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    Day 26

    B: 3 fried eggs (coconut oil)

    L: pho tai - ate just meat and soup no noodles

    S: 1/2 a small can of tuna, protein powder w/ glass of Lactaid milk

    D: beef and pork fajita meat, chips and queso, shot of tequila


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      Jie Jie,

      Don't despair. I know it may feel esp difficult to stick to primal when you are not feeling your best, but actually that is the most critical time to do it!

      I came down with a bad cold last week. I was pretty bummed since I had been very good about eating well. I had to leave work early and picked up a whole chicken on my way home to make chicken broth. Honestly, I swear by homemade chicken soup to lessen duration of colds. It's even known as "Jewish penicillin" I believe studies have shown that when you slowly simmer chicken bones, the nutrients that are released into the broth have immune-boosting properties.

      Anyway, if you can, I'd highly recommend making some chicken broth/stock. There is a recipe on the MDA site that I used. Buying a whole chicken is cheaper (if possible, make it free-range) and if there is a butcher in your market, they'll cut it up for you. I used the two back pieces, plus one breast.

      I consumed the broth (reheat by bringing to gentle boil on stovetop or microwave if you're at work) and chicken meat for about 24 hours, and my cold was basically gone the following day!!

      Hope you feel better soon!!

      Everything in moderation, including moderation.


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        Thanks for the encouragement, Maria! I appreciate it.

        I'm feeling better than this weekend. I had my first workout this am since last Wednesday.


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          Day 27

          Primal is here today!

          Great WOD this am. My first "Jackie" (1000m row, 50 Thrusters modifiend @ 35#, and 30 Pullups) at 15:12m. Looking forward to decreasing the time next month!

          B: 2 fried eggs (coconut oil), bacon, 1 glass of lactaid milk

          L: Grilled chix breast and raw zucchini

          D: Grilled chix breast and baby carrots. Snuck in a tsb of Banana sauce on the chix. It's spicy ketchup and 9 grams of carbs in 2 tsb. Crazy!

          S: 1 hardboiled egg


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            Day 28

            Great day today. Patting myself on the back.

            B: 2 fried eggs (bacon grease), bacon

            L: Grilled chix and baby carrots

            S: 1/2 of tiny apple and almond butter, hardboiled egg, few raw almonds

            D: T-Bone steak and 1 raw zucchini

            S: glass of lactaid milk

            Did a partner crossfit workout this evening. It was pretty tough. I'm pretty sure my partner and I came in last. It's ok though, it was Rx not modified. Whooo-hooo!


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              Day 29

              Weighed myself today at 135! Wow. I havent been 135 in a long time. I bought jeans that actually fit me today!

              Today was a rest day. I'm sore from yesterdays 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of box jumps, burpees and ball slams.

              B: 3 scrambled eggs w/ guac and salsa, glass of lactatid milk

              L: beef shish kabobs and vegetables

              D: 2 rolls, bits of oyster and fish for appetizers, fish entree, bits of mash potatoes and mac and cheese, plantains and scotch


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                Day 30

                Hello Day 30! I was surprised that it was easier for me to hold off on the processed items than I thought. Sure I had my 20% from time to time but I still lost weight. My performance at CrossFit has changed for the better. I wasnt obesessed w/ food. I like not counting calories or having to measure food. The times I would go out for meals, modifications from the menu was easy.

                I will continue w/ PB. Thank you for the support PB community!