastwood has a pet orangutan named Clyde.

              ^^ I'm going to start using this to accompany my disapproving finger waves on the forums

              I suppose I should start cataloging movies I watch also.

              Last week I saw Smokey and the Bandit

              ^^Imagine my heartbreak upon watching the Sequel two days later. "An elephant??"

              The coolest movie I have seen since The Punisher which incidentally I re-watched last weekend.

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                complete 3 rounds of the following, not for time:

                20 kettle bell swings unbroken @1.5 pood, 2 pood, 2 pood
                15 turkish get ups (each arm) - @1 pood, @ 1 pood
                300 seconds on the rings- 6 minutes

                had to cut it short on account of time constraints - had an extra long warm up/talk session at the box

                good workout!

                breakfast - 5 eggs, asparagus with butter, glass of coconut milk

                lunch - asparagus, can of tuna, 1/2 yam with butter, 1 medium apple

                took rodeo for a nice long walk; I do this every day when I get home from work either around the neighborhood or at the city park. I suppose I should start logging it here just so I get primal karma points for moving slowly! I hope to get a weight vest in the future and wear it on our walks - would kick it up a notch.

                dinner: ground turkey, onion, 93/7 hamburger, coconut oil, green onions

                3 glasses of coconut milk
                an oz of Brazil nuts/pecans

                played half an hour of Diablo 3. I have a level 31 Druid werewolf (no werecats unfortunately)

                started watching the movie Pandorum

                it's about the crew of a spaceship that awakes from cryo-sleep and figures out things have gone nuts.

                tomorrow night: the exciting conclusion.
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                  morning workout

                  A. muscle up progressions
                  B. kipping practice
                  C. “Death by” pull ups

                  did the warm up in the 24# weight vest as per usual. Time to add more weight to the vest I think. Probably start next Monday.

                  breakfast: 1/2 yam; 5 eggs with butter; asparagus with butter

                  took rodeo for a walk around the neighborhood

                  evening workout

                  Ran 1.5 miles in 24# weight vest (surprisingly I really dig this! even on asphalt in Vibrams)
                  weight vest GHD extensions 20,15,15,15,15
                  bar hang wind shield wipers 3-4 sets
                  toes to bar 10-8-8
                  10 lb plate hold + GHD situps I forget how many

                  dinner: glass of coconut milk, 1 whole yam with butter, left overs from last night. Still hungry though. gonna eat mas.

                  Pandorum ended up being pretty good! If you like sci-fi/Alien style movies

                  Started watching a foreign martial arts movie called

                  first 10 minutes were good!
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                    Morning workout

                    A. 35 deadlift working sets - @308 (felt heavy at 5:30!)
                    B. 310 heavy ring dips - @41# - could have done more but ran out of time after incrementing warm ups

                    weighted myself - 192# - It would seem I have shed a ton of water weight this week by avoiding salt. Once again I need to realize that there isn't any fat left to lose I need to concentrate on building and stop eating like a Hollywood actress.

                    when I weighed myself I also discovered that the weight vest I have been using for the past few weeks is a lot heavier than the 24# I thought it was - it's actually over 30# Kinda cool!


                    when I started driving to work and noticed that it would be bumper to bumper traffic for 20 miles I turned my car around and went to go eat breakfast.

                    @Snooze I had the corned beef hash with an additional 5 scrambled eggs - put green tobasco on top and realized to late that it has a lot of salt in it. doh.

                    Lunch: 2x Jimmy John's roast beef sandwich without cheese or mayo, wrapped in lettuce, additionally an orange and a peach because I was still ravenous.

                    took Rodeo for a (cold) walk around the hood

                    hit the gym for a pretty lazy workout

                    - warmed up with the 5 pm class
                    - did casual sets of bar hang window washers
                    - did one set of 3 pull ups with 60 ish lbs
                    - front squats with 142 1x5 152# 3x5
                    - 10, 8, 8, 7 sets of hand stand push ups using purple band

                    dinner is cooking and it will be

                    ground turkey (93/7), asparagus, yam, onion, coconut and olive oil, green onions all stir fried up
                    no doubt some coconut milk

                    mental note to write an ode/sonnet to onions I heart them so
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                      Mm, corned beef hash


