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Starting to deevolve physically, evolve mentally

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  • Starting to deevolve physically, evolve mentally

    I started primal two days ago and have already lost three pounds of water weight. Loved the Primal Blueprint book and I've been recommending it to people who I think would benefit from it, or at least be receptive.

    I love carbs, but we can't get along. It's a bad relationship I need to quit. I feel bloated and lethargic after eating bread or rice, even though I love them, but I'd rather feel good during the 95% of my day when I'm not pounding food into my gullet. There are some pros and cons to going primal for me personally:

    Pros: I've known for a while now that I need more protein. I'm looking to replace about 10lbs of fat with muscle. I love vegetables and I avoid processed food anyway (I'm scared to death of modern diseases). I love cooking for myself and I'm pretty good with willpower. I have been trying to eat more fish and this diet will really propel my workouts and Muay Thai training.

    Cons: I will miss you, delicious bagel breakfasts. I can't bring myself to enjoy fatty meat... I strongly prefer a filet to a short rib. I may have some trouble getting past my aversion to fat.

    At some point three years ago, I was 5'7" and 180lbs. I lost 40lbs through a combination of starving myself and exercising 6 days a week. It worked, I lost the weight, but battled an eating disorder afterward because I couldn't eat like a human being (not a junk food monster) without gaining the weight back. While I'm maintaining my current weight of about 138-140, I'm also getting serious about nutrition and body composition and while I'm not looking to obsess over the mirror or the scale or the tape measure, I really want a lifestyle that doesn't require me to count calories. I realize now that I'm not going to get my six pack by eating an 800-calorie-a-day diet of 90% bread, regardless of how much exercise I get.

    So here's my first journal entry!

    Today I had cottage cheese and some fruit (mostly berries) for breakfast, larb gai chicken (minced meat with onions in lettuce wraps) and a turkey sandwich for lunch (I know it has bread, I'm just finishing the bread I bought last week, then I'm done) and dinner will be some leftover soup I made yesterday (chicken, swiss chard, garlic and ginger). My coworkers laughed at me today because they think the primal diet is a "fad".

    Tomorrow there is a cookout at work, so I'm hoping for some serious meat!!

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    $10 sez that aversion to fat goes away....


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      After a week without grains, yeah, I will probably devour a bucket of lard


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        The fat thing was the hardest thing for me to accept. If you can't take the fatty meats yet (I've come to prefer them) get some coconut manna and go to town. Coconut Cream Concentrate - Tropical Traditions or Goes on sale periodically.
        Wheat is the new tobacco. Spread the word.


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          That's an awesome suggestion. I'll look for some at the store today! Looks like coconut is the miracle fruit around here. That's cool.


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            Breakfast: Greek yogurt
            Snack: four out of six cheese-and-peanut-butter-crackers. It was the last one in the box. I ate four and felt guilty so I threw the last two away. Not buying any more.
            Lunch: Two hot dogs and one (high quality) bratwurst link, no buns, spicy mustard, onions sautéed in butter, remnants of a tiny salad
            Dinner: Rest of my chicken/garlic/ginger/swiss chard soup.

            I probably need to be eating more calories overall and I'm still trying to un-warp my brain in terms of "fat is bad" "low-cal is good" but I'm trying. I'm keeping track of my carb intake, which in the past could be REALLY high. Today it is 46g which is a big improvement. I'm going to try to update this journal daily until being primal comes more naturally.
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              Day Three...
              I finally got enough time to go Primal Grocery Shopping and I was actually surprised at the amount of ingredients I found at the conventional grocery store. Picked up some coconut oil, coconut milk, almond butter, almond oil (because it was there), nuts and some dried fruit, avocados, and raw honey. Haven't seen a bill that high in quite some time. Great, now I'm that hippie douche looking at the ingredients at all the boxes in the organic aisle. I made Mark's recipe for sweet & salty trail mix last night and it is DELICIOUS! I'm looking forward to making a pan of his primal energy bars for my trip to Iceland next month. We're going on a 5 day hike (8 hours of hiking per day) and I'd like to make sure I eat as primal as possible without starving.

              The good from yesterday: I had a ton of energy and strength. I paired up with a big dude at Muay Thai training last night and we kicked the shit out of one another. It was awesome.
              The bad from yesterday: My stomach was very, very angry. I would love to be 100% primal right now, but I am definitely going to have to make a more gradual descent into primal living.

              I've been doing a ton of reading around the forums and honestly, I'm discouraged. This sounds like a great way to live for men, but the women here seem to really struggle with it, at least for a long time. I'm afraid of gaining weight, feeling bloated, losing energy. Someone said in a post yesterday that women need to completely eliminate fruit and nuts from their diet - I'm screwed if this is the case. Right now I'm focusing on a short-term goal of making protein the main part of my diet, and cutting carbs to 40-80g. This alone is a huge change for me.

