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Primal Journal: Punkgrokgirl Vs. Her Own Fat Butt, Round 1, FIGHT!

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  • Primal Journal: Punkgrokgirl Vs. Her Own Fat Butt, Round 1, FIGHT!

    Oh yeah, public accountability!

    I've been primarily primal since last spring, April, or May, when I, in a roundabout sorta way, stumbled on to this site. I did a whole lot of internetting, researched the bejesus out of Primal and Paleo, and was shocked and appalled that I'd never heard of these things before, considering how much sense they made. That was really all I needed, I bought Mark's book (then later, cookbook) out of sheer gratitude for making the info so accessible, and kicked the rice to the curb. I'd booted the breadstuffs a couple of years before after figuring out that I am a celiac.

    I lost 10 pounds immediately, the first three weeks really, and felt better than I can remember feeling in ages. Ah, carb bloat weight, gtfo! I have not lost any weight or had any body recomposition since then, though, according to my occasional check ins with the scale, the tape measure, and my pants. Alas.

    I try not to get too worked up about this, I've had a life time of beating the shit out of my body with wheat, booze, drugs, lack of sleep, 10 years on the pill + 1 hellish year with a Mirena IUD, my hormones have been out of whack since I hit puberty... And I've never had enough money to see a doctor regularly, and the ones I've seen when I've been poor enough to have medicaid (tell me that's not screwed up, I make too much money to have medicaid, but not enough to have any other healthcare!) were HORRIBLE. Ah, what I'm saying is, I know I have some healing to do, and this year has only been the start of figuring out how to do it for real, and I can tamp down my rabid desire to have abs (or at least one, AN ab, anything!), and a butt that you can bounce a quarter off of. For now...

    Right then, stats for the curious and for my own tracking purposes!
    As of February 1st, I am: Female, freshly turned 29, 5' 8", these are the things I don't expect to change any time soon.

    The malleable:
    192lbs (That's period weight though, for the last year I've been very consistently 185-187)
    c:40" w:32" h:46"
    bicep: 13" of flaaaab
    thigh: 26.5"
    calf: 16"

    Having plugged everything into several different body fat percentage calculators and gotten everything from 28 to 37% body fat.

    For the sake of consistency and tracking I'll go with (unless someone has a better recommendation) which says at 187, I'm 117 pounds of lean mass and 70 pounds of fat. .. .I .. Uh.. Dang. I still have a 0.7 WHR, that has to count for something, right?

    I take daily:
    10,000 iu Vitamin D3 every day (Nature's Bounty brand)
    300mg 5-HTP (Natrol) Recommended by a book on Fibromyalgia, one of the first things that started to help the pain and my poor sleeping.
    800 to 1600 mg magnesium oxide (Nature Made) This seems like a lot, but, tmi, it's the only thing that keeps my guts regular.
    A 35 Billion probiotic, from Fairway.

    I also grabbed some of the stuff recommended by Tim Ferriss in his 4 Hour Body book (I pirated it, I'll admit it, I was on a torrent binge and it caught my eye),
    ALA, ECGC, and garlic extract. It was cheap and a year of no weight loss is a bummer, so I figured I'd give it a try, along with some of his other tricks.

    So, food!


    Breakfast & Lunch both were leftover filet mignon (it was super cheap at our Fairway), maybe 12oz total, and 3 cups of spinach, all thrown together in pan drippings sauce, with red wine and butter added, there wasn't a lot of fat from the meat. Not a big fan of filet mignon.

    "snack" - 1 cup chai, unsweetened, with two tablespoons of coconut milk and a tablespoon of coconut oil. My boyfriend isn't a huge fan of the taste of coconut oil, so I don't use it as often as I'd like in our dinners.

    Dinner- Picking at bits of beef as I made stew for the next day, then a hardboiled egg and a tbs of homemade mayo.

    Squats and wall push ups were done before all meals and after breakfast and lunch.

    Pre-breakfast, 50 "kettlebell" swings, using a 25 lbs dumbbell sitting around the house and prayer that it didn't fly out of my sweaty hands.
    Some crunches and some fairly pathetic planks.

