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  • Flight of the fat Phoenix

    Weight = 164 (at last weigh a week ago)
    Height = 5.8
    Bust = 38
    Waist = 28
    Hips = 38
    Mood = slightly smug, gave brother lecture about grains, but overall working with birds chirping and sun shining outside my window thinking, "nice"
    Cravings = slight
    Belief in PB = growing daily
    Chance of exercise this evening = 70%

    Dear Diary/Journal and readers (if any!)

    I'm 34, in okay shape, but have steadily gained 40 pounds on and off over the last few years and feel a bit pudgy and squashy, and generally "meh". I also have hives/allergies etc which drive me mad. Tried every diet known to man, found low carb worked best, but as soon as I started eating bread or any grain again, I'd spiral out of control. I think this may be the first workable long term solution to just "being" thin and healthy I have found. Every diet I've ever read comes out with rubbish about this being a "life choice, not just a diet", but it's never rung true at all, and usually is entirely impractical. This seems different.

    So, I began PB last Monday, and despite some deviation over the weekend (it was my birthday, big party etc, ate some sushi, some cake and a fair bit of wine), I didn't go absolutely nuts and overall I'm feeling good. Eating way too much fruit still, and not really doing great on exercise, but slowly and steadily I think I will get there, as blood sugar balances etc.

    Flight of the fat Phoenix is a reference to the first Bridget Jones book, where she talks about wanting to "emerge like a Phoenix from the toxic nadir of fat". That's exactly how I feel right now - just tired of the eating rubbish and feeling rubbish.

    So today, I have eaten...
    • Banana + Apple + nuts + raisins+ cream cheese
    • 2 x slices ham + 2 boiled eggs
    • And for tonight I have already prepared the Meatball Curry recipe Mark posted yesterday, but using beef instead of offal (will work towards offal, just not today), and will be having kale instead of cauliflower as it's my favourite veg. Tastes amazing already though, and packed with veg which I need to eat more of.

    More tomorrow...