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  • This IS the "Easy" button! Betho's Journal

    I don't usually do this but I want to start keeping track of the changes I'm noticing somewhere, and I don't want to start a blog for it

    31 years old, mother of 2 and 15 weeks pregnant with #3. I was up as high as 260lbs with my 2nd daughter, went down to 208 with lifting heavy weights and eating a conventionally healthy diet w/ calorie counting. Got tired of calorie counting, and have been fluctuating between 210-215 since then.

    I still had been eating a quite healthy diet. Sweets are a rarity in our home, and due to a soy allergy I eliminated frozen/processed foods years ago. Grinding wheat for bread, homemade granola instead of cereal, etc. Still very carb-heavy though. I just assumed that my lack of weight loss progress was because I had too big of portions and just ate too much. I figure, the more I can build activity into my life the better I'd get, so I wasn't hugely concerned. I do have a pretty decent amount of muscle mass for my size so I know it's not all fat. I'm pretty healthy and according to my bloodwork last month I am very healthy. But I'm fat!

    Anyway, that's not why I started primal. I started because I'm pregnant and being pregnant has always done BAD things to me. I just get tired, lethargic, and things in life start to slip. I never was one of those happy glowing graceful pregnant ladies, I was always the dumpy uncomfortable frumpy sweaty one. lol. So this time around it's been even worse. In the last month, I have been having some major problems with blood sugar crashes. And of course, I thought I could solve that with focusing on just eating whole grain type carbs. It still was a problem, and was to the point I felt like I was an invalid who had to sit in the recliner all day and barely had energy to take care of the kids and throw together a dinner.

    Last weekend I finally had enough and told my husband I'm going to change what I eat drastically. The wheat and carbs were obviously NOT helping the problem get better, and I wanted to start eating more fat to sustain myself longer. I'd also been periodically feeling in my body that I needed more protein. So with a little research that led me to the primal diet. I went cold turkey and didn't look back.

    Here's what I noticed:
    1. Very minimal cravings. It's almost as if I know in my head that I like these foods or want these foods, but I don't feel like eating them. I'll even allow myself a cheat and then I don't feel like having it.
    2. I was previously craving sweets pretty much around the clock, even though I rarely eat them and when I do they are homemade. Those cravings are gone.
    3. I used to drink fruit juice diluted with a lot of water, in about a 1-6 ratio. That got unappetizing and I've just been wanting water.
    4. I have mild rosacea and chronically dry skin. I had beautiful peaches-and-cream skin when I was a teenager (after discovering handmade soap) and I think my skin may be going back to that after all these years of being dry and patchy. My rosacea seems to be a little less, though as of right now it's been less than a week.
    5. I've lost a pound and a half, though it wasn't my intention to lose any weight since I am pregnant.
    6. My energy is coming back. I'm still tired, but it feels more like a "dang I just chopped firewood for an hour" kinda physical tired instead of feeling a constant hangover. I am able to FUNCTION again.
    7. My thinking is clearer, I don't feel like I'm walking around in a fog anymore.

    And all of this in, let's see - 5 days.

    Primal eating has already done what I started doing it for, and then some. I went into this thing thinking it would be temporary, because I couldn't IMAGINE not eating cookies and bread and stuff like that ever again, but I was willing and able to do it for my pregnancy. Given the fact that I haven't been desiring the breads (I'm still around it a lot, since I prepare it for my family still) I think I might have found the "easy" button to losing all this weight.

    It is just so NICE to make a decision to eliminate particular unhealthy foods - and then NOT even want to eat them! I'll continue to give myself planned "cheat" opportunities but so far I haven't even felt like taking ONE.
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    Congratulations on making the changes to feel better! I've been doing this since the beginning of March and there's no looking back for me.

    Good luck in your pregnancy.
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      Belinda - thanks!

      Okay here's a photo from today. It was intended more as a "belly pic" but you can see how... uhh, voluptuous I am Most of that belly is not pregnancy!

      Interesting thing of note - I made broccoli/bacon/sunflower seed salad for dinner tonight. I modified it a little so the dressing had no sugar, but a little raw honey. I didn't even think about the cranberries though. When I ran the numbers, my carbs would still come in okay for the day (125g) so I just decided to not worry about it.

