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    Today's workout results:

    41 knee pushups
    22 Nordic pullups
    50 prisoner squats
    15 jack knife presses
    75 secs feet-forearm plank
    45 secs side feet plank

    Damn if it wasn't all I could do to keep from grabbing the sausage this morning since it was going to be a breakfast day, but alas I have made it one meal without far.

    B: Stir fry venison strips with onions, cabbage and spinach.

    FWIW, feel free in assuming if there are no spices listed that there has been olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground black pepper used......


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      Was having pork withdrawal and had to cook some more deer post haste.....

      L: Rolled some backstrap in mustard BBQ sauce and tossed it on the grill.......happy now. For now.

      I actually cooked 6 pieces, but 3 of them fell victim to "taste testing".......


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        Mmmmmm venison. I miss venison. I wish Bambi would've died when it attempted to kill itself using my car.


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          2 hrs 5 minutes to go and it will be a pork free day....this shit won't happen tomorrow.


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            B: 2 sausage patties and 2 eggs.

            I limbed some trees in the yard and cut grass so far today. While doing so, I noticed how enticing my neighbors garden was becoming. Upon closer observation it was determined that a midnight raid on said garden is highly doable with low risk of getting nabbed.

            My neighbor on the other side has 3 apple trees and I used to raid them religiously, but he died on me this January and since his wife and kid don't eat the apples I believe it has taken a chunk of lustre out of it. I guess we'll find out when they begin to ripen whether that theory has any merit.


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              And then I swam for a while.......ate some more venison off the grill.....swam some more.......

              Maybe one day I'll actually get to go out and do a survey

              (Add 3 bananas to the days tally....forgot about those)
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                Just finished up 5 1/2 slices of bacon and 2 eggs for breakfast. Yes 5 1/2 slices, not because I'm some kind of measurer, but because I felt sorry for the wife's little yorkie and gave his munchkin ass 1/2 a slice out of the kindness of my heart.

                Now I'm headed off to the hill to do my sprints. I wanna take my lab with me, but I know she's gonna smell the bacon and wanna know WTF's up with that.....she can deal with it, she's going dammit.
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                  Whew damn....

                  Took my little baby (Penny) with me. She was running around frolickin' and doing whatever the hell it is that dogs do when I took off on my first sprint. Of course she immediately ran my ass down. When the first sprint was done she stayed at heel, lol. I guess she thought I was haulin' ass trying to leave her and she wasn't having none of that bwahahahaha!!!

                  Here she is in MUCH better shape after the sprints than I was


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                    Penny's a purty girl. I need to post some pics of Bella & Bandit sometime. They're characters.


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                      Originally posted by Dalton View Post

                      It's .31 mile to the top with tall grass, briers, limbs, rocks, etc. along the way. I had a great idea to break up the monotony of these journal entries by taking some pics of the path I run on. Well, I took a pic of the beginning....

                      ...the rest will have to wait for another day, lol!
                      OK, it's another day now.....

                      each picture begins where the previous leaves off...


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                        And finally.....the top o' the hill


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                          P.S. 5 more lbs gone in the last week....46 total.


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                            Oh yeah, this hunk of protein was checking me out while I made the rounds taking the pictures

                            Trust me, it's a taken with my phone.
                            Last edited by Dalton; 05-11-2011, 02:44 PM. Reason: Edited the pic so you could see the deer....


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                              L: an italian sausage with romaine wrap, the 2 leftover pieces of Bambi from yesterday and some carrots.


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                                Originally posted by geostump View Post
                                Penny's a purty girl. I need to post some pics of Bella & Bandit sometime. They're characters.
                                Thank you. She's a rescue dog and was 2+ when I got her (7+ now). She was absolutely covered in fleas and gun shy....a little TLC and now she's quite the handy duck mutt and spoiled ass rotten