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  • ex Vegan going PRIMAL

    I was pseudo-vegetarian for 3 years, vegan the last 1.5. Just started eating eggs three weeks ago, fish two weeks ago, and beef/meat this week. "officially" went primal today.

    The hardest thing to accept for me (even above most animal protein/fat being good!) is the saturated fat. I got to admit, 2+ decades of CW drilling into you the evils of saturated fat is a bit hard to overcome. But damn does it taste good, compared to being vegan this is a breeze

    I'm at 21% body fat, goal is 10% in 2 years. For exercise I do free-weights/flexibility 5x/week for 45 min, as well ultimate frisbee once a week (though I suck at it and rest a lot )

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    Welcome. Lots of ex-vegans here, including me.
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    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Me to. Good luck. It sure does feel strange but your body will thankyou.


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        I was vegan for 8 months, and I know exactly what you mean. That first week of going paleo/primal, I ate so much steak....

        But I also feel so much better now. Loads more energy. I'm actually losing weight. Sleeping better. Allergies decreasing. Angels appearing and following me around with harps and flutes....

        Okay, maybe not that last one.

        The best part is that my guy is doing this with me. He was never up for being a vegetarian, and now he's losing more weight than me, plus lowering his cholesterol and getting better sleep. We are super, super happy with how this is working out for us.

        But everyone's different. I hope it works for you, too! Good luck!
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          Thx for the replies, that's encouraging and it's going really well so far!

          I'm going to the local Renaissance Festival prob in a few weeks and it will be fun indeed to have one of those chicken drumsticks I've always avoided. (hopefully won't have TOO much wine/beer like usual but that's another story )


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            I ran into a few problems switching to PB, but overall going very well.

            The first is in general I have a bit more energy, which is a good thing, but at times it's been harder to get to sleep once every fourth day. I'm experimenting off and on with fasting dinner so that might be a cause. Then again going from 10% fat calories to >40% probably is just going to take a few more weeks before I've adjusted, so this isn't worrying me too much at this point.

            The other thing is last week, I played ultimate frisbee for a few hours, while eating very low carbs and calories that day, and I felt kind of sick that night. Just exhausted much, much more than usual and feeling a bit moody. One thing I read is that if your salt intake is low (as mine is since I now avoid processed foods etc), and your body excretes sodium quickly on a low-carb diet, that if you also exercise too much it can cause an electrolyte imbalance sickness. I think that's what happened to me. So next time I play frisbee I'll definitely increase my salt intake before I play that day, and also probably increase my carb consumption just for that day. Maybe eat a few apples before I play (or beer, haha), or just go ahead and hit my favorite Chinese restaurant afterward.

            But other than that, I'm really happy with PB! I tried on some shorts that I haven't worn in at least three years (yeah, I should of thrown them out and usually do, glad I didn't in this case ), and while they are a bit tight I still fit in fairly well and wore them all day.

            I better switch to my old diet or I might need to buy all new clothing this Christmas


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              Congratulations, dude. Funny how many ex-vegans we are getting lately! I wonder how many ex-primals the vegans are getting?

              Have a baked potato with salt on it as a pre-frisbee snack? Running around can make people tired, lol
              Type 1 Diabetic. Controlling blood sugar through primal life.

              2012 Goals:
              Maintain A1c of 6.0 or lower
              More dietary fat, less carbs, moderate protein
              LHT and sprint as per PB fitness
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                Yo -

                just wanted to drop in and say hey to the ex-vegans. I just stopped a 15 year vegan journey. As befits our modern age, I'm going to blog about it, cause it's interesting so far and others might like to hear what's up.

                Anyway - hope things are going well for you, I know this is an older thread...


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                  I am also an ex-vegan, did vegan from May '09 to May '11, and vegetarian with occasional meat from then until the 21st of June. Doesn't your stomach feel so much better?


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                    Hilariously, no! I think my body is undergoing some rewiring, cause my digestion has been completely insane since starting the experiment. Haha. I figure I'll give it a while and see how it goes...


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                      I've eaten meat my whole life but I find this thread very inspiring. Besides wishing you all luck, it reinvigorates me to tighten up my food intake. I've been cheating lately with limited amounts of rice, gains and noodles.

                      All the best...


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                        Things are going fairly well overall. I did plateau for a few months but admittedly I fell off the wagon a bit in terms of drinking too much alcohol and doing less weight training. Some of it was vacation related plus my brother visited me for several weeks and we like to party. I did stay low-carb and mostly eating primal food though.

                        But starting last week I picked things up again, back on a nice exercise routine (also adding in more low-level activity which I was short on), cut back on alcohol, and am even somewhat trying Jack Kruse's Leptin Reset plan. Will keep you posted!

                        Current stats are 168 pounds, 19.2% body fat. 4th tightest belt notch out of 5 (was at the loosest when I started). Free weights settings (I use the methods from the Happy Body book though not nearly as much frequency) at 5-12-20-25 pounds.


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                          I was a veggie for 18 years and during that time I did the vegan run for about 2 years.I started eating meat about 4 years ago after I had my child and was breast feeding for 2 years..felt I needed the extra protein..was weird to go back but I loved it and I am happy I eat meat..I have always tried to eat meat that's organic right from the start.Good luck on your primal journey!


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                            Primal combined with Dr Jack Kruse's Leptin Reset have worked wonders! I'm done with the reset now. Here are my stats from when I switched from vegan to Primal as well as more recently starting the LR:

                            HTML Code:
                            date        lbs.  body fat    waist size     notes
                            ==========  ===   =====       ===            ==================
                            04/10/2011  192   22.5%       38"            started Primal lifestyle
                            09/04/2011  170   19.6%       34"            started LR      
                            09/12/2011  168   19.2%       33"
                            09/27/2011  162   18.2%       32"            more strict LR, less exercise
                            11/05/2011  156   16.6%       31"            finished LR
                            While switching from vegan to Primal was certainly effective, my fat loss really accelerated to more than twice the rate once I switched to LR. I made about as much progress the 2 months I've been on LR as the 5 months before that I was on primal (not to mention it is more typical for progress to get slower and slower the closer you get to optimal body fat %).

                            I'll continue following this thread and Dr. K's blog as I'm interested in other aspects of health and longevity too. Keep up the great work everyone!