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  • Primal Journal ~* Diana Renata *~

    Ok, I'm gonna give this a go, even though I tend to start things and not finish them. That's why I have a non-existant blog- LOL.

    B: 3-egg spinach omelet

    L: 2 pork chops w/ marinara sauce

    1/2 cucumber w/ spicy brown mustard

    D: Was going to IF, but...

    2 large meadow mushrooms, 3 pickled eggs, some hazelnuts and a handfull of raisins I found in the fridge. Talk about foraging.

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    Great to see you posting!

    M x


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      Good stuff Diana. Nice to see you have eaten your mushrooms, they looked really tasty!


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        Hey Diana, so cool that you foraged your own mushrooms. I have mushrooms growing in the common area of my condo complex and have been eyeballing them. BUT it's an area where dog owners bring their pets to do their business so I don't think I'll be going out there and munching on those. Ew! Did you cook your foraged mushrooms or did you eat them raw? Just curious.


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          Hey, I made it two days in a row. Not bad.

          Didn't feel like doing much at the gym, so I just played on the elliptical for a while as I watched Fox & Friends.

          3 eggs scrambled w/ spinach, cajun seasoning

          Chocolate protein powder w/ water. (Not bad actually. Had a weird craving for it.)

          2 pork chops w/ diced apple

          Salmon salad w/ a whole bag of frozen cauliflower

          Green & Black's 85% cacao chocolate and 2 glasses of merlot

          ************************************************** **

          @DCK- I lightly sauted the mushrooms in some butter, just enough to soften them up and enhance flavor.


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            Wow... that was a short night. I didn't get to sleep until midnight, and my eyes were wide awake by 5:00. I've gotten very good at setting my internal alarm clock to wake me between 4:30 and 5:00. Too good maybe.

            It's finally been nice enough outside to leave my windows open all night, which makes for a GREAT night's sleep. Not to mention waking naturally with the birds. I just wish my bedroom was on the east side of my apartment so I got the morning sun. When I get a new place, that's one thing I'm going to look for.

            Got up too late to get to the gym before I gotta take my car to the shop, plus my calves ache so bad. I've been stretching and massaging them, but they really make me not want to do anything. Maybe when I feel more awake and ambitious I'll play with some push-ups and stuff. At least I can work my core and upper body.

            Since I didn't IF the other day, I might do that today. I haven't decided yet. I don't feel hungry yet, so we'll see what happens if/when I do, and what I'm doing at the time.


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              Yeah, I'm already sorta slacking on this thing. I guess my life is so routine that it seems kinda pointless to document the same thing over and over.

              I did end up spending a lot of time at my parents' house this weekend, which meant I ended up missing my gym, and I do miss it. We went out to eat a couple times in the last two days and I'm really proud of myself how well I behaved around food. Yesterday we went to the Chinese buffet and I got the mongolian stir fry. I love being able to pick out my own fresh veggies and meat, and watching them cook it. Fruit for dessert, though a little on the sweet side.

              Today I went up to Ithaca to the farmers' market. Ended up doing a little wine tasting, and I got to try some vegan ice cream, made with cashew and coconut milk. I split it with my mom and I was surprised that she ate something healthy, AND liked it! My brother suggested some chicken joint for dinner. Needless to say it wasn't good. The closest thing to veggies they had were onion rings and cabbage salad. I ended up getting 1/2 a chicken and some cabbage salad. It was adequate at best. I really was tempted to IF since I'd pretty much snacked all day, but I really didn't need to hear any judgement from the family who already thinks I'm "too thin."

              I haven't really seen my brother much in the last several months. I swear he asked me four times over the last couple of days, "So you don't eat ANY bread? Really, none?" He just can't wrap his brain around the idea- lol.

              On the upside, I got some great stuff today. Blueberries, cherries, oyster mushrooms, a stevia plant, some lamb kidneys, and some raw grass-fed cheese.


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                Good day. Did some mild cardio this morning at the gym. I wasn't really in the mood to do any lifting.

                B: 3 eggs, scrambled with spinach

                L: Pork chop, cauliflower, snap peas

                S: Blueberries and almonds

                D: Fall fish, fiddleheads w/ oyster mushrooms and onions

                S: Cherries

                Ate more fruit and produce than I allowed myself last week. I may alternate high produce/low produce weeks. Still working the fat off.

                Went for a walk after work, trying to think of stuff I can do outside while getting some sun. I don't have a yard to do yard work, and the landscape is really quite boring. Chased a couple robins. Even the squirrels were nowhere to be seen. Sort of a bummer.

                And WTF is with all the flies in my apartment all of a sudden? Ugh.


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                  I did pretty good tooday. Not getting up as easily this week after staying up way too late and sleeping too late all weekend. Got to the gym and had a good workout. It could have been better. There are way too many people there for my liking. Maybe I should go earlier, if I can get myself to wake up earlier without an alarm.

                  Breakfast was 3 eggs scrambled with spinach, and some marinara on top. Pork chop with snap peas and cauliflower for lunch again, along with blueberries and almonds. I'd planned on making lamb kidneys for dinner but ended up going to the laundromat. I stopped and grabbed a salad at a local diner with a gift certificate I forgot I had. I forgot to tell them to hold the croutons. It was a real pain picking them out. Otherwise, it was a fantastic spinach salad.

                  I think I'm going to try to turn in early so I can get to the gym early, and beat the crowd.


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                    Wow, what a week so far.

                    So... I bought a new car. Actually, I haven't bought it yet. I have to drive up to Rochester on Monday to seal the deal.

