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    One thing I have not started doing yet is follow the PB exercise plan. I have been walking for a while, but even that has fallen to the wayside in the past several weeks. I am in the midst of a move, which is taking up a lot of space in my head and time during the day. I am clearing out and selling a lot of stuff I no longer need or want. My son is also leaving for his first year at college at the end of this week. These would normally be huge triggers for me as far as my eating disorder went. Right now, if I was still in it, I would be exhausted JUST from bingeing on sugar and carbs. Instead I feel overwhelmed and fearful, but grounded and well nourished. I am trying to take one day at a time and get something done everyday that helps me to move forward.

    I really miss my walks, but I just can't put any pressure on myself to fit them into my day. Move date is Sept 1, so I know that I can start up again after that. In the meantime, with PB, I can maintain my weight without exercise. Feeling healthy during times of overwhelm is a new experience for me.

    I am also making sure to get to the beach every several days-even if it is only for a few hours-so I can rest and get away from it all.

    The other amazing thing is that I am sleeping really well!!

    Thanks PB


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      Throwing away and selling all my fat clothes. Huzzah!

      cleaning out TONS of stuff before my move-selling and donating. Found a box with some old pairs of jeans-my son asked me if they were my skinny jeans. YES, they were, packed away for 6 years!! I tried them on and they fit!

      even a pair of vintage CK Jeans: "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins" Haha.

      PB for LIFE!!


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        Tasty dinner: mini burgers with different cheese toppings: brie and fennel, mozzarella with crushed red peppers and oregano, and blue cheese.
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          I just discovered I am allergic to almond butter!!!!! now what???? of course I have been eating a lot of it lately-snacking. will stop for a little while and then try it to see what happens

          and today I had peanut butter cookies. Definitely NOT primal. first time in 3 months. they weren't even that good! well, now I know what I am NOT missing.
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            I have had a busy week and have not been able to get on the forum and check in to fitday. I am finding that the lack of commitment (to fitday especially) is not a good thing for me. entering my food and weight into fitday is such an asset to my day-not doing it makes me feel imbalanced. I still too young in the PB to know where I stand with my protein, fat and carb intake, and fitday helps me to keep that on track. I really value the tool. and I need to use it!