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    Day 9: May 22nd 2011

    Forgot to make my goals.. but i decided to stop counting calories early. So no more obsessive counting for ME.

    Meal 1: apple sausage, meatball, a tiny amount of steak and chicken (Samples at Costco!). 4ish oz of chicken breast, 1/4cup macadamia nuts, 1 tbs almond butter, small amount of coconut flakes

    Meal 2: TON of hamburger meat, like three whole patties. sauteed onions (coconut oil) and fruit salad, avocado, 20ish pistachios


    Assessment: Pretty lazy day and i ate a bunch. Meal 1 & 2 blended together = grazing. meh . I'm a little dissapointed in my day but i stuck to my whole 30 at least. two days down 28 to go! Ate about 1,700 calories
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      Day 10: May 23rd 2011

      third day of Whole 30, 1/10 of the way done yeah!! Haha

      Goals: Eat three meals, No snacking/grazing/binging whatsoever. Listen to my hunger, stick to my whole30.

      Meal 1: 1 hamburger patty, ,radish soup, macadamia nuts

      Meal 2: one hamburger patty, 20ish pistachios, spoonful almond butter,

      Meal 3: Pork Chops, broccoli, salad w/ homemade dressing, blueberries

      Exercise: Cheer, stretching

      Assessment: Good day, fasted the whole day during school . Not very much exercise though..stuck to Whole 30! 26 days left until bacon,mmmmm. Ate about ~1,100 calories.. good jumpstart for my week i guess! only like 30g carbs i'd guess.
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        Week of May 23rd Workout Schedule

        Monday :cheer

        Tuesday: Gym, 30min-60min light cardio, abs, arms

        Wednesday: Cheer, lunges

        Thursday: Gym

        Friday/Saturday/Sunday: LHT, rest and undetermined
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          Day 11: May 24th 2011

          Goals: To go to the gym and do some light cardio and ab workouts, then go to school track and do lunges. Keep my intake above 1,200 but under 1,600 today. No binging, but macadamia nuts as snack at school

          Meal 1: 5 ⅓ oz pork chops, broccoli w/ salt

          Meal 2: (A TON)5oz Pork chops, macadamia nuts, radish soup, almond butter, 1 fried egg in coconut oil, 6 pistachios, TWO orange AND one apple, 2oz chicken breast... this was from 4pm-6pm, can you say grazing?

          Exercise: 30min cardio, abs, 10 push-ups,stretching

          Assessment: OMG i ate so much fruit today, i wasn't even hungry. Blood oranges are just sooo damn delicious. Haha and i mega overdosed on nuts today. I only ate about ~1500 calories though so congratzs? haha about to go to the gym i plan on getting a light workout in and i''ll go sit in the sauna probably, but theres tornado warnings so we will see? Going out to lunch tomorrow

          Tomorrow is going to be a meat and veggie day, no nuts,no fruits, no nutin unveggie or unmeatish at all!!
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            Day 12: May 25th 2011

            Meal 1: BAS with salmon

            Meal 2: guacamole,chicken breast,broccoli,pumpkin seeds, 2 eggs fried in CO,2 apples

            Exercise: 1 hour tumbling/jumping

            Assessment: Aww nuts, i ate fruit. Today i STRUGGLED to eat 1,300 calories, and the two apples were my last hope because i was so sick of veggies and meat by then and no nuts today, i still kept my carbs under 100g though…so thats good. I'm dissapointed though because i promised myself i wouldn't eat fruit, but it was dire, i was about to heat up some bacon! I don't look any skinnier but my face has cleared up a ton and i feel really good besides being tired alot (mostly from school). Only four more days of school. Have cheer tonight, i'm kinda full from Meal number 2, which took place over an hour and a half, yikes as usual. I really need to stop gorging myself to make up calories, i'm terrified of eating to much AND too little..what to do? Whenever i try and evenly space my calories out i end up binging and night. Is it awful if i eat 1000+ calories at once?

            Tomorrow is a No Fruit day.
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              Day 13: May 26th 2011

              Totally ate fruit..alot of fruit.

