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Primal Journal: Punkgrokgirl Vs. Her Own Fat Butt, Round 1, FIGHT!

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    It's crazy to think that I've been at this on and off for almost three years now. The differences the whole primal/paleo thing has made in my life is immense, even if I haven't always been very good at it. I was just curious to compare so I popped back to this old thread and did some measuring.

    So, when I started this journal (bearing in mind I had already lost ten pounds primal), I had just turned 29, my stats were:
    187 lbs
    c:40" w:32" h:46"
    37% body fat according to the link in my first post.

    Since the last post I had major life upheaval, moved to New Orleans last May, and have been having perhaps an unhealthy amount of adventures (grits, red bean and rice, snowballs, omg, southern food!), but have been biking everywhere and getting tons of sun...

    Now, I turned 31 last week, still 5'8" ("wish I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller...") Last time I weighed myself, which was probably two months ago-
    Measurements taken just now-
    c:39" w:28.5" h:41.5"
    Aaaand, 28% body fat. Alright, not bad!

    And then I was inspired to snap a quick pic:

    This has been a year of Not Even Trying. Ending a relationship, starting a business, closing a business, moving to the delicious South (and the most drinkinest city ever there was), starting a relationship, starting a business, ending a relationship, closing a business, and all of this while basically having no stable living situation and being dirt poor. Eating well and sleeping enough got the short end of the stick. But I think enough primal lessons have stuck that I made progress anyway. It's pretty exciting.

    So, maybe in the course of this year I can get my body fat down to the low 20s, build a lot more muscle, perhaps achieve my goal of being Red Sonja for halloween (Or next Mardi Gras!). I'm not rushed or pushed. Looking back over this thread has made me really happy with what progress I have made.

    Another pretty awesome byproduct of both turning 30 and moving to New Orleans was entirely running out of fucks to give. Seriously. I have been chubby and terribly self conscious all of my life, and all of a sudden, bam! SO fucking what? Wear shorts? SHORT shorts? In public?! With all my dimply thighs hanging out? Oh, yeah dude, it's 90 degrees out, no problem (Walking through the Quarter one night, an older black gentleman passed me and grinned wolfishly, "GIRL! You got mo' thighs than Popeyes!" Made my night). It is glorious and freeing and feeling comfortable in my own skin, fat ass and all, is a great gift. Not to say I don't still have my moments, but they are fleeting.

    Ah yeah, just felt like I owed myself an update.
    Journaling the process of kicking my own butt into shape


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      You rule! A year of not trying? That's excellent progress. Also, great body image progress . I got over my squishy thighs (I mean, I'm sure they aren't to other people, but even as a bean pole teen they bothered me) last year and shall wear whatever bathing suit or shorts I want.
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        SHE LIVES!!!! LMAO at the Popeye's thing.
        Glad to see that you are progressing even though you aren't trying.
        People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.


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          @namelesswonder: Thanks kindly! It's really just been about keeping the primal principles in mind, it never felt like trying anyway. Ah yeah, fear of our own thighs, it's awful. Almost all women have at *least* a little squish and jiggle, but we live in terror of it, and, gods, it is boring! And when it comes right down to it, no one actually cares about anyone else's squishy butt. High five on bathing suits and shorts!

          @IcarianVX: I have heard all the best lines here, New Orleans dudes got a way... Thanks, yeah, not much conscious trying anyway. For some reason, it seems like a made much better progress just taking it easy than I did being goal oriented. I am nature's own slacker!
          Journaling the process of kicking my own butt into shape


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            OK, first of all you are my HERO for posting your pics---even the before pics when it was actually before!! Second, you look fabulous! Congratulations
            I live in NYC now and as much as I love it, I'm from the south and I'm a little jealous that you get to live there! I do miss it
            I am just starting out on my journey (day 17; first timer) and hoping to make as much progress as you!


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              Aw, hey, thanks kindly, Amanda! Enjoy NYC, it has a lot to offer (I miss all the museums so much!). It's much better for convenient primal food than the south anyway! But yeah, I love it here so much, New Orleans is amazing and I couldn't deal with the NYC stress level any more.

              Good luck on your primal journey! If I may impart anything I've learned to anyone else... Be nice to yourself, don't overthink it, don't punish yourself for slip ups, get into effortlessly primal mode and then get caught up in your life, and be pleasantly surprised when all the changes happen. I made little progress when I was fighting for progress, and tons of progress when I just relaxed into it. Kick some ass.
              Journaling the process of kicking my own butt into shape


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                Thanks for the advice!! Will do Kicking ass is what I'd love to do!!!


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                  Hey Punkgrokgirl, I'm cajungrokgirl!! HAHAHA

                  I was trying to send you a private message but your acct isn't set up to accept messages. I'm trying to plan a meetup in NOLA for the spring. I've been so jealous watching everywhere else have fun without us. We need to show them how to have fun NOLA-style...only with a Primal twist!

                  Would you be interested in joining us?