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  • David from DC's positively Primal progress journal and things

    Hello everyone. I started this in the 'introduce yourself' (awesome Faith No More song btw) and have been writing there until I realized I should be upping my progress and stories here so I'm just going to copy what I have there up to now and start fresh..

    Really just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is David and I currently live in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

    I'm very new to this but very excited to be taking part. I was turned onto the primal lifestyle by a few friends who are doing, loving, and making great strides and having amazing success in doing so.

    Some short history. I have always been a big guy. I'm 6 ft and currently very overweight. I have always been active, especially in the past. Played football in high school and have always loved skating, golf and soccer with the boys. I Have lifted weights pretty regularly since I was about 14 etc, so I'm hoping you get the picture. I've never been 'ripped' by any means, but not obese by any means either, Not until about 10 years ago that is.

    I won't go into the details or reasons why, But I guess they are pretty common. Stress, personal and professional reasons, Eating unhealthy (blaming the job) because of the job, etc. And of course you throw depression in there and things started getting out of control. Started to also get colds very easily and chronic sinus infections. At least 6 times, if not more per year.

    5 years ago I made a decision, did Atkins and got back to my high school weight. (loss of over 60 lbs in a relatively short period of time) I was thrilled, but I still didn't feel very good. and I did lose muscle as well as fat but was still happy nonetheless. Figured I'd worry about that muscle stuff later.

    Kept the weight off for about a year, but then fell into deep depression due to one of my 2 dogs dying. Then about 8 months later the other one passed too. Pretty much threw me back into the throes of an unhealthy lifestyle full force. So long story short, in 4 years I pretty much gained all the weight back that I had lost depressing me even more. It's been a vicious cycle. I just couldn't seem to dig myself out of. Instead I was just digging the grave deeper.

    Another thing that happened in 2 of the last 3 years, every fall, I would get sick with another sinus infection, late August to early September and stay sick for 4 months. No matter what antibiotics or crazy pills I was given, I just stayed sick. Well around march of 2010 I vowed not to let it happen again. SO... On Atkins I went again. And I did lose another 40 lbs by mid summer. I was NOT going to get that sick again!

    Never mind..... Got sick around mid August again...and stayed sick until the end of December.... again.

    Yo Yo dieting is not healthy, and Atkins was definitely not working long term for me so I already decided that was definitely not an option. I wanted something that was going to work dammit. SO... A few friends of mine who had actually talked to me about going Primal/ Paleo a year before finally received emails, calls etc with the message "I want to know more. Please help"

    I never thought i could do this. "No grains at all? No wheat? No pasta? no fake or sugary substances in fizzy cola drinks? Those are my favorite things in the world! I could never do it. THAT'S JUST PLAIN CRAZY" I remember these words because that's exactly what I told my friend George when he first tried to get me to think about it almost a year ago to the day.

    Well since the first of the year, I have been researching, reading, and trying to absorb as much info as possible from as many different sources as possible in preparation for my life change. I'm ready for this. I NEED this for my own sake. A big thank you to my buddies George and Eric, who helped point me in the right direction including this site.

    So FINALLY. my progress. I started going primal on January 9th. Exactly 2 weeks ago and I'm proud to announce that I have lost 15 lbs since then and without being hungry at all! Another welcome surprise is my once 'puffy' face has no puff whatsoever and the small patch of eczema I had over my right eyebrow has started to magically disappear without any cream whatsoever.

    I know I'm just 2 weeks into this but I look forward to seeing my progress 2 months, 2 year, hell 20 years from now thanks to my friends that helped convince me to finally go primal!
    David DC's Progress Journal

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    second update posted 1 day after I wrote the above...

    SO yesterday I woke up and decided to do my first fast. Lasted 34 hours. Didn't eat anything after 9pm on Saturday until 7 am this morning other than a cup of black coffee yesterday morning and water throughout the rest.

    Went pretty well until about 9pm last night. I started to get pretty hungry, but I just toughed it out and was in bed by 11.

    Anyone have opinions on this? I think next time I will just do a 24 hour fast. Might start a weekly basis type thing? Maybe bi weekly? Should I have eaten when I was hungry?

    Thanks so much in advance. this site has been such a great well of information.
    David DC's Progress Journal


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      so here is my last update posted yesterday.

      three weeks in and I am feeling mostly great. Still having the 'flu carb sypmptoms' from time to time, but having more good days than bad so I'm ok with that.

      I lost 15 lbs in the first 2 weeks but klost nothing as of yesterday when I weighed myself. I think it's due to me eating a lot of fruit the past week which I had not done the first 2. Not an exorbatent amount, but an apple and a bananna a day. I'll stop that for 2 weeks and see what happens. Really I am looking to lose 70 lbs total, and as much as I can before June would be nice.

      Also have done 2 intermittent fasts at 34 and 24 hrs a click with no issues. Still eating like a horse, but all good stuff and loving it so far.
      David DC's Progress Journal


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        Food journal

        This has been my almost daily meal plan. Wonder what everyone thinks? Any suggestions? Remember I'm trying to lose weight.