              Meal 1: Macadamia nuts,apple,1 egg fried in CO, pumpkin seeds

              Meal 2: BAS with chicken breast and one hardboiled egg

              Meal 3:Walnuts, TONS of dried fruit, stir fry (chicken and veggies in EVOO), Delight trail mix (cranberries,seeds,almonds,raisins)

              Exercise: 10min walking,abs,sauna

              Assessment: Holy crap, i counted again today and i ate SO much. TONS OF FAT AND CARBS= not good. At least i went to the gym for as tiny bit, and i didn't snack it was all during meal times. I think when i eat 3 meals i get really uncontrolled? Weird..


              Calories/Ratios Grams: ~1,550 calories, Fat: 80.2g, 16.6g saturated, 45%. Carbs: 131.6g, 22.3g fiber, 84.8g sugar, 33%. Protein: 89.1g, 22%
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                Day 14: May 27th 2011

                Almost a week of Whole30, it really has been easy and i feel so good. I'm allowing myself more fruit to make up for the lack of other foods right now but i've gotten out of control with consumption in my opinion so...

                Goals: No fruit today, eat under 1,500 calories, Stretch really well. only eat three meals spaced at least five hours apart

                Meal 1: (6:30am) Brussels sprouts,chicken breast, one tbs coconut oil, one clove garlic,5 pistachios, cup macadamia nuts

                Meal 2: (12pm)Chicken stir fry (chicken breast,mixed veggies,olive oil,garlic,salt,pepper)yum!

                Meal 3: (4:30) Pork Hickory seasoned back ribs, pumpkin seeds,almonds, Mrs.Mays Almond Crunch( basically clumps of sweetened almond)

                Exercise: Stretching

                Assessment: So, i didn't eat any fruit, but i ate like 1,760 calories..yikes. and my 2nd and 3rd meal where only like 4:30hours apart How did i manage to rack up my calories so high if i didn't eat fruit?? I think breakfast is the culprit. Whenever i eat a small/no breakfast my budget stays in range but if i eat 350+ calories for breakfast i eat so much the rest of the day… But WOW my ratios are awesomeeeee today!!

                Calories/Ratios/grams: ~1,750 calories Fats: 130.7g, 32,9g saturated, 64% Carbs: 55.7g,21.6g fiber, 10g sugar!, 12%Proteins: 108.9g, 24%
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                  Day 15: May 28th 2011

                  Day 8 of Whole 30, no nuts besides my larabar!!

                  Meal 1: Tender Flank steak,romaine lettuce, 1/2 hardboiled egg, tons of dried fruit + a larabar

                  Meal 2: Sweet potato w/ cinnamon,stevia and idk what else

                  Exercise: Swimming

                  Assessment: A Super duper high carb day. But i kept my fat low for this day, hopefully i don't blow up tomorrow

                  Calories/Ratios/Grams: ~934 calories Fat: 23.6g, 10g saturated, 22%. Carbs: 146.2g, 23.2g fiber, 426g sugar, 60%. Protein: 44.2g, 18%
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                    Shut, i ate a larabar and a ton of grapes and berries waahh. Not putting it in but my carb count is probs around 230g and ~1200 calories
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                      Day 16: May 29th 2011

                      Day 9 of Whole30...this is going by slowly.

                      Meal 1: 1 hardboiled egg, ribs, macadamia nuts and asparagus

                      Meal 2: Chicken Stir Fry

                      Meal 3: Ham and cabbage soup( I might have had a bite of potato by accident i think...oh well i'm not counting it as a mess up because it was accidental and potatoes are a food...)

                      Exercise: Wakeboarding

                      Assessment: I ate alot considering i sat around most of the day. But i made good decisions and avoided fruit! Really good ratios on my foods even though they probably are not completely accurate...

                      Im already planning my celebratory meal after Whole 30, LOL. 21 days left.

                      Tomorrow i won't eat any fruit again. I Feel better without it,mentally

                      Calories/Ratios/Grams: ~1,650 caloriesFats:118.7g, 28.4g saturated, 65% Carbs: 52.7g, 17g fiber, 8,9g sugar, 13%Proteins: 92.7g, 22%
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                        Day 17: May 30th 2011

                        Goals: Okay, it is day 10 on Whole 30 and i don't feel any different, i'm obviously not doing something right. So from today for the remaining 2/3 of my Whole 30 I am cutting out nuts and fruits. Except for June 13-18th (going to a three day camp). I feel like the fruits are inducing cravings...are just unecessary with all the goodness i CAN eat. And unfortunatly, i just realized my ham is cured-doh and it haas brown sugar...i'm not supposed to be eating sugar! I also don't think i want a after-whole30 binge, that would defeat the purpose, what was i thinking??

