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40 by 40 - a primal experiment

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  • 40 by 40 - a primal experiment

    40 by 40, the title…

    So, that’s my goal: lose 40 pounds by my 40th birthday, using baby steps to the primal blueprint as my guide. As I’m very overweight I’m hoping this isn’t too ambitious a goal. (My birthday is just after Thanksgiving.) Input, anyone? I am a nursing mom with 3 kids, and I’m a sugar/carb fiend. It’s getting to be too much, and time for a change.

    I’m starting this record to keep track for myself, as well as to get encouragement and ass-kickings when necessary. My main goals will be:

    1. Eliminate straight up sugar from my diet—difficult for me, but when I’ve done it before for long spells, I felt GREAT.
    2. Slowly curtail grains, eliminating from my diet first by cutting back, particularly bread.
    3. Focus on getting more slow exercise and getting more sleep.

    I'm planning to weigh in once a week or so. I will allow myself a (singular) birthday treat at the birthday celebrations of my family, and I will begin a tally of days without sugar. As I’m writing this at night, here I am! Day one without sugar. (And no grains today--the zeal of a beginner...)
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    f/39, start date baby steps primal May 17, 2011
    start weight: 215, goal: lose 40 lbs by my 40th birthday (end of Nov)