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Oh Six Pack where art Thou?

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  • Oh Six Pack where art Thou?

    I have some " before " pics of my abs but can't seem to figure out how to upload them...

    A little history about where I am starting at:

    26 years old
    4 months after 1st Baby
    5' 5" and 143 lbs.
    Pre baby weight was 132

    I am a confirmed health book readingaholic. My addiction stems from an intense desire to have a simple stress free way of eating that will make me :

    1. Ridiculously healthy, both for me and my baby
    2. Have tons of energy
    3. Low body fat % - the idea of having a six pack is enchanting ( not a manly one... a girly one
    4. Look fabulous for my husband
    5. Easily maintain this forever. And then being able to multiply and use that same discipline in every other area of my life to accomplish great things!

    So out of everything that I have ever read MDA has sounded most like the way to go. I have been playing around with this eating style for a couple of months now and have come to the point that I know it's time to stop fooling around and make some solidly good decisions. Besides... I really need something to wear and I'm still too big for the pre baby clothes

    I love that this is something that I can definitely do while nursing. My baby's health is pretty high on the list.

    Maybe nobody will really ever read my posts but that idea somebody might is very motivating to me. I will be very honest with the good the bad and the ugly. Mostly this is just for me though. I am excited to look back along the way at where I've come from.

    However long my six pack takes... that's fine . Because when it does come I will know that it is there to stay because I have made a complete lifestyle change and I will have the habits and skills to maintain it no matter how many more kids we have.

    This will be my first day....

    I love The Primal Parent's eating philosophy... super simple - I Really don't like thinking about/ making food.

    So far today:

    Home made yogurt/ banana
    Coffee & home made almond cookie ( sweetened with Maple ) I know those have to go - but this is just the first day
    Eggs and natural sausage
    Dinner will be chicken breast and steamed broccoli

    Took test for the 100 push ups and 200 squats challenges

    I came up with a mind blowing 7 pushups and 50 squats as my starting points.

    As soon as my husband finishes the pull up bar in the basement I am going to start the 25 pull up challenge as well

    So workouts will pretty much follow the format of: Mon/ Wed/ Fri. Body weight lifting. And Tues/ Thurs ( maybe more if I feel like it ) Tabata sprints with a speed rope. That should be good to get me started from being completely sedentary.
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    i cant see this thread post without hearing the soggy bottom boys LOL
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        I was wondering if anyone would make that connection I stiil can't seem to get the pics to work....


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          Day 2

          Homemade yogurt
          Eggs and Sausage
          Ham and cheese
          Mixed nuts
          More yogurt
          Then I think I might have had a touch of the flu - plus a splitting head ache so the Tabata didn't happen and I ended up just putting myself to bed at 7:00 with an HM Almond cookie and a glass of Milk with a little blackstrap mollasses in it. ( tastes a little too fabulous)

          Yes, little six pack, I realize there isn't anything too impressive about the above scenario. It is a start though.