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                        15 minute metcon this morning plus some weight vest work (pullups, burpees etc)

                        Did overhead squats @140#

                        fasted until noon then coconut milk protein shake + bee pollen


                        whole foods Big Ass Salad
                        whole foods box of chicken and potato curry somethingorother
                        citrus kombucha

                        went to the store and bought a ton of veg - no meat though (safeway blows for meat) and forgot the eggs
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                          Exhausting Sunday (yesterday)

                          up at 5 am and was constantly working/moving until I went to bed at 9:45pm

                          I only had one meal (breakfast) at 7:30 and didn't eat again until 9 pm. Not cool or smart.

                          I ended up hauling three large industrial steel storage bins (2x150# 1x80#) up two flights of stairs solo. 150# isn't very heavy by itself - but the dimensions are 48x36x31 and 32x19x18. Very awkward while not causing chipping/scraping and having to drag it (too wide to carry by self). Anyway a terrific strongman workout.

                          Got a lot done - 3 trips to HomeDepot, cleaned kitchen, cleaned out bedroom, condensed two bookcases into one (gave away second bookcase), gave away 32 inch "fat" tv, setup new home theater housing, organized living room storage to free up more space, did lots of laundry, washed car inside and out, took dog to the park, went to the grocery store finally ended up at Jax Restaurant > Home around 6:30 where I had plenty of red wine, a dirty martini and two orders of shrimp. A crossfit friend came to visit while at Jax (two others were working there). Felt kind of good to be a little drinky and around friends! Why? Well let uncle TFC tell you a story.

                          I had an awesome date on Saturday! Met a woman at the tattered cover (big awesome bookstore) and we talked for an entire two hours (the length of my parking meter) -- a great date. She is beautiful, has an awesomely unique name, 5 siblings, athletic - played lacrosse in college, a brunette, her father guides fishing trips in Alaska and on the Amazon river, she loves Rhodesian Ridgebacks and wanted one except she felt guilty and got a rescue dog instead, she is interested in Crossfit, is in nursing school etc ad nauseum, can trace family ancestry to Pocahontas (is partially native american). She was doing a lot of the asking and talking and seemed to match my own energy; long story short everything suggesting terrific chemistry.

                          But - she didn't return my follow up call (as voicemail) inviting her to breakfast and well TFC is no stranger to being a realist nor disappointment. Most of the effort exerted on Sunday was to distract myself from being incredibly disappointed. So yes it felt good to get a little drinky last night and subdue any psychological hurt with the numbing effects of sweet sweet booze. and shrimp!

                          Today's WOD for my box was super lame (read it last night) so I planned last night to sleep in past it and hit up a 5 pm workout this evening. Here's what it was:

                          5 min warm up jog (20-30%)


                          5 rounds of
                          3 min run at 80%
                          3 min jog at 50%

                          breakfast - 5 eggs with butter, 1/2 sweet potato with butter, mug of unsweetened coconut milk
                          lunch - can of tuna, a pear and 1/2 sweet potato with butter

                          no crossfit this evening was too sad/broken hearted

                          instead I cleaned half of my bathroom and the interior of my car, took rodeo for a walk and ran back and forth between Home Depots (x2) and Loews collecting huge steel storage devices (and then lugging them up two flights of stairs solo).

                          dinner - whole foods entire rotisserie chicken and some of these

                          the last huge metallic storage device is in the back of my jeep. I just didn't have the energy to hoist it up myself. I will try to recruit a crossfit buddy tomorrow if I am still feeling weak and feeble.

                          which reminds me I am going to call Pocahontas tomorrow PM. I need closure! Right now TFC has suffered serious aorta trauma - hemorrhaging profusely. Better to risk sudden death, via date proposal and expected rejection, and build up a new heart from scratch in the likely circumstance that I have failed @ natural selection, than continue down this path with a chronically cracked cardio limping through life languidly. But before I grow a new, stronger and more resolute heart and constitution I must first sever the cartilaginous fibers dangling from my solarplexus, acting as spider's thread connecting this limb, slow beating and gangrenous once-heart to my self. Then I can start again slowly like a Rocky movie montage to build strength once again.