    Breakfast, 4 egg salad with 1/3 cup homemade mayo (1 cup coconut oil, .5 cup macadamia, 1.5 light olive oil, and spices approximating Ranch flavor, mmm)

    No lunch, had a snow day and cleaned the house.

    Squats and wall push ups (arms... like.. noodles!) pre dinner.
    Dinner, way too much beef stew, with onions, mushrooms, celery, leeks, & a carrot, some red wine, a bay leaf, salt pepper. I usually season heavily, but browning and then simmering short ribs over a couple days just gave it an amazing taste!

    Thursday (today):
    Squats and wall push ups before and after breakfast.
    Breakfast, 3 egg salad, 1/4 cup of the mayo.

    Lunch, way too much leftover beef stew. Mmmm.

    Snack, 1/8 cup cashews, 1/8 cup pecans, ohhhh self control.

    Dinner, about 6ozs of leftover filet mignon, reheated in beef fat scraped off the top of the soup, and a mound of crispy kale cooked in a couple of tbs of bacon fat. And a 1/4 cup of the mayo... Maybe that's a bit too much mayo in the last few days, but save for the snow day, I've been working from 6:30am to 6pm this week and cooking has been grueling. Well, part of the reason for doing this was to give myself a realistic view of what I'm doing and figuring out what to tweak. Too much fat? Mayhaps.

    Desert? Okay, not really, but my ragin' uterus wanted a tub of ice cream, so I showed it who's boss with a big ol glass of stevia lemonade. I'm not usually a sugar craver, but, you know, round this time...

    So, I'm trying to keep pretty low carb, maybe get all ketogenic, and too much veg seems to mess up my digestion, either slowing or speeding the process uncomfortably. Also, no dairy, 'cept my kerrygold butter, and limiting the nuts. I've been considering the question of IF'ing, in the past year I've been able to do it easily, no hunger, no energy dips, all smooth sailing for up to 24 hours, but... I've been reading round these parts that if your system, thyroid, adrenals, whoknowswhats, is healing that IF should be put off til healthier. Feedback on this would be awesome. I like IFing and would like to work out in a fasted state for the benefits it confers, but I'm wary of hurting myself in some unseen way.

    Well, that's a lengthy start, anyway.
    Journaling the process of kicking my own butt into shape

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    Seriously, how much do I love your screen name? Awesomeness!

    No suggestions on IF'ing here, I'm still working up to longer ones (long story, won't eat up your journal over it), but it sounds like a good idea to let your body repair first. The noodle arms get better, I promise. I'm now able to do big-kid pushups pretty reliably after working up to them.
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      Originally posted by Owly View Post
      Seriously, how much do I love your screen name? Awesomeness!

      Welcome to the forum! There is so much knowledge to be shared around here
      Results Pics:

      Mandolin's Primammalian Cave Wall

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        agreed. awesome screen name =) Upset I didn't think of it in some way . Good luck with everything. I just started this primal change myself in the last month.
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          yeah. i like the screen name, the pic, and the thread title. triple threat!


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            Gotta love Fairway! In the summer I like to bike up to the 125 St. store and then ride home to Chelsea with my groceries in the basket. With a break while I eat my Fairway lunch at the new park up there.


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              Thanks for the name love, kids! Much appreciated. I was helpless to resist a Dead Milkmen pun.

              Yeah, Aktres, 125th st is my favorite Fairway. When I lived in Harlem I could walk over there. Going into the refrigerated room during the summer was glorious!

              So, I'm apparently not so great at journaling anymore, though I had a livejournal that I updated for almost 8 years. It's a habit I really miss, but my time is sorta crunched these days.

              I'm pretty excited, in the last two weeks since I made a commitment to exercise I've finally seen some breakthrough! It might not seem like much, but after a year of sweet FA, it's nice to know my body is starting to get the right idea.