                        1. No more fruits until June 13th and after June 18th till June 21st.
                        2. Start going on daily walks
                        3. Eat Only when hungry, i've been having problems with this
                        4. NO GUM CHEWING. This has been an unecessary habit i cannot kick
                        5. Be strict on your diet. i can do this
                        6. No Sugar, unless it is naturally in my foods.
                        7. Try to wean myself of face wash ( lol but my skin doesn't need the nasty chemicals anyways)

                        Meal 1: 3 eggs( only 1 yolk), ham cooked in EVOO, broccoli roasted in olive oil

                        Meal 2: Pulled pork w/carrots and seasoning, pistachios & walnuts

                        Exercise: nothing...

                        Assessment: 1. Cured ham..): Otherwise a pretty good day

                        Calories/Ratios/Grams: ~1,350 calories Carbs: 49g,22g fiber,18g sugar, 14% Fats: 86g,15.5g saturated, 55%Proteins: 110g, 31%

                        Edit: Went crazy and had most of one hardboiled egg, coconut shavings AND a few nuts. I'm not sure that i'm more suprised this is now what i consider a binge instead of zone bars,shit ton of nuts, chocolate, etc. Or that i'm really depressed i ate it all. I was ravenous
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                          Day 18: May 31st 2011

                          The first day of End of Year exams…Day 11 Whole 30

                          Meal 1: 2 eggs, spinach and mushroom sauteed in CO, coconut shreds

                          Meal 2:Lots of coconut, broccoli,chicken,lobster, brussel sprouts,asparagus

                          Meal 3: Some chicken and salad leaves (went out to eat, it was disgusting!)

                          Exercise: None...

                          Assessment: Ate way to much considering all i am doing is studying, i am eating to much coconut, so i think i need to lay off it for awhile. And Holy crap my ratios are terrible- to much protein,too much saturated fat, too much carbs yikess.

                          No coconut,nuts,or fruit tomorrow

                          Calories/Ratios/Grams:~1,400 calories Fats: 73.4g, 44g saturated(wow!), 44% Carbs: 54.8g,29.5g fiber, 24.4g sugar, 15%Proteins: 151.3g, 41%
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                            Day 19: June 1st 2011

                            Wow, i look if anything, fatter, and i am eating so good and not doing that much wrong..):. Day 12 of Whole 30. I want chocolate, i wonder if it is allowed...

                            Goals: Avoid nuts,fruits and coconut today. So veggies,meat,eggs! fun. Also, try not to graze like i've been doing, three set meal times.

                            Meal 1: 3 eggs

                            Meal 2:

                            Meal 3:



                            Calories/Ratios/Grams: Fats: Carbs: Proteins:
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                              Day 36: June 18th 2011

                              I really fell off the wagon this summer so far. I binged and binged and went to camp and binged some more. I really need to get back on track. i Ate OVER 2500 yesterday and im so sick of it. I realized i really need to weigh myself and keep track of what i am doing. I look so much fatter from just ONE month, how did i do this to myself??? I gained 4 pounds in 20-ish days . Well, i'm committed to the rest of the summer, i can do this! I'm just so depressed with my body right now.

                              Height: 5'2
                              Waist:27 ⅛
                              Belly Button:31

                              Goals: Eat very low calorie (just today). Workout well. Stretch a ton

                              Meal 1: Green Smoothie (whey protein, spinach,arugula,berries)

                              Meal 2: Cucumber with salt

                              Exercise: 1hr Cycle class


                              Calories/Ratios/Grams: ~800 caloriesFats: 37.9g,22.2g saturated, 41%Carbs:64g, 13.5g fiber, 35.6g sugar, 31% Proteins: 58.5g,28%
                              "When the climb gets tough, imagine the view from the top"

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                                Lauren, are you still here?
                                well then