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  • Hey Katemary

    just found your log. Sorry you have been feeling down recently. Hope your starting to feel 'yourself' again. Can I make an observation (I ask for permission, dont wait for a reply then proceed anyway - haha?! Even for someone trying to lose weight (which I heard you make mention of) you are not eating enough, by far. You need some protein and fat first thing to get the mind perked up. honey and lemon first thing, get the metabolism kickstarted, good for your tummy, help elease some seratonin (the happy hormone) etc. If you want more info on anything just say. You can eat to be happy and put you in a kick ass frame of mind.

    Love the wee community on this log.

    It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


    • Hey Richardmac

      I am feeling better again, thanks.

      I don't know if I am not eating enough. I see all the 'do calories count?' threads and get so confused. The sizes of the meals are standard, so I am eating pretty much three square meals, no snacking. And when I try fiddle with the macros I worry about calories by slathering in gratuitous fat and it is hard to argue with meat and veg instead. It gets confusing. I like eggs for breakfast for choline and protein, and then I think meat and veg plus fat by way of avocado, cheese or cream in sauces. It is so hard to know but all my meals are decent size, promise.

      Honey and lemon first thing sounds good though!

      This community is great. Thanks for your input and support.


      • B: large black coffee, bacon and scrambled eggs
        L: lamb cutlets, roasted tomato, caramalised balsamic onion
        D: (this has a name but I forget it - a "sauce" that goes with pasta) onion, garlic, crushed tomatoes fried up, add tuna and peas. Was going to try it on zucchini strips, but couldnt be bothered looking up method so had it spooned into baby cos lettuce leaves instead. Yum!

        Grey's anatomy final tonight. Can't wait, though I suspect nothing will stop the finale where a killer stalked them in the hospital. That was heart stopping.


        • That is an Italian sauce, sometimes you throw in capers or olives. Name is on the tip of my tongue. In this weather a pasta substitute would make it feel more hearty than lettuce, let me know how the zuc. pasta goes.

          Glad you are out of your funk


          • Yes, an Italian recipe. yummo

            B: bacon (not much) and scrambled eggs, large black coffee
            L: grilled salmon and steamed cauli and brocolli
            D: filet mignon (rump steak wrapped in bacon and smothered in sauteed mushrooms), sweet potato chips and peas.

            I so wanted to go our for pizza and drinks. Glad I didn't, my dinner was delicious. Having red wine though.

            PS - Daniel, your journal is sad. Try harder!!


            • sick again

              Sat - bacon and eggs then due to social engagement lots of red wine and cheese and chocolate

              Sun - bacon and egg and cheese muffin (hangover) made a lamb leg stew in slow cooker Sunday had beef and chutney sandwiches for dinner, not great, still hungover

              Mon - salmon and mashed potato with rocket and parmesan for lunch, stew for dinner

              Tues - eggs for breaky, steak and eggplant and zucchini for lunch

              Didnt eat for 30 hours as flu/cold/virus hit me like a truck and was in bed all that time.

              Today I had cheesy omelette and then kiwi fruit, then got enourmously hungry for comfort food. I hope this means I will be ok to work tomorrow.

              Oh, and thanks to cough medicine, my flea-wash smelling pee is back! Thought you were curious to know.

              So sick of being sick...


              • sick.

                that is all.


                • Not again!

                  Plenty of rest and fluids.

                  Flea smelling wee again! That would freak me out! Get better soon sweetie (((( hugs ))))


                  • Originally posted by katemary View Post

                    PS - Daniel, your journal is sad. Try harder!!
                    yes it is! I dunno if I even know where it is. i will try lol

                    Hope you are feeling ok by now.


                    • I am alive. I haven't been so sick for years.

                      Punishment for cheats!

                      B: large black coffee
                      L: grilled salmon, steamed brocolli and cauliflower
                      D: steak with mushroom, onion and asparagus (fried up in heaps butter) half avocado.

                      Love love love pan searing then oven finishing steak. Like over easy eggs, it is a food revelation.

                      I like the new series about Kerry Packer starting World Series Cricket and Puberty Blues. Trying not to get hooked onto anything else with the season change.

                      Things looking good with a man, trying play it cool


                      • B: large black coffee, 2 poached eggs and spinach
                        L: roast chicken breast with skin and green veg
                        D: steak with mushroom, onions and asparagus (last nights) with avocado and peas


                        • better again! good to hear!

                          who is telling porkies for dramatic attention? and whatever happened to Ireland, lol!

                          Eat more babe. more.


                          • You know I was wondering whatever happened to Ireland too!

                            Man I am so stupid. I engage in stupid stuff for...I don't know why. Then I get mega upset about traditional rules of behaviour not applying. Self sabotage to the extreme. I actually had a day this week where something happened which could go either way and whilst my reaction was reasonable, I KNEW expressing it would lead to an outcome I wouldn't like, that I should let it slide. I didn't, and now and devastated. The same day something came up at work and I knew I should chill and not react and let someone know I was annoyed but it was like a sharp hot needle until I said what I had to email to a client/friend. Bad move. There was a third example all within 24 hours. So since then I have wallowed in self hatred and hatred of the world for just not being fucking fair...I mean, I was entitled to those reactions...but I KNEW the repercussions of expressing my reaction. So, alcohol, self pity...
                            Last edited by katemary; 08-27-2012, 03:24 AM. Reason: tone down


                            • B: large black coffee
                              L: steamed cauliflower and broccolli with grilled salmon
                              D: steak and salad with avocado and fetta