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  • My second Eggie day was a success. I repeated my lovely instant guacemole lunch, had iced coffee (only cals were half a cup of milk), and then egg/veggie fried rice for supper with one European weiner on the side for protein (I know, weird combination, but I was eating what needed to be eaten out of the fridge...)

    Weight this morning has dropped precipitously again, now back to 138.5. So that's 3.5 lbs of post-carb bloat gone in 2 days. Gotta love this way of eating!


    • Hi there! Nice to have that bloat disappear. How long have you been doing the IF? You are just eating lunch and supper right?
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      • Originally posted by Momto3 View Post
        Hi there! Nice to have that bloat disappear. How long have you been doing the IF? You are just eating lunch and supper right?
        Most days. I let my body tell me whether I really need breakfast or not. In the end, I usually have breakfast 1-2 mornings per week, usually the full 2 eggs, 3 slices of bacon version. But black coffee keeps me going pretty well until noon or so. I may dip into my lunch and chew on some raw veggies about noon, just to get to lunch time at 12:30 or so.

        I've been a breakfast every morning person my whole life. Usually needed to eat within an hour of getting up. Primal and getting onto a higher fat diet have changed all that. For the last 3 months or so, I've been eating breakfast less and less often. Problem is, I LIKE breakfast! I LOVE bacon and I have my own chickens for eggs! Rather silly to quit eating breakfast within a year of getting my own flock, but there you have it! So now, if I'm not working and able to cook at home, I'll sometimes have breakfast for lunch.


        • Life is grand! My weight dropped another lb to 137.5, the same as last week and the lowest I've reached so far. That's 4.5 lbs fluctuation in 3 days. My goal at this point is to hold the course and reach 136 by the end of the month. I have another challenging weekend ahead with a day trip to Stratford for the theatre and supper out. Then Sunday, we're invited for dinner at friends'. I plan to offer to bring salad or veggies and dessert. To ensure that it's something I can eat my fill of.

          But for now, a day off work looms ahead. It's cool and sunny, a perfect day to get lots of work done around the house. And then a hair appt this afternoon and an evening at a knitting group - my first time going there. I'm excited to get in touch with this group.

          Debating whether to make bacon and eggs for breakfast or wait and have them for lunch. The skipping breakfast thing has been going very well for me. But I have to get out of the mindset that I HAVE to eat things in the fridge that need eating up - therefore I eat more than my body tells me it needs.

          I did the unthinkable yesterday... I had a half lb of bacon that actually went off from sitting in my fridge for too long without me eating it, and I had to throw it in the garbage. Sacrilege! With hubby really trying to keep his intake moderate (he's lost 14 lbs so far, from 210 to 196 - he's 6'3" tall), I can't count on him to eat huge quantities of food any longer. It's an adjustment.

          In other good news, I made lamb chops on the grill for the first time ever. Hubby has always declared that he hates lamb and I love it, so I would always order it in fancy restaurants. Well, he's had tastes of mine enough times to decide that maybe lamb isn't so bad. So I took a leap of faith, bought 4 little chops and cooked them last night. I charred them by getting distracted from the grill, but he still declared them really good and ate them right up. Didn't even need sauces to dose them up, like he does with most things. This makes me very happy, as I get to add more variety to our protein sources.


          • Woke up with a mild headache this morning - uggh!


            • It was a busy and food-poor weekend as expected. Our trip to Stratford was wonderful, including our favourite very authentic pizza restaurant. I ate some (a bunch, to be truthful), of their freshly baked, soft and slightly salty bread, dipped into olive oil and balsamic. Like Mark has said, there are times when really good grain products are a treat and this was definitely one of them. But I didn't partake of the pizzas. Instead, I had a braised lamb shank with polenta and grilled zucchini and fennel. It was delicious.

              The other big stop in Stratford is a famous local chocolate shop. And a fudge shop (for hubby - I find fudge painfully oversweet). I bought all dark chocolate - awesome!

              So, thanks to the weekend's "eating off the plan", I was 141 again on Monday morning, but I'm down into the 130's again this morning and am right back on track. We're into the season of local Ontario fresh fruit, so I'm up to my eyeballs in cherries, plums and strawberries. And my own garden is producing cucumbers and zucchini so far. The local market has radishes, spinach, lots of greens and herbs and the most amazing early fresh corn on the cob. I love this time of year!


              • I'm staying at 139-140 all week. And with being off work three days this week and some travelling, it's been a rather weird week food-wise. I was on the road yesterday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and ate in a restaurant for midmorning breakfast (Greek omelet and fried potatoes, refused the "Texas toast". That filled me up so much that I only had a snack with my latte at Starbucks in late afternoon - a very expensive cheese and crackers and fruit box (there's not much that isn't a carb-fest at Starbucks) . Supper was at about 7 - a wee chicken wrap snack at Tim Hortons and another latte - needed the caffeine for the 2 hour drive home.

                I'm in a total inertia spot exercise-wise. And I'm not happy about it, but I'm also not unhappy enough to do anything about it. Not a good place. As my hubby has become more fit on his new Concept 2 rower, I've become more lumpish - I'm sure there's a psychological reason for that. Although I've lost 15 lbs in the last few months, I don't have as much energy as I used to.

