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    I am 42, 5'6" and currently weight 135. I started on the primal path 4 days ago and am finally getting into the groove I think. I started at 138 on Monday and have since gotten down to 135!! I know that is not typical weight loss and I was bloated up on a carb fest from last weekend so its good to feel my bloat gone!

    I initially posted that I was feeling horribly tired, but I am starting to feel better. I totally upped my fat intake and bought some coconut milk until I can order some of the Tropical Traditions coconut oil products as I cannot get them locally.

    I did my sprints last night by playing soccer for an hour. I made myself sprint full tilt every chance I had and I really felt totally revved up after playing. I wasn't tired at all and was sad that the game was over!

    Here is what I ate yesterday:

    B: 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, coffee
    L: BAS...lettuce, 1/2 avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, cucs, sunflower seeds, italian dressing, 3 oz. steak and 3 oz. lake trout from last night.
    D: 4 oz. grass fed beef patty cooked in bacon fat, 3 slices bacon, curried cauliflower w/coconut milk (yummy!!)
    S: 4 strawberries.

    I made the most amazing protein shake for breakfast this morning, chocolate egg white protein powder, almond milk (I am trying to use up my last quart then I will switch to coconut milk) and 1/2 cup canned coconut milk. I was sooooo delicious!!! I could get used to this

    Today is my rest/move slowly day, since I have a sore knee from soccer last night it will be a welcome day "off". Later!
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    Looking good!
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      Yes, it sounds like you are getting into the groove. Grok on!
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        Well, I weighed myself this morning, knowing full well I shouldn't but I am a bit concerned. After only doing this for 5 days I am now down to 133.5. I have lost 1" on my hips, .5" on my waist, but nothing on my thighs and my arms have gone down a bit. I am concerned that I may be losing muscle instead of fat because I am losing so much so quick?? I will just keep on and see what happens.

        I wasn't really even hungry last night for dinner, but drank a quick protein shake just so I would have something in my tummy. I suppose that is still coming from my CW days. Here is what I ate yesterday:

        B: Protein Shake-Almond milk, chocolate egg white protein powder and 1/2 cup coconut cream
        L: SAS, 5 oz. grass fed beef patty, 2 fried eggs
        D: Same as breakfast

        Totals were 118 g. protein, 51 carbs and 104 fat for 28% protein, 13% carbs and 59% fat total 1,600 calories.

        I know you all mentioned upping my fat, and I am obviously having a hard time doing that. I am currently using the Apex Body Bugg site to track my food and am thinking I might need to switch to a different site, like the FitDay everyone else seems to use. Maybe that site is a bit off, and it doesn't give me the macro nutrients.

        As far as exercise, yesterday my daughter and I went on a wonderful 1 hour walk to the park. We finally had a day of sun around here after 5 days of dreary rain. Today is a beautifully sunny day and I hope to be out and about for most of the day. On a side note, I really do feel wonderful eating this way. My moods are very stable, I have plenty of energy and I when I am hungry, it feels way different than it did when I was eating more carbs and basically no fat at all. Again, my only concern is that I am losing muscle, but I think I need to up my weight resistance workouts a bit and hopefully that will encourage my body to gain some muscle mass and not just lose weight. Later!!
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          You are going to lose "weight" quickly when you transfer from a carb based to a fat/pro based diet. The majority of weight is "water" weight and psychologically it feels like it's muscle (the water is being "lost" from the muscle due to a lack of carbs/glycogen retention). This is normal and your weight loss will slow down over the next week or two.

          Personally, when my scale weight gets down too low for me, I slowly add in more carbs until I get my weight back where I want it and then remove them slowly.
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            Had a tough time this weekend, mostly because I ate way too much. I need to remind myself that if I fry up 1/2 lb. of bacon and it sits there on the counter I am going to keep eating it until its gone! I am still trying to get used to only eating when I am hungry. I grew up with a wonderful grandma who made sure we got three meals a day whether we were hungry or not and I am trying to overcome that, slowly for sure. I wasn't really hungry for dinner last night but I made this wonderful coconut milk chicken veggie curry that tasted so good. It was 7:30 before I got a chance to eat and I should have just listened to my body and skipped dinner last night. I ended up gaining 1.5 lbs. this weekend, although I am not that concerned about it. I need to start listening to my body more and realize I will not starve to death if I skip a meal because I am not hungry!

            Thanks for the advice hammermil, I was thinking it was mostly water weight and not really fat. I need to stop weighing myself every day....another one of those CW wonderful habits I have developed and need to stop.

            I am still having a hard time getting enough fat calories, and I am getting too much protein so I am still tweaking my eating. I ordered some coconut oil so once I get that, it should help me get enough. I need to go back tracking every meal until I get used to portion sizes and fat/protein ratios. My daughter and I spent almost the entire weekend outside. We went for a walk on the beach, rode our bikes and went for a walk. She spends a bit too much time in front of the TV (she is 8) so I am weaning her off that and having "TV free" nights and playing games instead.

            Overall, I feel great. Later!


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              Back on track, but must repeat to self.....fat is good....fat is good!! Meals for yesterday:

              b: skipped
              l: chicken curry with lots o'veggies and coconut milk
              d: sardines, 3 eggs, 1/2 avocado, tiny piece of 85% chocolate

              No exercise today, feeling very lazy. Later!