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  • Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
    Wow... that's just amazing. It does make you appreciative. As bad as life can suck sometimes, it could sure be worse.

    I'm glad you had a great time, and you're doing something really awesome. <3

    And I firmly believe being too busy to be online is a GOOD thing.
    What she said!
    My primal journal


    • New blog post on the TJ house build: idyllicmuse | journey to your dreams

      Warning: there is religious content in this blog so if you are offended by that, don't go in and read it!


      • OMG <3<3<3

        I absolutely love it, and I hope to get the chance to do something as amazing. The houses sound familiar. I used to listen to Mike Gallagher (talk radio host) and he does a lot of charity work. One of the things I remember him doing was raising a bunch of money to build 15 of these houses in Jamaica. The people were so touched, just to have a house with a floor, an actual door and windows. It's so humbling. Sometimes I wish I could be content with so much!

        *big hug*

        I'm so proud of you, and am so inspired. <3


        • Aw thanks, DR! I'm so glad you are touched by this It's true that they are so happy with so little. I forgot to put in there that the mother kept clapping her hands and saying Pretty Pretty, and was crying over it. Everytime I feel like complaining about something, I think of her.

          Big hugs back to you!


          • Hi there. Wow, my last post was a year ago! How's everyone doing?


            • Well, it's time I came back to primal. I've been away awhile and I don't feel well! Shame on me :-) Attempting to transition back with the eating. Exercise is good. Never seem to have an issue with that. Just the eating! I have a business trip to take this week and that will be difficult because they will be feeding us. Will make the best choices possible and then when I get back go full board.

              Just saw an email that US Wellness Meats has a ground beef sale. 25 pounds for $130!

              Hope everyone is well. Haven't looked around much yet to see who's here.

              Edited to say that I think I will start a fresh journal instead of using this one. Will post a link to the new one when I get it done.


              • I think I'm too lazy to start a new journal. It seems like an impossible task right now.

                Cleaned up my eating beginning this past Saturday. Spent yesterday on the couch with a migraine all day. Crap food withdrawals? Most certainly. Feeling better today but slightly lethargic and headachey. Leaving tomorrow for business trip and have done no planning for plane food. Unfortunately it will take approximately 13 hours to get to my destination so there will be hunger in there somewhere.