        B: 2 egg omelette cooked in bacon grease filled with diced tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and a small bit of shredded cheddar. 3 slices of bacon, small handful of pistachios

        L: big ass salad. 2 cups or more of romaine lettuce consisting of one chopped up hard boiled egg, 2 oz of mushrooms, 2 oz of chopped up cherry tomatoes, 3 oz of chopped chicken breast, a few chopped olives, 2 tablespoons full of vinegar and olive oil dressing.

        D: 2 tilapia fillets or steak, either baked or pan fried in either bacon grease, olive oil, or coconut oil. I switch up the oil on a bi daily basis for different flavor. Tonight it was steak baked with olive oil, and half an avocado for after dinner snack.

        For snacks i usually eat 4 baby carrots ( 8 total) and small handful of almonds twice a day or a teaspoonful,of almond butter.

        For drinking I sometimes have a cup of black coffee in the morning and water almost every time else.

        Anything I should add or cut back on?
        David DC's Progress Journal


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          Hi David, I'm pretty new here too, from what I've read here, and heard on Robb Wolf's podcast, most people fast 16 hours from dinner one night, until lunch the next day. So basically just skipping breakfast, but getting the timing right. I would exchange the tilapia for some wild salmon and tuna (even from a can if you are on a budget), personally, I would also add some fat to lunch - add avocado or sub chicken thighs for breasts. Fat fills me up really well I find. Otherwise, it it seems to me like you are eating good food, but maybe not enough. I eat the same or more at breakfast and lunch, and I am 5'6'' and 130 lb. Anywho, I think you should post this on the regular nutrition board that more people read if you don't continue to have results (realize that plateaus are natural though), but it sounds like you are doing pretty durn good . Keep up the good work!


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            Thanks for the advice Shrona and hello!

            Substituting Thighs for breasts are a good idea. I prefer dark meat anyway and The avocados I do eat from time to time but not on a regular basis. I should and will though. I love avocados. I also think I will try to fast in shorter increments. the 34hr was pretty brutal towards the end. The 24hr was not as bad but i'll try shorter until i find what really works for me.
            David DC's Progress Journal



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              So a small victory (another awesome faith no more song!) To report today. I was able to put on my size 38 jeans which I outgrew in August today and they fit very comfortably! I also was able pull one more notch from my belt to help keep them from falling down. It's the little things that make me smile these days =) I was also able to get some concert tickets to see Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan in Baltimore for May. So Stoked!

              today was pretty mild in every shape and form which is a good thing. So glad it's Friday. Did my 3rd IF today. Actually started last night. Had dinner at 7pm and had nothing until around 12:30 pm today. Nice quarter of a rotisserie chicken, small salad and an avocado for lunch . Pretty delicious I have to say. Tonight will be moe of the same. Some chicken and an avocado. all in all not a bad way to eat eh?

              Looking forward to The weekend. Think I'll do one more IF starting tonight after dinner and lasting until lunch tomorrow. Superbowl Sunday will bring my fist attempt at making Pizza with a Meatza crust! SO looking forward to that. Beef or Chicken meatza crust is the only question? hmmm... Really hope everyone has a great weekend.
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              David DC's Progress Journal



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                Originally posted by David_DC View Post
                So a small victory (another awesome faith no more song!) To report today. I was able to put on my size 38 jeans which I outgrew in August today and they fit very comfortably!

                Awesome. Keep up the great work!


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                  Originally posted by canio6 View Post
                  Awesome. Keep up the great work!
                  Thanks canio6! I plan on it so yesterday I decided I was going to sprint. Not sure why but the feeling just overtook me. So at lunchtime I sprinted like I've never sprinted before. 10 minutes long, as hard as I could. Felt like I was going to die immediately afterwards but within 20 mins I felt really good and relaxed.

                  Probably haven't sprinted or ran in about 10 years. Definitely plan on making this a weekly habit. I really need to bone up on the primal fitness plan. I want to incorporate heavy lifting as well. So anyway I wake up this morning and I am really sore. My left foot and ankle in particular felt really banged up. After waking up and walking around for a bit it's fine.

                  I.m flat footed so does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to help my feet get used to this? Would the vibrams help?I also
                  have a pair of chucks and and pair of old school vans that are very flat as well. Would those be better than my super soft and arched running shoes?
                  David DC's Progress Journal



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                    1 month primal today! Im feeling so much better the last few weeks than i can remember feeling in a very, very long time. Look forward to the next few decades of living this way.

                    Made my first batch of primal pancakes this morning using coconut flour. Very good! Tasted just like regular pancakes but you know what I learned? I don't need them. I made 10 pancakes, had one and didn't feel the need for another. I gave my wife a few and froze the rest for when SHE craves them. Think I'm done with pancakes for good. Another item that going primal has taught
                    me to be ok without. Wonder what will be next? Hmmm.........