      About halfway through my bowl I started to get really sugar-rushed. I had probably eaten a tablespoon or so of them... isn't that funny! So I sat there and picked every single cranberry out, I couldn't stand to eat any more of them. I always liked dried cranberries but apparently I don't anymore. I'm already feeling kind of yucky in my stomach from it, too.

      5 days in... this is just bizarre. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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        Interesting thing of notice. I don't have a scale so I don't really know if I'm losing much or just recomping a little, but about two weeks ago it had gotten to the point where I couldn't button most of my regular pants anymore. I had to use the old "hair elastic" trick for my pants since I'm not big enough for maternity pants yet.

        And then yesterday I put some of the regular pants on again and buttoned them and didn't even realize I did it. I thought that was interesting, and then today - same thing. It's probably a reduction in the bloating that's caused by grains. Either way, I think it's awesome! I continue to get more energy every day and feel just much better. Today we went to the farmer's market and picked up a bunch of fruit and veggies, and I walked around for a while (it's a really big market). I wasn't exhausted and dragging when we got home, although I did need a nap. And a wonderful nap it was.

        I've decided that in the last few days where I've tracked my calories I do pretty good and for the most part can keep it up to 2000 cals so I'm going to stop logging calories and just eat until I'm full. I was successful at weight loss on the SAD healthy diet when I counted calories but geez... humans weren't meant to count calories the rest of their lives just in order to be at a decent weight!

        Still waiting for the other shoe to drop a week later after starting. All kinds of wonderful smells and baked goods at the market and I wasn't particularly tempted. In fact I noticed that I was able to really enjoy the aroma of kettle corn without wishing I could eat some. That's pretty cool.
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        My review of the Piteba oil expeller - handcranked expeller to make fresh nut oils, coconut oil, etc. Yeah, I love this thing.
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          Clothes continuing to fit better! I had a cardigan sweater (I LOVE CARDIGANS) that my husband bought me but it was always a little tight in the arms. Put it on this morning and the arms are loose! My skin continues to look better, and I think I just look healthier in general.

          I'm still feeling pretty slow, though much better than before. No more sugar cravings and no more blood sugar problems. I wonder if this is because of the transition? It's been a little over a week. It might just be due to pregnancy, but I hope it's just due to the transition because that means I'll be over it soon
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          My review of the Piteba oil expeller - handcranked expeller to make fresh nut oils, coconut oil, etc. Yeah, I love this thing.
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            I want an easy button!

            Some people go through what's referred to as "carb flu" - pretty much tiredness, lethargy, mild aches, etc. It could be just the transition. General advice 'round these parts is to eat a bit more fat if it gets to you.

            (I clicked over to you from another thread, because based on your icon, I thought you might be someone I're not the person I was thinking of).
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              The carb flu for me was just an extension of the "first trimester flu" I think... lol.

              I've now come back from a weekend with the family, and with the holiday weekend I had made a decision to make some indulgences. It was great fun, and the food was delicious, but now I'm home and it's pretty interesting what I noticed. First I noticed that sugar doesn't affect my blood sugar the way white flour does. That was quite interesting. I think I noticed a lot of the normal stuff... not sitting well in my stomach, etc. I don't regret having my cheats though, especially since this only happens about twice or thrice a year. Now I'm back and so I have to deal with a little more conscious rejection of the grains than usual... as in, it feels like the first couple days again. It feels nice to be back on track.

              Something else that was interesting is that I discovered that my brother and his wife have been discussing going primal. They haven't made the step yet, but we had some very good talks and my brother has read PB through, which is more than I can say for myself. I'll get a copy of it soon!

              And just for the record, even though I did post it in a different thread - as of my doctor's appointment on the 1st, I'd lost 3 lbs. Given the fact I'd been pretty steadily gaining about 2lbs/month I think that's interesting. My OB did tell me that weight loss is okay even throughout the pregnancy as long as I'm eating well and eating to satiety. I chickened out on telling her I'd eliminated grains but she was very happy that I had eliminated sugar and "bread & stuff" and was eating more veggies.
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              My review of the Piteba oil expeller - handcranked expeller to make fresh nut oils, coconut oil, etc. Yeah, I love this thing.
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                Not a whole lot of new news. I still seem to be having a recurrence of IBS symptoms which is kind of annoying since it's been almost a week since my last cheat but I'll just keep on with it! I mostly today am going to post my menu ideas. See, I only grocery shop every two weeks when we go into town and so I plan out my meals in advance. Makes it a whole lot easier than looking in the fridge and pantry and trying to come up with something.

