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    Hey Everyone

    I have been trying to eat Paleo for the past weeks and have been struggling with figuring out my ratios. I am really trying not to focus on the calories but it is really hard for me. I decided to try and maintain a 40%protein, 40%fat, and 20%carbs and see how that works. So, I figured if I post my daily meals and workouts on here than it will help keep me ontrack and if someone sees something that looks wrong then they can help me as well.

    So: Todays Meals:

    B(6:30) 3 scrambled eggs and 4oz chicken breast

    Snack (10:00) 1 orange bell pepper, 9 mini pepperoni bites

    L(12:00) Cabbage,8oz chicken breast,olive oil for dressing,guacamole, apple

    Snack(1:45) 24 Almonds

    Preworkout Snack4:30) Lara Bar

    Dinner(7:00)#5 Unwich from Jimmie Johns with no sauce or cheese but with hot peppers

    Total: 1441 Calories, 77g carbs,75g of fat,132g of protein.

    I plan on going to Crossfit at 5:30 and the WOD is:

    5 Rounds

    7 Manmakers (35/25)

    14 step ups (7 each leg) with dumbells (35/25, 20? box/16? box)

    25 V-ups

    Any input or advice is welcome.

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    I use That will go along way in helping you get your 40-40-20 split.

    I wouldn't have a clue how close you are. The nice thing about or similiar sites is you can also measure nutrition, minerals etc.


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      Hey Everyone

      On the weekends it is hard for me to post on here. I did pretty good this past weekend though. So, my meals for today consist of:

      B: 3 eggs and 6 slices of deli turkey

      S: 1 yellow pepper and 1 serving of almonds

      L: Chicken and veggies...I made them in the crockpot yesterday

      S: Lara Bar

      Dinner: 2 chicken and turkey sausages with salad

      Total: 1253 calories,80g of carbs,67 grams of fat,96 grams of protein

      This isn't as many calories as I am aiming for so I might try to run to the store to grab some sort of meat with 0 carbs for part of one of my snacks.

      My workout for today with Crossfit is:

      As Many Rounds in 20 Minutes

      10 Burpees

      15 Box Jumps (24?/20?)

      20 MB Cleans (20#/16#)

      50 ft MB Overhead Lunges


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        So here is what I plan on eating today. I will say...cravings don't seem as bad BUT I have been craving gum...I am trying not to eat any gum because 1. It isn't Paleo and 2. It is a stress reliever that I do and I end up chewing the whole pack and pretty soon I have a bloated hurt stomach. That seems to be my biggest struggle..that and trying to keep carbs under 80.

        Here is today:

        B. 3 Scrambed Eggs, 1 piece of ham, 1 apple

        S: Beef lunch meat 1 apple

        L:Crockpot chicken and veggies

        S: Handful of raw almonds

        D: Crockpot chicken and veggies.

        This equals to:

        1180 Calories

        79 g of carbs

        38 g of fat

        103 g of protein

        I need to find more fat and protein sources with 0 carbs still.

        My WOD today is:

        Back Squat 3 by 5

        Then, it's time to get inverted with this topsy-turvy workout:

        10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 Handstand Pushups

        2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20 Pullups