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  • 30 Day Journal Challenge - Virginia

    Hi all... My name is Virginia Gardner; I live in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am 52 and obnoxiously menopausal, though through considerable effort (not hormones, which I cannot do) with supplements and now working my way to primal, many of the extreme symptoms have relaxed, yeah! I was a 30 year heavy smoker until sometime mid-2008. I have had limited success in curbing my appetite and regaining a metabolism, and so a primal lifestyle is my goal. Along the way, I wish to lose a minimum of 20 lbs. 30 would be Heaven. I'll be journalling in the morning about my progress the day before. Thanks, Mark, for providing this forum.

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    Welcome to the Primal Living, Virginia! Just glanced at your website, you are super-talented! Will go look at it in leisure.


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      Hi Maba... thanks!

      So, I'm enjoying my second cup of coffee, which is a daily ritual. Not exactly primal... My stovetop espresso maker provides me with just enough coffee for 2 cups, placed in a nice wide pottery cup with 1/4 cup frothed milk and a tablespoon of sugar. Two cups each morning. And then I get primal :-).


      Out of bed, stretch (chiropractor-designed set), and then we walked the boys (our two Dals) 3 miles.

      B - one hard boiled egg, a banana, and a handful of walnuts

      L - leftover rib eye from Sunday dinner, probably 6 oz, and 3-4 cups of grapes during lunch and then throughout the afternoon (water all day long - I constantly have to pee, lol!)

      D - 2 ounces roasted and salted sunflower seeds and a serving of the Responsibly Slim

      S - another 2-3 ounces of the sunflower seeds

      My biggest problem: I eat constantly. I'm convinced this is left over from my smoking days. 30+ years, with the last ten being 2-3 packs a day. Now, over a year later, whenever I am not busy busy busy, I eat. I think I'll cut up that stalk of celery and take it to the office today!


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        We walked three miles yesterday morning after doing my stretching set. It was a beautiful morning.

        B - hard-boiled egg and dozen almonds, grapes

        L - spinach, hardboiled egg, celery, walnuts, carrots, tables greek dressing

        S - walnuts, grapes

        D - 3 kosher beef hotdogs, apple


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          Day 3... No exercise...

          B- hardboiled egg, apple, walnuts

          L and S - no delineation... munched at my desk all day on grapes, walnuts, and carrots

          D- fab dinner of Darlene’s Mexican Carne Asada


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            Day 4 & 5...

            Forced Fast...

            Day 4 in preparation for colonoscopy and Day 5, because the procedure made me sick as Hell. It's 6:30 am on Day 6, I'm hungry and afraid to try to eat anything. A few bites of yogurt wouldn't stay down, and then a piece of dry toast five hours later came right back up. Ugh. Haven't thrown up in years. I guess I had a reaction to the sedative. They removed a polop, and I have Diverticulitis, which is so incredibly surprising to me, lol. Only one pocket so far, and adjusting my diet probably came at just the right time.

            I'm going to see if I can get a glass of the Responsibly Slim down now.