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    Just starting out, my wife and I are still reading the blueprint and enjoying that, but we decided to jump right in and our last shopping trip stayed pretty much in the veggie/meat/bulk areas of the store. Since then we've been looking up recipes online and have been trying to catch up reading the book.

    Food today:

    B: a couple egg muffins (eggs w/bacon, peppers, etc.) I don't have the link for the recipe
    L: salad w/lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, lemon-pepper turkey and a little cheddar, plus a mandarin orange

    Snacks: nectarine and carrots

    D: Don't know yet, could be salmon

    I went on a walk with the dogs around our property on the paths I'm making through the woods, and climbed partway up a big Douglas fir. Partly barefoot, but with the snow and all I did end up putting on my sandals before my feet got too cold.

    We just started Sunday, maybe it's too early, but it seems like I have more energy and less aches and pains than I've been having.
    Indie author, cyclist and primal enthusiast

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    Welcome! Good luck with primal!

    Were the muffins wheat? Are you aware that you do need to ditch wheat? Alas.
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      No wheat, no grains, basically scrambled eggs with bacon and other things baked in a muffin tin.
      Indie author, cyclist and primal enthusiast


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        Only a few days into this so far, I've read more of the book now and already see things that we can improve. Last night I got all achy and fatigued, figure it was carb flu symptoms. Still some of that this morning but pressing on. I saw in the book that it can take 2-3 weeks for our bodies to adjust. I'll be glad when that happens! In the meantime we're trying to figure out meals and all of that.

        B: Last couple days eating the egg muffins, almost through those but I expect eggs in one form or another to be a breakfast staple. We've got our own free-range hens laying usually at least a half-dozen eggs per day!

        L: Salads have been the main course

        D: Yesterday, Eggplant parmesan with an almond flour coating. Came out good.

        I think we need to increase the amount of meat in our diet, haven't done a whole lot of that at the moment. But we've pretty much eliminated grains and processed sugar.
        Indie author, cyclist and primal enthusiast


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          Wow, I haven't been real good about posting to this thread, but I thought I'd add an update. We're not quite to three weeks in yet. We've changed our diet. Instead of cereal and milk for breakfast most mornings I eat eggs and some meat, bacon or ham. Sometimes I'll add some fruit. And some mornings I've eaten a banana and left it at that. We're not eating any grains these days and hardly any sugar at all, except sometimes a little in dark (like 72% chocolate). Berries are a fruit of choice. Lunches often are a salad with a mix of greens and other things added. I'll eat a few nuts. We bought a bunch of organic stuff from Nuts Online, almond flour, coconut flakes, chia seeds, nuts, etc. We've got a great butcher/meat shop nearby with pasture, grass-fed beef and other good stuff so we bought a bunch of meat there. Dinner last night was chicken with spinach and onions and mashed cauliflower.

          On the fitness front I've been doing some walks around our property, some sprints, tree-climbing and just getting out moving.

          Since we started we've weighed each Sunday. First weigh-in I was at about 174 lbs, a week later I'd taken a big drop of 5.5 pounds. It slowed a bit the next week, dropping 2.6 more pounds! We've both felt better since switching. The Primal Cookbook should be showing up today, so that'll give us more ideas. Also pre-ordering the new quick & easy one as well.
          Indie author, cyclist and primal enthusiast


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            Terrible about posting. Two years since I started this thread and where am I at? Right back where I started!


            The first year went pretty good. I mostly stuck to a primal approach and dropped 40 lbs! I went from 174 lbs down to 134 lbs and was doing pretty good but started drifting back into old habits. Bit by bit I went the other way. And at this point I'm back over 160 lbs, eating bread or pasta pretty much with every meal. Eating ice cream, cereal and milk in the morning, etc. I'm not happy about it. I was showering this morning and looked down at my swollen belly and it sucked!

            What am I doing?

            I believe it isn't a question of willpower. This is all about life-long habits. I've drifted back into eating the way I'd always eaten growing up. I lived on a simple SAD pattern of milk-and-cereal breakfast, sandwich and chips and cookies for lunch, pasta/pizza or similar meals for dinner. If there was anything green in my meals it might be a single leaf of lettuce on a sandwich, or a small serving of peas with dinner.

            Those habits might be easier to change with family support, although even without that I can change what I'm doing.

            This morning I made a salad for breakfast and at the same time I made enough for lunch. I need to work on those habits and see what I can change.
            Indie author, cyclist and primal enthusiast