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                            Thought you'd appreciate this link:

                            (Just to prove that we can get along once we set aside our caffeine differences.)


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                              no crossfit this morning didn't feel like it. maybe tonight.

                              breakfast: 5 eggs, glass of coconut milk, 1/2 sweet potato with butter

                              dragonmamma on a scale of 1-10 of link coolness and applicability to the TFC philosophical outlook on human existence that link is a 10.
                              In fact I would like to tattoo it on the back of my hand to not only remind me of the meat and vitals defining my existence on a daily basis but for it to serve testament to someone else if ever I punched them in the face.

                              A beautiful, succinct and visceral reminder of survival. thank you for sharing.

                              lunch: spinach, asparagus, 1/2 sweet potato

                              evening workout:

                              dressed as Marky Mark for my box's 80's theme night. Realized too late that Marky Mark's first hit wasn't until 1991. As I posted on Facebook:

                              So I am going to my Crossfit 80's theme workout now... except I am dressed like Marky Mark and I just figured out his first hit wasn't until 1991... Soo I'm going to be like *that girl* on Halloween who dresses up like a "sexy nurse" just to look slutty! Tee hee! oh well! /girlish backwards calf raise

                              the wod was

                              5 rounds:

                              3 heavy front squat taken from the ground
                              15 unbroken chin ups
                              25 double unders
                              Rest 1 min

                              dinner: an onion, green onions, hamburger, spinach, cilantro sauce, cayenne pepper

                              called pocahontas. no answer. left an upbeat, happy, short message.


                              got a lot of work done inside my place. Adding a ton of storage in the form of industrial hardware. Once it is all in place it will be frakkin saweeet. Plus it helps keep the mind off of You-Know-Who. (for the record anyone reading this journal thinking I am a obsessive in regards to my exercise, diet and women I have met once before -- try to think of it in gentler, more well meaning terms).

                              pocahontas texted me at 9:45:

                              "Hey you! Sorry this week has been so crazy maybe we could do something fun this weekend?"

                              That's good right!? (but lame it was a text. texts are lame.)

                              So 15 minutes later I wrote back

                              " Tell me about it!! food + Sat night Avs game?"

                              no response after 15 minutes so I went to bed - relieved. Somewhat. My INTJness was processing this turn of events. It would seem that Pocahontas hasn't outright rejected me but is definitely not matching my own level of interest; not surprising -- but a good sign nonetheless! It means that I did not fall into the zone of "person I will never contact again." The optimist in me is hoping that she isn't flakey though there is potential cause for concern re: no returned phone calls and a text message. The good news is that since she texted me I am most likely saved as a contact in her phone. Baby steps.

                              Baby steps are how TFC hunts deers. You need to stealthily gain ground without them noticing that you are in pouncing distance.

                              If I can manage the lack of her desire to communicate and also close on a Saturday night date -- then it's game on. Responsibility is off of lame cell phones and on *me* where I like it -- independent of external modifiers.
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                                No Crossfit this morning - didn't fall asleep until at least 11 last night. My body is just full of cortisol with Operation Pocahontas in the works. Serves as stark contrast to my usual chillaxitude. Hopefully tonight I will get a lift in. In the mean time I need to chill the fuck out and relax.

                                breakfast: 5 eggs, asparagus, 1/2 yam, glass of coconut milk

                                snack: 1 1/2 oz pistachio halves and almonds

                                lunch: 1/2 yam with butter, spinach

                                snack: leftovers from dinner, 2 pears

                                evening workout:

                                Nikki's birthday WOD
                                7 min handstand*
                                *every time you drop, run or row 200m

                                - took me 9 rounds and 19:07 - could have done it faster if I had used ipod's split timer instead of just resetting the clock each time - finished 15 seconds short on my last round that cost me at least another minute - could have powered for 15 more seconds I think had I known (but maybe I saved myself a split skull). Oh well a wod to beat next time

                                dessert was tabata situps/superman - split between the two - 16 situps, 20 supermans

                                feel a little better about pocahontas. I think this is the acceptance stage. I have listened to John Mayer's song 200 times in the past two days

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