                    Think I'm going to try IF'ing on a two times a week basis starting tomorrow. I'll probably be a little more carb heavy than usual today thanks to the superbowl so what better a time to start if'ing on a regular basis than the day after?

                    but going to keep it all gluten free and as primal as possible. Going to make a meatza pizza with a bison ground beef crust
                    which I'm super excited about, and massive amounts of guacamole dip. Frying up some plantain chips and some some fried
                    zucchini sticks with almond or coconut flour coating. Let's go pack! I'm actually a skins fan so I have no real allegiance to either team, but since I am a Washington Caps fan I have to dislike all sports teams from Pittsburgh for the penguin affiliation alone
                    David DC's Progress Journal



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                      Hi again David! Not sure if you've already asked around the VFFs, which probably would help, but have a definite break-in period. Also, sounds like you went out way too hard in your sprint, in Primal Blueprint Fitness Mark recommends starting w/ 10-15 sec sprints w/ 2 minute break in between so you don't get hurt. (Have you downloaded the free e-book?, It's pretty great.) I haven't been able to get outside to sprint, so have been doing kettlebell swing intervals to get the intense cardio in. Sounds like your nutrition is going great, I was doing good on the gluten free part until I had a half a strong beer last night, back on the horse today!


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                        Hi again Shrona. I just downloaded the ebook. I will def check it out tonight. I plan on another sprint session on Wednesday. Thank you so much for the advice. Break in sessions would have definitely been good =P haha I cheated a bit last night too. Details below.

                        Superbowl was yesterday. Good game, not so great commercials, Lots of movies I think I want to see in the upcoming months though. Love a good sci fi and superhero flick. SO anyways The food was great. I made Meatza Pizza with ground bison for he crust and an almond flour pizza as well. Also made a lot of homemade guac and salsa and fried up sopme plaintain chips in coconut oil. all delicious. Next time I think Ill only use a pound of beef instead of two. It came out more like a meatloaf. So much bison! at least I have leftovers for dinner all this week.

                        I did end up cheating a bit. Bought a few 12 oz 'natutral' sodas of the vanilla creme variety from the health food store and indulged in those. quite delicious. Back on the primal trip starting today starting with a fast since 9 pm last night. Onegood thing was my dad who has been having health issues for the better part of the last 15 years asked me about my life change and seemed very interested. I grabbed my 'bible' and showed it to him.

                        Now realize my dad is a HUGE sprts fan. loves football, baseball, hockey. Superbowl is one of his favorite thigs ever to watch on tv. for 2 straight hours while the game is on, he read and flipped through that book like no ones business. I think he's ready to give it a try. I told him that he should def give it a shot and that I would help him out any way I could. Keep your fingers crossed folks. I want my dad to live a long time and I think this would be a great start.
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                          So heres something strange. I first noticed a few weeks ago but thought it was just my imagination. Well yesterday morning my wife said 'how long has it been since you shaved'? I told her the day before, she told me my facial hair looks a lot fuller than usual lately.

                          Could this be from going primal? I imagined that it would possibly happen, but not so soon. SO theres a plus. I used to be called 'patches' because my facial hair was so weird and patchy looking even after not shaving for week or two. Now it looks pretty full. I actually have a 5 oclock shadow every day as opposed to every 4 or 5 days. Am I crazy? Maybe going primal will start growing my thinning hair on the top of my head

                          Decided that I'm going to try and do 16 hr IF's 5 days a week. Eat my last meal around 7:30 or 8 pm and not eat again unil at least noon the next day. I've been feeling pretty good after fasting so far so I figured it was worth a shot. Sounds ike its nothing but a plus if you can deal and I think I can deal =) Only issue is that I'm still slightly confused as to how exactly my health will be positively affected if I Fast, but still have to make up for that loss of morning protein since one of my main goals is to lose weight.. I really need to read up on that. Maybe someone can gove me a quick definitive answer?

                          So as it goes I'll eat my big ass salad around noon, eat my breakfast (2 eggs with mushrooms and tomatos, 3 slices of bacon) around 3 pm, and finally dinner around 7:30 with only a hlaf cup of black coffee and water before lunch. I feel great lately though. In fact its a nice day so Im going to run a few sprints.
                          David DC's Progress Journal



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                            Hi Dave! Great work, it sounds like your off to a really strong start! I was wondering about your experience with fasting. I've been thinking about giving it a try, but the couple times I've done an unintentional fast (aka, been to busy to eat breakfast until noon-ish), I've felt bloated. Did you have any similar sort of reaction?
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                              Hi Jesbelle! BTW I love your avatar. Reminds me of a few comics I used to read called Gen 13 and Danger Girl. The artist was alex garner? Anyway I love his artwork =)

                              IF for me has been pretty great so far with no ill effects that I can tell. 16 hr fast seems to best fit me so far, actually it's more like 18 hr. Last meal around 6PM and not eating again until noon the next day. I need to start working on eating dinner around 7:30 or 8 PM as opposed to 6 PM so I can truly call it a 16 hr IF. This morning, around an hour ago, I did start to feel quite hungry which I had not the previous 2 days, but I'm thinking that has more to do with the fact that I usually wake up around 6:45 am, and this morning it was 5 AM and I could not get back to sleep to save my life. I had a small handful of nuts and all was fine after that.

                              Not sure why I didn't sleep. Maybe the black coffee did it? Only half a cup early in the morning though so i can't imagine it's that. I'll see if the same thing happens tomorrow morning and update.
                              David DC's Progress Journal