                So here's two weeks worth of meals.

                *chicken broccoli alfredo (using spag squash for the pasta)
                *burritos (Not sure how I'll "primal" this one, my husband requests them at least a couple times a month and so I won't stop making them for him)
                *enchiladas (I'm gonna make some grain-free crepes using eggs and tapioca flour to make mine)
                *bbq ribs
                *Phillies (no bun for me)
                *chicken salad wraps (no wrap for me)
                *Tyson's chili (Brother-in-law's recipe, super awesome. It does have a small amount of beans so I might just leave those out for my pot. I always make two separate pots of this anyway because my husband is a chili-head and wants his super super spicy.
                *ranch burgers (lettuce wrap or some kind of fake bun for me)
                *orange chicken (I might make rice with this and just not eat it, or experiment with cauliflower rice)
                *roasted chicken salad stuffed peppers (I pan-roast mini bell peppers and they are awesome, gonna try and roast them, chill them and then stuff them with chicken salad
                *tacos (lettuce shells for me)
                *feta meatballs
                *cauliflower chicken fried "rice" (One of our favorite dishes before was chicken fried rice, and I miss it so I'm going to try making some cauliflower "rice" and see how it turns out making it fried-rice style.
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                  So somehow I didn't calculate right when I shopped for the amounts of food and I am running low The above list was a 2 week list but I'm actually doing my 2 week shop on Sunday so I only got a week's worth last week but didn't get enough! No good. Not only that, but several of my hens were killed by a cat in the middle of the night last week and I am now out of eggs... I am getting 1 or 2 a day right now. I'm going to really sit down and plan out our food for this next period because I'm noticing I am eating more fruit and the higher carb levels are making me crave more carby food. Then combine with me being out of eggs... resulted in an experiment this morning.

                  I had corn chex for breakfast. It just looked so good! The last day or so I have really been dealing with the carb cravings and I really think it's because I'm eating too many of them. Problem is, I'm kind of scrounging for the right things to eat. Anyway, so I decided just to have the cereal and see what happens.

                  I should have known... but now I REALLY know. I ate about 8:30. By 10 I was already starting to get hungry, but I was busy. By 11, I was starving, irritable, feeling lightheaded, and having the shakes. This is ridiculous. I got the kids in the bath and then went and sat down and ate a giant bowl of primal chicken salad, my hand shaking with every forkful from the blood sugar crash. It took about a half hour before I started to feel better, and then I had an iced decaf with real cream. I feel much better now but I am so tired. This is exactly why I started primal in the first place blood sugar spikes, I feel "normal" but then when it crashes, it CRASHES me and even when I eat again and get over the shakes and lightheadedness, it leaves me tired and feeling like I just ran a marathon. I can't believe I was doing this every single day and thinking it was just a normal part of pregnancy. Good grief. How we fool ourselves into believing things... you know what I mean?

                  I've learned a few things. My husband is starting to miss the old food I made, so I need to be better about not making so many new and weird things. He did absolutely adore the chicken bacon avocado wraps I made a few times (I just had the contents in a bowl with lettuce) but last night he opted for leftovers instead of the chicken salad wraps I had planned. The kids are coming along fine, they are officially gluten-free but I don't think I will be able to completely de-grain them until my husband decides to make the move. For instance, if I serve hamburgers, my 2 year old and I will both eat it without the bun (she always does that anyway) but the 4 year old would feel very upset if I didn't give her a bun but my husband got one. And I don't have time or energy to do the primal baking, much less the MOULA. it's going to be a challenge to keep the food budget reasonable even as-is, since I am only budgeted at $75/week for groceries.

                  the good news is I'm picking up three more hens that are about 2 weeks away from being ready to lay in two days, so in a few weeks I should be getting enough eggs again. I guess in the meantime it's commercial eggs for me for the most part I am hoping to get about 2-3/day from my remaining hens once they recover from the fright of seeing their sisters slain and eaten in front of them. Since we live in such a lush temperate rainforest area, my hens get most of their food from the yard and so my eggs cost me only about $.25-$.75/dozen in feed, and have a very high omega 3 value.
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