                I think I need to set out some baby steps for myself. More disciplined about walking would be a good place to start. Grok squatting to stretch my hips would be good, too - they often ache in the night, which I attribute directly to being less fit than in the past. And kettlebell swings. I'd like to get into doing some swings. I have a 25 pounder which is plenty for me.

                I vow to do something today exercise-wise! I'll report back - promise!


                • It's been a good week! After lots of socializing on the long weekend (Canadian long weekend, that is...), I was way up with bloat, to 144.5 on Tuesday. This morning, after 2 days back on track, I'm at 140.0 again. And that's with eating two cobs of local fresh corn last night!

                  In exercise news, a great thing has happened! On Sunday, I was visiting a friend who has decided to move house and is downsizing. She mentioned having a treadmill that she was going to sell online. I jumped in and asked her to wait and let me see it first. In the end, I bought it for a mere $50. Picked it up in my Subaru, hubby and visiting friend carried it into the basement for me, and I did my first run/walk on it last night. About 30 minutes, about 3 km (I pulled the maglock off by accident after the first K or so and the whole system reset to zero - annoying!) Whoooo, am I happy! So our basement now looks like a home gym with a Concept2 rower on one side of the family room and my treadmill on the other side. Kettlebells on the floor. Two pairs of runners under the sidetable. Pretty cool!

                  My visiting "vegetarian" friend from Germany has now returned from seeing other friends. He eats fish, so we are managing well enough. I've fed him shrimp stirfry and BBQ lake trout so far. Tonight will be pasta with meatballs (kept separate for his benefit) and mine will be on zucchini noodles.


                  • I just walked a barefoot half mile on my new treadmill. Most of it at 3.5-4 mph, though 4 felt a little too fast to be in best form. I didn't want to overdo my first time barefoot, so I stopped at a half mile. But it felt good and I am pretty happy!


                    • Back into the 130's finally. 139.5 this morning. This weekend will be much quieter as hubby and German visitor are going away together for 2 days of theatre and fine dining. I can't go - too many other responsibilities. But that's OK - a quiet weekend is nice.

                      Went for a long, brisk walk with German visitor last night. We covered 4.6 miles, 7.5 km. Hips were talking back to me by the time we got home. Felt good.
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                      • I'm back after a bit of a hiatus from the forums. German visitor has gone home, so life should get back to a normal rhythm of sorts. As normal as my life ever gets, anyways...

                        I"ve stayed pretty consistantly around 140 lbs, but there has been some grains and sugars slipping back into my life, so I want to get back onto a more strictly primal path. With a quarter of a cow waiting in my downstairs freezer, I have the resources - just need to get back to the motivation. Hence, I'm back to my journal.

                        Today we have a potluck lunch after the service at church. I am taking a bacon/cheese/egg/bread casserole to use up the rest of the bread left over from German visitor. He was a prodigious toast and jam eater. But thanks to several of his health complaints and a major bout of allergic rhinitis while here, I think I've convinced him to at least try going gluten-free to see if it helps. It will be interesting to see.


                        • Two months later, I return again, about 10 lbs heavier than I was at the end of June at my son's wedding. I've been vacationing in Europe for the past 2 1/2 weeks and put on 6 of those lbs, totally without regret. The local and seasonal food was wonderful, as was the wine from Germany and France. So here I am again, starting the Potato Diet Hack. (PPD for short)

                          Today was Day 1. Black coffee early, before Chiropractic appt for buggered-up shoulder (that's another story...). Another coffee after and a cold boiled potato with herb salt. Was actually quite yummy. I was pretty hungry for lunch and had about 2 cups of mashed Yukon gold potatoes with beef broth in them. Also yummy. And tea.

                          Then things got tougher. I was really hungry. I ate one small raw potato almost immediately after lunch, like an apple, another tea, then a second small raw potato, sliced and with herb salt, like crackers. I was almost shakey at that point. This was only about 2:30 p.m. But I had run out of potatoes from my lunchbag, so I persevered until I got home. First thing, I made a large potato into chips in the mic and ate them all. Then broke down and ate about an oz of cheese.

                          Supper was oven baked french fries and baked whitefish. Delicious! Now I'm back to potatoes until supper tomorrow.

                          Goal is to get back into the 130's. And get buggered-up shoulder working again so I can do exercises.


                          • Love the potato hack! I'm down 1.5 lbs after one day.

                            We ended up at a coffee shop last night for a visit with SIL. I didn't want coffee in the evening, so I ordered a Chai latte and requested no sugar or sweetener. Bad idea. The chai was from a tetrapac carton, already super sweet (to my unaccustomed taste). It was delicious like a dessert, but I wish I had avoided the sugar load. Oh, well, live and learn...


                            • It's funny we are experiencing different hunger levels. Since before yesterday evening where I had a standard dinner (beef, french fries, fruits and odd bits), all I had was 4 boiled potatoes and black coffee. I feel not hungry AT ALL and will probably eat the same amount tonight. I hope it won't last because my caloric requirements are probably way higher than what 4 potatoes can provide ...


                              • If you are still around I wound love for you to join our CDN FB group

                                We need dietitians!

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