                    Yesterday I was so frazzled. I completely forgot about preparing lunch for today. I really want to eat WELL this week, so there was no way I was going to IF. Not this week. I stopped at Wegman's on the way home from the gym to grab a chicken but they wouldn't be ready til after 9. I have to be to work by 8:30. No go. Sooo... I bought a split chicken and fried it up myself real quick. Now I have a whole chicken to eat.

                    Eggs and spinach for breakfast again this morning. Topped it with some salsa. Crap... I'm out of spinach. Gotta think of something else for breakfast tomorrow to go with the eggs. Lunch was 1/4 chicken with broccoli.

                    Dinner, I am really impressed with myself. I made lamb kidneys with fiddleheads, oyster mushrooms and onions in a red wine reduction sauce. I'm not a huge fan of kidneys- very liver like. The fiddleheads and mushrooms were fantastic though.

                    My workout was just cardio today. Back to the weights tomorrow. I really need to get motivated to do more work OFF the machines. Tried some crawls... they're harder than I imagined.

                    Sorta looking forward to getting back to cutting carbs next week and bumping up the weight loss. I figure if I alternate weeks that'll be good, and I won't get quite so bored. One week eat 75-100g carbs, then the next drop it down to just under 50g. I noticed I have more appetite when I eat more carbs. I'm going to have to watch myself.


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                      Sounds like your are on the right track Diana and are very daring with the kidneys, I give my cat raw chicken livers and am nearly at the stage of trying them myself (don’t worry she gets organic free range livers, only the best for her!) but still at that stage of worrying that I will overcook them and they will be rubbery or undercook and be too metallic tasting…argh what’s a girl to do!

                      Definitely get back into lifting weights, what do you need to do to get motivated to get back into lifting?

                      By the way congrats on the new car!


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                        Thanks! I had fun with the weights today.

                        Oh, chicken livers are yummy! Give them a try. I had an aunt who would make the best chicken livers and gizzards for Christmas. They were SO good.

                        So I ate a bit more than I normally would today. 3 eggs scrambled, cooked in some leftover chicken fat, topped with salsa. Then as a snack at work I had 1/4 cup of raisins with 1/4 cup of almonds. Lunch was 1/4 chicken (breast and wing) with broccoli.

                        Dinner was really good. I'm really starting to like cooking with red wine. I sauted some fox meat and brussels sprouts with it and it turned out great. I could have gone for some onions but didn't think to grab any at the store.

                        I picked up a 100% chocolate bar and some almond butter for Father's Day. My mom's having my sister get a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting for my dad. It's his favorite. I'd love to indulge but last time we had cake I felt really crappy, so I think I'm going to have my own dessert while everybody else has cake.

                        I got to try 2 new things in the last couple days. Almond butter and raw, grass-fed cheese. I'm not used to spending so much money on food, but it really is worth it. They're both to die for!


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                          Diana, do tell about the fox meat- I'm intrigued. Where did you get it and how did it taste (gamey?)

                          I'm still on the hunt for some almond butter that I can afford. Kudos to you for getting your own dessert for Father's Day!


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                            Fox meat is a red meat- sorta like venison. A tad gamey, but I kinda like that. It's very lean, so you need some good fat to cook it in. I've had the best results with beef tallow. It's best cut into small bits that cook quickly and evenly. The thing with these meats is you have to cook them through. Rabies and whatnot.

                            My nephew is a trapper, so I get a good deal of my meats from him. Fox is good, but my favorite is raccoon. It's a wonderful dark, fatty meat.

                            The almond butter was pricy. I think it was about $10 for the jar, but I eat it so rarely that it should last a while. If all else fails, you could try making some. I've come across lots of recipes on the net, but have been to lazy to do the (little) work required. I also saw sunflower butter and cashew butter. *drool*


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                              Oh man, I'm beat. I almost don't feel like typing this out. I think when I'm done here I'm going to grab a nap before we all go out for wings.

                              I'm pretty proud of myself. I totally averted a bad decision. Breakfast was good. 3 eggs scrambled with spinach, topped with salsa. Lunch was leftover fox and brussels sprouts. I hadn't intended on eating dinner but didn't feel like dealing with hunger pangs. I ended up eating half a chicken. Seriously, one of those half split chickens.

                              Here's where the victory comes in. I'd already made a glutton of myself on the chicken, and I sat here thinking very hard about walking a couple blocks over and getting some ooey, gooey, ice cream. I argued with myself as I put my shoes on, walked down the stairs and out the door. I persueded myself as I walked out of the parking lot, down the road and around the corner. By the time I got to the ice cream shop I'd won and was deciding what kind of ice cream to get. Something snapped, and I went into the fruit stand. I browsed a second, grabbed a pear and went to the register. No pear ever tasted so good in all my life as that pear did. It was full of victory and I devoured it all the way home.

                              And on another happy note, I got a bit of flirtage from the guys at the fruit stand. I'm still getting used to this flirting thing, and never in my life had I actually had two guys bicker (in a friendly way) who was going to ring me out. I think I'm going to start buying a lot more fruit- LOL! Ok, ok... I did wear a cute strappy tank top, a little bit on purpose.

                              So yeah, I'm not really hungry but I'm going for wings anyways. I'll probably eat 3, and the entire little cup of bleu cheese, then bring the rest home for breakfast. *shrug* I'm going into survival week next week. It's ok to feast a little during feast week.

                              Oh yeah, that's what I'm calling it. Higher eating weeks are feast week. Lower eating/ketosis week is survival week. Survival week starts monday.