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Super secret ninja journal: Preparing for Tough Mudder

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    Biked roughly 14 miles today. Stress-ate the shit out of everything because the puppy was being a dickbag as were the cats. Oop. Also, GI issues are fuuuuuuun.


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      Squat: 3X5, 105
      Press(push): 3X5, 55

      7 rounds for time:
      7 One arm KB power snatch (RT)
      7 One arm KB power snatch (LT)
      7 Strict pull ups

      Not tracking, TOM and don't need that mental shiz right now.


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        Hergle, blergle, cramps are ten times worse this time around which led to yesterday ending in vomiting and pooping my brains out. Which pretty much killed any attempt to do a workout. However, I did tons of walking for work before things went south, so +1 for that.

        Working on eating whatever will stay down and allow the pills to do their magic.


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          Hey Unsuperb, thanks for the great idea about entering a Tough Mudder. I found out on their site that they are starting one here in San Diego next year. The closest one used to be LA which made it easier to say nah, don't think so. So, I pre-registered. I think this will be a good kick in rear to do my upper body workouts more consistently. I'm good about walking and sprinting but I've been letting the arms lag. But you need arm strength to get over those obstacles.

          I hope you are feeling better soon.


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            Starting to feel better after monthly hormone poisoning bout. However, super sleep deprived today after making an impromptu decision to make a day trip down to the Shakespeare Festival and driving back after the evening play.

            Food was roughly on target, though I didn't track.

            Spent a lot of time hiking around with a friend and the dahgs (though, I took them on separate hikes to build more confidence in the puppy and get some one on one time with my "old" gal) .


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              Eats went well today and somehow I managed not to inhale the batch of blueberry scones left at work (the same could not be said of the batch of zucchini bread that was left last week). Win! However, I'm plagued by this horrible fatigue that leads me to not do much in the way of activities. I managed biking to work and back and then taking the dahgs out on training walks, but that's about it (which is somehow mentally exhausting for all involved). Suck. I want to find my 1 rep maxes and start up with ol' Wendler again.


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                Originally posted by unsuperb View Post
                ...10 Lateral Burpees over the bar
                This sounds so awful/amazing I had to google to see how it's done. Now I can't wait for my bum knee to get its act together so I can flail around ungracefully and elicit awkward stares from passerby.
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