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    Good morning, Alicia! Enjoy your weekend and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the moments you have with the people instead of having your mind consumed by food choices. Be present in your conversations and interactions so fussing over the offerings won't be the first thing on your mind. I'm trying to keep this as my mantra to really be aware of what's happening in the Now and embracing it. It's tough since I'm a worry-wart and tend to have the next thing on my mind. Bah, not good.

    If you'd like to get an idea of a Figure competitor's diet and routine, you can visit Figure Competition Diet : Figure Competition Diets You can try to tailor it to Primal and see how it goes, I'm not really sure, but it can be a guideline for you. My schedule is sucking right now, but there's a competition in August that I'm thinking about entering....maybe. That would mean a summer of strict eating which would be great for bikini wearing, but tough on the BBQ enjoying...


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      Hey! Thanks for the words of advice and the link. When I get home I'm going to check it out. So far today has been a success.
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        How did your weekend turn out?? I'll ASSUME you stayed relatively on track and are looking forward to getting back to a routine and seeing how well you can do with this WOE.
        My weekend was sporadic with food and a little too much whiskey :^D Just ended up that way - no planning. *shoulder shrug* Today was great so no biggie.
        *high five*