              I've planned out my meals for the day and this looks to be the macronutrient sum. I will aim to get some more protein today if possible:
              calories: 1,176
              carbs: 80g
              fat: 65g
              protein: 73g
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                Day four...
                Breakfast: Some kefir yogurtymilksubstance, macadamia nuts
                Lunch: Big ass salad with chicken
                Snack: Beef jerky and some of the homemade sweet and salty trail mix (so damn good)
                Dinner: Chicken kabobs with onions and peppers marinated in raw honey, olive oil, spices

                I'm starting to really enjoy jerky, so I'm going to buy a bunch of all-natural no-sugar-added beef/buffalo jerky online. This is another small step into the world of enjoying protein as a snack. No grains today at all. I've gained about a pound so far but I feel okay.


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                  I've been doing a ton of reading around the forums and honestly, I'm discouraged. This sounds like a great way to live for men, but the women here seem to really struggle with it, at least for a long time.
                  Actually, there are plenty of us who don't struggle--we just don't post a lot of "Help me, I've hit a plateau" threads.
                  Feel free to check out my PB journal.
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                    Thanks!! That is enlightening. I will definitely check out your journal.


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                      I'll second that - I am a female who doesnt struggle at all, feel great, stable weight. and I eat some dairy, dark chocolate, red wine and even a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee each morning. I love this way of eating - I love not feeling hungry for hours and hous after eating. I even have mental clarity and energy in the late afternoon. There can be times when my female hormones are clamoring for sweets, when i am hungrier than usual due to PMS - but I had all that before I went primal. It's true, estrogen and progesterone cause some water retention and weight gain and increase appetite when they are high, but that doesn't negate he benefits of primall eating and living.


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                        I truly appreciate the input, especially from supportive women who are successful with this lifestyle!

                        Day five...
                        Insanely hectic day.
                        Breakfast: Boring-ass yogurt
                        Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken and almonds
                        Snack: Beef jerky, (high fat, no added sugars), some of my trail mix
                        Dinner: Boyfriend wanted to get BBQ after a concert so I got two pieces of jerk chicken (with skin!) and green beans sauteed in butter

                        Damn I'm eating a lot of chicken. Haven't eaten any grains in a few days and there is some water weight right now but I'm still feeling fine. It's day six and I don't think a one pound gain is bad at all. If it makes any sense, my body composition "feels" good - I have gained some water weight (you can feel it beneath your musculature) but I feel like I'm pinching slightly less fat around my abdomen. Clothes fit about the same but I don't expect results (especially good ones) within one week.

                        For my own embarrassment I'm posting a "before" picture I took a couple of days ago so that I have a frame of reference. I'm okay with how my arms look, but I have some belly and thigh (mercifully not pictured) fat that I would like to get rid of. I've been doing serious core exercises for four years now - know I've got abs under there, I want to be able to see them!


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                          It's been a week. I'm sick. Hey, I thought Grok was supposed to have a superior immune system?
                          Seeing as how I have no appetite today, and not up to getting any serious exercise, I may try IF.
                          Yesterday I had half an avocado, cottage cheese, organic Mexican beef stew (I picked out the corn kernels), a piece of delicious Manchego cheese (life without cheese would suck), three all natural andouille sausages with salsa and some dried apricots for dinner. That's what I eat when I can't go to kickboxing on an empty stomach and I don't have time to make anything complicated.
                          Much-needed self-esteem picture: I like the look of arms after punching someone for an hour. I don't care about looking bulky, at least in that area.

                          I'm still not sure about a goal weight. I'm starting at 140 and went up one pound to 141. I originally planned on 130 but maybe I'll figure out a way to get an accurate bf% instead.


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                            I've been sick with a stupid cold and I stayed home from work because I hadn't slept in three nights. Yesterday I had zero appetite and didn't eat much of anything at all. Today I skipped breakfast and finally got hungry around noon.
                            Lunch was a salad of fresh spinach, half a red and half a green bell pepper, balsamic and olive oil
                            Ate a handful of almonds and tried out some jerky I got in the mail
                            Dinner was carne asada with peppers and onions

                            I weighed in this morning just under 140. So after 8 days, no weight gain, no carb cravings, but I do have a shitty cold so I've been eating less. We'll see how long this lasts. I'm in love with dried meat. And yes I will marry it, thank you.


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                              I'm feeling better. I was wondering for a while if my illness was the infamous "carb flu" but it really is just a cold.

                              I'm also down to 139.2 on the scale which doesn't seem like much of a drop, but it's the lowest I've seen in two months, and after more than a week of primal eating, it means I've only lost weight, not gained. That is probably due to the fact that I've been eating relatively little because I haven't had much of an appetite. I haven't noticed any significant physical changes except the fact that I don't feel bloated after eating anymore. Ladies, you know how it feels; you look in the mirror after eating grains and you just LOOK bigger. So that's an improvement. I'm also feeling like my body isn't reacting badly to the change, which is more than I hoped for.

                              I made a sauteéd zucchini with olive oil and ate a larabar for dinner last night because I had to work and couldn't go shopping. Lunch yesterday was some chicken panang curry, no rice. Just delicious coconut.

                              My goal is to get as close to 100% as possible because in five weeks I'll be in Iceland and when I'm traveling, I love to eat the local food. I am going to take some primal snacks with me for the hiking, breakfasts, and the plane flight, and I don't plan on eating bakery goods. Iceland is known for delicious meat and fish which is great, but we're also determined to get delicious pizza and fish&chips. So right now I'm aiming for 100% (120%?) rather than 80/20.