              Two weeks ago I was hovering around 190, I thought it was just PMS but it didn't drop back down after that ended, so maybe I'd just put on a couple of pounds. Ah, well, whatever, I'm back at 185, and more importantly, my ever bloated waist lost a whole inch! So, according to the above link for BF percent, I went from 37.6 to 36.5. 1.1 percent? I'LL TAKE IT!

              AND! I've gone from wall push ups to windowsill pushups! Score. My air squats are getting better, my legs are definitely getting incrementally stronger, and I noticed that my walk to the bus takes about half the time it used to, with no conscious effort on my part. A really great part of the working out though, is that while I'm a little sore every single day, after the first week and pushing through the pain of a big workout, doing "pissups" (20 pushups and 20 squats every time I go use the bathroom) has completely mitigated that crippling, miserable, can't walk at all DOMS that used to happen after any workout.

              The downside is that, yeah, I am a little sore EVERY day, which would be fine, except my boyfriend can now totally kick my butt when we wrassle. Hah, he'll just have to wait though, after a couple of rest days I am going to PWN him!

              I just got a pull up bar and installed it, too. It's been my goal forever to be able to do one pull up, and one chin up. It's gonna happen. After a lot of reversals. A lot.

              Most importantly, I feel good all of the time. I've hit some rough patches this week, and instead of days of soul crushing angst, I've been able to brush things off and move forward with more ease, speed and confidence then I've had in any save for my most manic of times. I just feel GOOD. I'm going to get outright annoying to be around, feeling so relentlessly cheerful. I also have tons of energy and I can actually wake up and get out of bed at 6 in the morning and actually want to work out.

              Diet has helped, supplementing has helped, this has been the best year of my adult life healthwise, but really exercising, and doing it consistently was the missing piece of my wellbeing puzzle. So there we have it. I can't even tell you how excited I am to be able to ride my bike to work, once the last of the snow melts, to go hiking, to try rock climbing with some climber friends, and to continue to lose fat, finally. Oh yeah, and the being happy thing, that's pretty sweet too.

              Oh yeah, and I've been IF'ing too. I think if my body had a problem with it, it wouldn't be so easy for me to do, so as long as it's not a struggle, I'm gonna assume that it's all good.
              Journaling the process of kicking my own butt into shape


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                Note to self, rest days are important!

                I had planned on today being my rest day, Sunday seems to have a precedent for such things, but you know, life and plans, they don't quite gel.

                So, this morning I woke up after sleeping too little and worked out until I couldn't form complete sentences, because my boyfriend agreed to get up and work out with me and I am trying to be supportive of his desire to change his lifestyle, without bitching or nagging (ahem, there was a prior incident)... Then we went grocery shopping, piled the cart high with veggies, meat and eggs, surreptitiously picking at the bulk macadamia nuts and olives like starving ninjas. *sneak*sneak*sneak*munch*munch*munch*

                When we got home I planned to stuff my face with tasty protein laden snacks and perhaps fall asleep on the couch while the boyfriend waged war on the XBox, but alas, it was not to be. I bought a slow cooker last week and last night I threw in the week's chicken bones to start making proper bone broths, so of course, I had to strain and skim my first batch. And then brown and put in the beef bones and cow's feet for some beef broth. And then... Make chicken soup with my awesome fresh stock, make stock ice cubes for future use, make custard for making coconut milk ice cream (my personal battle against the agave laden crap the boy is very fond of), make mayo, regular and chipotle, hardboil eggs (the Julia Child way, work intensive as a mofo, but so worth it!) for deviled egg salad, all done more or less at the same time, clean the kitchen after this madness, and take a break in the middle of it for a message for my very sore shoulders (yay pull up bar!) and some sexytimes, because how can I resist the man pulls his hungover ass outta bed at 8am to work out with me and then rubs all of the pain right out of my back?

                Yeah, so, no rest...

                I have to work tomorrow, but I'm making a deal with myself. No work outs, no pissups, no fasts, no stress for the day, and then I can go back to kicking my own ass the rest of the week.

