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    A group journal sounds great. Here's to a 100% sugar free May. I also have a few problems keeping away from all grains so I will commit to a grain/sugar free zone. My husband is dieting as well so that should help keep the junk out of the house.


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      Hi ya,i just joined yesterday and the pull up thing made me laugh because i used to have trouble like that but i decided that every time i entered my kitchen for whatever reason i would do 3 pullups on the door frame....i still do it now after months and can easily do 20 bodyweight ones and i weight185...but i only do 3 on the kitchen door frame many times a day,try it it might work.


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        So you think you can Primal? My 30 day challenge


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          Love the name, headed there to post right now......


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            May Day Food:

            coffee + cream

            almonds, cheese slice, more coffee

            leftover mahimahi, scrambled eggs, sauteed zuccinni

            turkey burger, orange pepper slices

            1 spoonful peanut butter (not so primal, out of good snacks)

            Wow....looking back on my day I see that I didnt eat very much. I just really havent been that hungry. Im concerned that Im undereating and will have some kind of a binge.....hmmmm. Currently, I feel really good. Just not hungry.


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              Love the name, that is so funny. Good luck everyone.


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                coffee+ cream
                2 eggs, 4 slices canadian bacon

                1/2 can tuna with mayo, sunflower seeds, romaine lettuce, orange bell pepper

                almond butter patty (thereeee back)
                slice o,cheese w/ mustard

                taco salad: ground turkey, cheese, olives, salsa........super yummy...

                lotsa water and unsweetened ice tea today, extra thirsty....

                Di, only 15 minutes of yoga and some extra pushups....felt low today with allergies kicking my butt plus didnt sleep at all last night. Took two naps and was lazy.. Needed a down day. I am happy to have logged and had NO SUGAR for an entire weeeeeek. Holy cow, I wasnt sure it could be done. But it can, and I am doing it and sticking with it! Yay!


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                  Well done trinity4 - great effort!

                  Stay focused though - I got to 10 days with no sugar whatsoever and was feeling pretty good (maybe a little too smug!). I then had a bad day with no sleep the night before and succumbed again. I have been starting again ever since - 10 days is still my record (from two months ago - but am determined to break it this time).
                  Let Go. Move On. Be Free.


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                    Thanks are soo right. This last week wasnt hard....BUT! I know that when the cravings come, and they will, if I am not completely mindful I will succumb. And it always looks so, Oh, Ive been so good, I can have a brownie.....then Ive eaten the pan. Good luck to you as well. It is definatly an addiction! And we can leave it behind!


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                      Just remember sugar is poison. The more I read/hear that the more I am believing it. Jimmy Moore calls it rat poison. Not so tempting then. ;-)
                      Great job Trinity. Keep it up.


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                        Sugar is poison. Sugar is poison. My new mantra!


                        coffee+ cream

                        protein shake + 2 slices bacon

                        ground turkey, olives, lettuce, cheese, salsa

                        2 almond patties, iced tea

                        grilled flank steak, 1/2 small sweet potato plus lotsa butter

                        *****Michelob Ultra******(which im not calling a cheat 'cause I didn't say I wouldn't do it!)

                        resisted: reeses peanut butter eggs, cheesecake, and mint chip ice cream. Yike! Tons o' crap in my house today.

                        chair assisted pullups (10) boy do I have some work to do
                        20 modified push ups, yoga
                        45 min walk

                        All in all, pleased with my day.


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                          Computer was being funk yesterday so I didn't post. And I did have a bit of a slip up, with 8 corn chips. I am not stressing too hard. Better than a whole bad which is what I usually do. Onward and upward......


                          11am: leftover crustless quiche, sauteed mushrooms+asparagus

                          2 almond butter patties

                          1/2 c. tuna w/sunflower seeds, red pepper

                          slice cheese w/mustard

                          carne asada with cheese + lettuce (Happy Cinco De Mayo!)

                          10 chair assisted pull-ups, 20 push ups, 20 minutes yoga
                          short walk


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                            I'm assuming you mean whole bag? hahaha You are rocking lady!!!


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                              That slip is funny.....Im gonna start calling it that "the whole bad" because thats what it is when you eat it All! Sometimes truth just sneaks out when we aren't trying....


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                                Well, I had a major crash an burn. Bummer. So I am taking this opportunity to start again, pick up where I left off, and take the lessons that I learned from this backslide to help me in the future. I will start logging food again tommorrow. *Sigh*