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Primal Journal: What a Savage Eats! 6 months to gain a stone.

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  • Primal Journal: What a Savage Eats! 6 months to gain a stone.

    My goal over the next 6months is to gain a stone of lean muscle sticking mostly to a primal diet.

    For the past 3 years I have been doing variations of mixed cardio and weight training sessions. I have bulked up before on a high carb/high protein diet with good results, but this also increased my bodyfat too. Should be interesting to see how much more difficult it is to increase muscle mass on a low carb, high fat, high protein diet.

    My current workout is as follows:
    Cycling to work 5x a week - just over 10 miles a day.
    Weight training 3x a week - Mon, Weds, Friday
    Bodyweight training/yoga - Sundays

    Due to the nature of my work I tend to walk up to 3-4 miles a day aswell.

    Strictly no extra cardio sessions, which will be hard as I do love a good 40-50mile bike ride, but cant afford to be burning off extra calories.

    Weight training is usually a 5x5 routine for 3 compound lifts. For example:
    Monday - Squatts/deadifts, hanging leg raises with pullups, overhead press.
    Wednesday - Reverse Lunge, one arm dumbell rows, bench press.
    Friday - Squats, wide grip pullups, shoulder press/lateral raise.

    From previous reading I am aware that I will have to consume an incredible amount of food to even come close to my intended goals. I aim to post my daily feeds up on here and we shal see how i get on! The workout is subject to change also, if i get bored, or find it not challenging enough.

    I am also not giving up Dairy products as I seem to be able to tolerate Lactose and they provide a valuable source of protein, fat and calories!

    B - Breakfast,
    S - Snack
    L - Lunch
    PWO - Post Work Out
    D - Dinner

    Yesterday I ate:

    B - 4 egg Omlette with Cheese, 3 slices ham, red pepper.
    S - Sliced Apple with Almond Butter
    L - Tuna fishcakes, parmisan instead of breadcrumb.
    S - Roast Veggies - carrots, sweet potato, turnip
    PWO - Cottage Cheese with peanut butter and vanilla whey,
    D - Fried Lamb Steak with Veg

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    Forgot to add, current weight is 143lbs, 10st 3 to people in the UK!

    Supplements I currently take:
    MP True Whey
    3g Creatine - As of today, giving it a trial run for a month!

    Today I ate:

    B - Chocolate and banana pancakes: 2 eggs, 30g chocolate whey, 2tbs almond meal, 1 mashed banana. topped with banana and honey.
    S - 'Rivvins Primal Sarny' cheese and lettuce filling.
    L - Cheddar and Parmisan crisp salad, apple.
    S - Banana
    PWO - Half pot Cottage Cheese, 3g creatine, splash of milk, 30g vanilla whey.
    D - Lamb Steak, large portion of veg.

    Didnt cycle today due to poor weather conditions, but ended up doing lots of digging at work.