                And I think I'm going to take some photos to post in this thread so I can track myself visually, the image in the mirror seems to change with mood, not reality, damnit.
                Journaling the process of kicking my own butt into shape


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                  mmmm deviled eggs...


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                    add another person to the list of People Who Love Your Username.

                    HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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                      Zoebird - I loooove me some deviled eggs, but I'd go through all the effort of making them and then only want one or two, it took me forever to figure out that deviled egg salad was the same thing, half the work, and a mighty, mighty good breakfast!

                      Thanks kindly, Batty!

                      So today was a more or less successful rest day. I did have to do some heavy lifting at work, carting around some sheetrock, but ain't no big deal. I felt that delicious kind of soreness where you can stretch into the pain and take satisfaction in your hard work. I kept arching my back and feeling my sore tummy and thinking, abs, abs, abs, I'm gonna have abs!

                      Sidenote, I love my job. I'm an assistant for an artist, sorry, an Artist, I'm a lowercase artist, who shows his work in galleries round the world and gets the kind of money for it that boggles my mind. He's an awesome dude and he pays me to make art all day, so it doesn't get much better than that. Sometimes I'm hunched over a piece painting tiny detail for weeks at a time, sometimes I'm lugging stuff around, lifting, carting, moving, smashing, all sorts of art goes on, and often I just don't know what to expect when I head in to work. But as mentioned, he's awesome and didn't make fun of me too hard for whimpering pathetically when we hefted the first panel of sheetrock up. There are also two other people in the studio, his best friend and studio manager, and a rotating fourth member, sometimes it's one of their little brothers (family being great for cheap labor), sometimes another assistant.

                      Tomorrow is going to be a fasting day. I ate three meals today and it felt like a ridiculously large amount of food, I honestly prefer fasting days. It's strange that eating and resting has become something I have to enforce with myself, but I want to kick my ass, not my adrenals!

                      Tomorrow is also a work out day. In the comments of this article the trained posted a routine that is supposed to help women (who he claims often have "energy leaks" at the spine that detract from things like good pushups) strengthen their core/back. I thought that was interesting and I may give it a try. It's here: if anyone is interested. I definitely struggle with keeping that core tightness during pushups, or even planks, or even, uh, anything really. I just wish there was a real gym in my area, I'd love to go in for some proper heavy lifting, but the only thing around is a Planet Fitness. The bf and I visited and it was a wasteland of machines, no barbells, bored counter people, and Pizza and Bagel days! Oh goody! ... ಠ_ಠ

                      But, speaking of heavy lifting! I just started watching the Spartacus: Blood and Sand prequel, Gods of The Arena, and aside from the ridiculously hot men, I enjoy watching them (the ridiculously hot men, in negligible amounts of pants) lifting beams as their work out, nice and simple. We have the trunk of our christmas tree sitting around, drying out so we can use it for firewood, but after chopping the branches off we got too lazy to chop it into logs. Maybe I just need to toss that around (while thinking about ridiculously hot men) for a while. I'm sure there are other things I can bend to such a purpose too, DIY or die!

                      All this getting fit and feeling good is hell on my libido, btw. It's always been almost unbearably high, but this is whole new levels of annoying. And the new guy at work, a friend of the artist, who is the fourth person for a while, is ridiculously cute and keeps doing things like showing me his motorcycle scars, or pulling up his shirt to show me his tattoos. Dude. That is dirty pool! Bad form! Stupid sexy Flanders! I have to keep reminding myself that I have my wonderful, awesome, loving boyfriend at home... who will be exhausted from work by the time I get home and be glued to the xbox... Man, I can not wait til he goes primal and can keep up with me!

                      In the meanwhile, back to the gladiators. Mmmm.

                      Oh hai...

