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  • Expecting Massive Progress

    Hello, I am Garth. I eat about 80% paleo, I am 165 lbs and 12% bodyfat. While I get a lot of exercise very little of it is really structured progressive weightlifting. I finally got around to going to the local Uni gym and it looks great.

    Today I did 1X20 squats 95 lbs, 1x6 weighted chins 53lbs, 3x5 presses 65lbs. It was pretty easy and I'm going to kick it up a lot every session. I'm planning to go every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Aside from the weighted chins, it is the first time for most of the exercises.

    I call this "Expecting Massive Progress" because I'm in great health, a mesomorph, and doing everything right. Also I'm starting off very light.

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    Rest day and 24 hour fast. Can't wait until tomorrow's workout. I'm covered in bruises from parkour and martial arts however.


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      1x7 weighted chins 53lbs, 1x15 squats 135 lbs, 1x3 w/ 95 & 3x12 w/ 45lbs presses.

      I feel very strong to have added 40 lbs to my squats, but I still lost a few reps. I'm going to add 20 lbs a session until I get to starting strength's 5 reps. I also am going to add sets when I get below 10 reps. I feel weak with the overhead presses; I feel that the bar isn't very stable. Eventually I plan on adding in dead lifts and bench presses. Keep in mind I'm only logging strength training, I bike 30 min to and from the gym etc.


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        3x5-9 chins 55 lbs on top set, 3x5 squats 135lbs, 3x5 65lbs presses. Parkour club.

        I had someone go over my squat form, so I ended up doing a whole lot with the empty bar today. As such I have less work done today than Thursday. Apparently I have fine form, but I had the bar too far up on my neck. That was quickly remedied. The presses still feel weird. Going to keep up a slower progress from now on.


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          3x5-9 chins 55lbs on top set, 3x5 squats 155lbs, 3x9 30lbs dumbbell press.

          I'm trying to find a good deltoids exercise. I have congenitally weak shoulders(every male going back countless generations has torn rotators cuffs), an am looking to strengthen them. I didn't feel my form was up to snuff this time on the squats, so I'm going to repeat this weight next time. I think I'll sub out the press for weighted dips and and a lateral raise.


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            3x4 pullups 45lbs, 3x4 dips 45lbs, 3x5 squats 165lbs, 3x5 lateral raise 25lbs.

            Feeling good.


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              3x5 squats 185lbs, 3x5-9 dips 55lbs, 3x5-9 chins 55lbs top set each, 25 incline situps.

              I feel bad on the squats, my form wasn't good enough, and I almost dropped the bar when racking the weight(I didn't get close enough in).


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                24 hour fast. 3x4 squats 195lbs, 3x4-8 chins 55lbs, 3x5-9 dips 50lbs, 25 incline situps, 1x5 deadlifts 95lbs, parkour club.

                The squats were fine except for the last set. I think I should keep the poundage at the same level and work for reps and form from now on. Except for deadlift, I'll keep adding to that.


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                  I've been trying to gain weight for a bit more than a month so far, and I think it's enough. Now I'll try to get leaner.


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                    1x5 squats 195 lbs, 3x5-7dips 45lbs, 3 weighted chins 45lbs, 10 chins.

                    Ran out of time at gym today to do unforeseeable circumstances. The squats are feeling stronger.


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                      I realized that I'm overdoing it with all the different movements in the same day. From now on I'm doing:

                      Overhead Press
                      Weighted Chins


                      But with accessory lifts on the side. Today I did 1x8 deadlifts 115 lbs, 30 incline situps, 3x8 barbell rows 35lbs each, and 10 pushups.


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                        8-9 squats 195-185lbs, a couple of chins, pushups, and dips, and 30 incline situps highest angle.


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                          4-7 weighted chins 55lbs top set. 10 w/ 45lbs; 3 w/ 95lbs, 2x4 w/ 85lbs overhead press. 30,20 incline situps. 60 sec side plank both sides. Accessory work.

                          I think I will keep 85lbs and work for reps on the press. It's a skill intensive lift. I'm hyper extending my back, a problem on them. I'm regaining strength for the chins. I was weak before from doing too much work this new program is better.


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                            1x8 deadlifts 155lbs,35 incline situps. 1x8 80, 2x8 90lbs vertical rows. Accessory work. Parkour

                            It's kind of annoying because I scraped my shins on the bar and then I get sweat in the burns. Deadlifts are easy, next week they will be at 185lbs.


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                              RPT 3x5-7 squats 205lbs top set, 2x5 rows 100 lbs, 2x15 dips.

                              I wish the squats were better. It's still good progress but it's slowing down.