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Steve's Primal\Paleo\Archevore\Healthy lifestyle change.

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  • Steve's Primal\Paleo\Archevore\Healthy lifestyle change.

    Iíve been lurking on the site for about 6 months so I figured it was about time to post. My storyÖIíve always been a horribly picky eater so the change to Primal seemed daunting. On top of that I gave up eating red meat about 16yrs ago. Needless to say I was a little leery of starting up again. The main reason I wanted to go Primal was that I just want to live a long, healthy life. Iíve been fully Primal for about a month preceded by 3 weeks of half-ass Primal. Iíd say the last month or so Iíve been 90% Primal or better. Iíve been devouring all the information I can findÖalmost finished with Primal Blueprint, love Dr. Harris on and really enjoy the Latest in Paleo PodcastÖoh, and Free the Animal is great too. I started at 6í3Ē and 207lbs with about a 36in waist. After a month of Primal Iím down to 194lbs and my waist is about 32in. Even though itís only a month I feel like Iím building muscle faster than I ever have. Oh yeah, I started eating red meat again about 3 weeks ago and Iím loving it. Lots of bacon cheese burgers! Thought my stomach might not agree with the re-introduction of red meat but Iíve had no issues at all.

    Fat loss..donít really care much about my weight but nice to see the mid section fat start to disappear.
    Energy levels are much more level.
    Building muscle faster than ever.

    Feel like weíre shopping for food constantly.
    I get really crabby most evenings. Totally unlike me as Iím a really low key guy.
    ConstipationÖgetting better but not where it needs to be. Yeah, I know, TMI.

    And finally had some blood work done yesterday and the results seem to be great. Or is my overall cholesterol too low? The results were after an 11hr fast and came from one of those machines where it takes about 5min to get results. This wasnít a full workup done in a labÖnot sure if that makes a difference or not.

    Chol: 116
    LDL: Not Calculated
    HDL: 52
    Triglycerides: 45
    TC/HDL: 2.2
    Glucose: 83


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    I've added some potatoes to my diet and that seems to help with carb flu symptoms. It's been a month and I feel like we're starting to get into a routine. Next big step is to decide on a farmer and order up some grass-fed beef. The more I read about it the more I want to make the change...and quickly.