                      Journaling the process of kicking my own butt into shape


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                        Originally posted by punkgrokgirl View Post

                        Sidenote, I love my job. I'm an assistant for an artist, sorry, an Artist, I'm a lowercase artist, who shows his work in galleries round the world and gets the kind of money for it that boggles my mind. He's an awesome dude and he pays me to make art all day, so it doesn't get much better than that. Sometimes I'm hunched over a piece painting tiny detail for weeks at a time, sometimes I'm lugging stuff around, lifting, carting, moving, smashing, all sorts of art goes on, and often I just don't know what to expect when I head in to work.
                        Ha, envy! I've known Artists like that (and had the chance to study under two such people). The entire time I kept thinking, PLEASE MARRY ME TO YOUR SON/BROTHER KTHNXS 'cause even bearing the family name increased your chance of success ten fold. Ahem.

                        Man muscle = good. It is why I attend certain "sporting" events these days <_<


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                          i <3 your journal
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                            Thanks, Winencandy!

                            Unsuperb - That's awesome that you've gotten to do that! Yeah, the nepotism of the art world is no surprise, but it's pretty overwhelming. I'm wondering what's going to happen when I try to put a show together. I have his support, but I'm a low brow art kinda girl, tattoos, pin ups, monsters, and he's in those loftier realms. Maybe he can help me put together a really great press release the explains that my love of painting nekkid rock'n'roll ladies is all a metaphor for the blah blah blah. Heh. And much to my boyfriend's dismay, I've become a huge UFC fan. He thought it was great at first, but last time he tried to put together a dude night of poker and UFC, most of his boys flaked out on him and he had to watch it surrounded by my girl friends. There was a lot of hootin and hollerin, especially as Forrest Griffin was fighting and he is a paleo hottie. The boy grumbled a bit over that one.

                            Ohh, morning work out means my fingers don't wanna work so good, but it's all worth it. I'm feeling refreshed. Still trying to figure out a couple of things. I want to sprint, but sprinting on icy sidewalks probably falls under the primal law for Don't Do Dumb Shit. What else can I do that will serve the purpose until we get a real thaw around here?

                            Also, I ate a couple spoonfuls of coconut cream to take my vitamins with, pills on an empty stomach is bluergh, but I wonder if that effects the fast. I should probably just be googling these things, but I'm off to work.
                            Journaling the process of kicking my own butt into shape


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                              So, I kinda obliterated myself via workout on Tuesday morning, ouch! My arms have been aching, not so much in the sore muscle way, more just them telling me, "You're doing it wrong!" So, I'm gonna listen to my body and lay off a bit. Before that, however, I finally managed girly, knee, pushups, which I hadn't been able to do at all, so I'm still getting stronger, but maybe I should push less and work on form more. Yeah, that's my plan. Also, buying a big ol flex band, because I think it was the jump up negatives I was doing on the pull up bar that really screwed me up, and threads I've been reading have repeatedly mentioned that the bands are a better way to train yourself for real pull ups.

                              I meant to just do a lower body workout yesterday, and then today, but my work schedule is a little wonky at the moment and finding the time AND energy has been a bitch. Alas. Soon, soon, there will be a glute reckoning!

                              Something I'm pretty excited about, strangely enough, is that I'm feeling a bit pms'y. After a horrible debacle with a Mirena IUD, and about 10 years of being on hormonal birth control before that to help regulate a chaotic cycle, and you know, the whole no baby thing, my body was unhappy. REALLY unhappy. It took me almost a year to get a period after having the IUD out. Then many months for the second, then a couple months for the third... Then things have taken their course about every 45-50 days, which I'm thankful is at least semi regular. however, if I'm pms'y now, that would mean I'm starting to come round to a 28 day cycle, and as much as I've spent years resenting everything about being female, I'm so ready to be truly healthy and have my body really start to heal. Oh, and there's that biological clock that suddenly started ticking like a time bomb, heh, it'd be good to know that I can conceive in the near future.

                              And on the food front, I ate the whole couple ounces of coconut cream I bought in 4 days. That stuff is pure crack. And I'm thinking about making it even more cracklike by making Halvah with it. I found the texture to be close already, and it always made me sad that I couldn't find halvah without hydrogenated foulness in it, so next time I go grocery shopping I'm going to grab some tahini and more coconut crack, er, cream and give it a try. Definitely going to post the results.
                              Journaling the process of kicking my own butt into shape