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    /threadjack re not getting any help at Home Depot...

    Stood for nearly 1/2 hour one time waiting for someone to come and cut a piece of wood for me - even with staff paging 3 or 4 times for a saw operator. Gave up and opened the emergency exit next to the saw, then stood and listened to the alarm going off until a manager came to find out what the problem was. Had my wood cut right away
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      Use clove oil to soothe sore gums, BTW.

      Curious to know where you're from, given your spelling of programme and frequency of eating lamb. I adore lamb, and have craved it maniacally this year for some reason, but it's fallen out of favor (favour?) in the US; not sure if it's popular amongst Brits, but I would think it's up there for Aussies and Kiwis...


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        Thanks for the tip Finnegans Wake...I have the next appointment tomorrow and am dreading it/ Clove oil - hope I can find some nearby...

        Lamb is just so easy to cook and stays so tender, I find it hard to find fatty cuts of beef that are easy to cook if you grab them on the way home and don't have time to slow cook, but yes, I am from PA Pennsylvania? I am curious about that neck of the woods as some of my favourite writers are based around that area.

        OK, Friday started good with eggs, spinach and mushies, but then staff drama made me so angry and responding to it consumed lunch time and then had to go straight into meeting and towards the end was starving and succumbed to biscuits and mini choccies...needless to say, that breach and residual anger and stress led to dvds accompanied by wine and pizza for dinner, then Sat night went out to an 'American' restaurant (so rare!) before a big Rugby game so had to get the burger and ate as much bunless as I could...but I did refrain from beer at the Rugby (go Wallabies!!!! what a smashing win against the Springboks)

        anyway, trying to convince myself to be good tonight rather than declaring the whole weekend a write off. It is so cold I don't feel like vegies, oh man I want red wine and something comforting,....argh.


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          Man, another stressful week involving binge drinking and falling off primal wagon and defering my health until 'next Monday', so here I am.

          S: 7 hrs
          B: 2 eggs, spinach and mushrooms. Black coffee large
          green tea
          L: barbeque chicken breast and roast veg, ignored potato...mostly. peppermint tea
          D: lamb cutlets, with asparagus, cauliflower, brocollini fried in the lamb fat, 1/3 avocado

          a strawberry and 2 cherries

          E: hmmmm

          Plaque removal completed, have to have a tooth removed tomorrow. I have a high pain threshold but I am scared of that ice dagger feeling of the anaesthetic being jammed in my gums. I also think he'll be jabbing to dig it out and he'll slip and ram the digger/stabber thing and dig up my gums, or...eyeball or something. scary.


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            Really sick. My irritating cough from past week has turned into sore throat, phlegmy cough and uncontrollable coughing fits.

            Had to cancel dentist in case infective, plus didn't want to have a coughing fit and inhale dental instruments mid him gauging out half my face.

            S: 6 hrs
            B: coffee black large
            green tea
            L: roast chicken breast with tomato sauce and cheese, brocollini and garden salad
            peppermint tea
            D: inspired by honeybuns - egg scramble. fried up bacon, tomato, asparagus, chucked in 3 beaten eggs, scrambled it all up and added shallots. I hope I haven't slandered honeybuns breakfasts.
            1 strawberry, 2 cherries

            small bit of left over dark chocolate. feel odd from dawning illness. on one hand I can't distinguish taste and just no appetite and on the other I feel like picking, maybe to get yuck taste in mouth. I guess I didn't eat a LOT today.

            E: blame illness. really...


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              Originally posted by katemary View Post
              D: inspired by honeybuns - egg scramble. fried up bacon, tomato, asparagus, chucked in 3 beaten eggs, scrambled it all up and added shallots
              So, how did it taste?
              Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                American restaurants? I didn't know such a thing existed! What kind of food do they have?

                Hope you start to feel better soon. I am also not a fan of the anesthetic needle (had gum surgery at the age of 12, twice, for receding gums before braces), but they know what they're doing. Dentists, at least, probably won't talk to you about eating better
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                  Just read through your journal KateMary and I tend to be an all or nothing person myself. I just had an all weekend blowout after 6 weeks of "being good". I gained ten lbs back (mostly water weight, I'm sure, but it still hurts ) I'm discouraged and mad at myself, but back on track. You're not the only one who flubs! You can do this! Stick with it!

                  PS and I have issues with wanting to drink too much too. I think it is affecting my weight loss, but I have a hard time thinking about letting it go
                  "I tried to call the nurse again, but she's bein' a little bitch....I think I'll get outta here." Pink


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                    Honeybuns - it was yummy! Satisfying and tasty. I then read your description in your journal - I think I need to use butter and use your technique. But - yum! thanks for the idea.

                    Thanks namelesswonder - wow: what does surgery for receding gums entail? I was hoping the receded bits would just grow back. gulp.

                    OK, the American restaurant had potato skins with bacon and cheese, nachos, spicy chicken wings, gumbo, barbeque ribs, massive steak - most things served with fries. A lot more that I cannot remember. Massive portions!

                    NurseMama5 - yes, alcohol is a big problem. It is my outlet for grief, stress, boredom, disappointment. Plain old self sabotage. Zoning out to 'relax' (or not think). And then eating crappy food just goes with it. All or nothing. Yes, we can do it! I have to think back when I was 22 lb lighter from my last primal stint - I want that again! thanks for the encouragement.
                    A series of small decisions each day where we have to look to the long term...

                    Okay, really sick. Up most of night coughing to point of heaving. Went into work late to try catch up some sleep. Couldn't not go into work.

                    S: very broken over 8 hrs. probably 3.
                    B: too nauseus. had a large white coffee - I felt like the milk as something to have in my tummy with all the meds
                    L: work put something on. grabbed what was meant to be a gluten free vegie lasagne (instead of sandwiches). What was in it? Hmmm, eggplant, potato, cheese, lentils, tomatoes,,who knows. Garden salad on side.
                    D: chicken with avocado and vegies.
                    strawberry and 2 cherries.

                    I will probably have tomorrow off sick and it took all my strength not to capitalise on that sleep in (if I get sleep) by getting bottles of wine and pizza! I am sure I will be better for it, esp being half off my face on pseudoephidrine, codeine and cough syrups and other cold drugs.


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                      Receding gums don't grow back, so they say. They graft pieces from the roof of your mouth to the problem area (for me, lower front gums). Pink plaster over the site and very tender gums after it broke off (about a week). "Proper dental hygiene" is supposed to help this, but since I've had no weirdness with my gums/teeth (happens periodically, just feels tingly and uncomfortable) since I started eating this way, I suspect it's more than that. I brush 2x a day and always forget to floss. Last dentist I saw said it's really just a cosmetic thing and I shouldn't need to have surgery again, even though my gums are back to being quite low.
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                        Oh...mine are lower front teeth too. They don't show when I smile so maybe I will leave it and just take better care!


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                          Thursday - really sick, stayed home in bed.

                          Got up and had some oats. I know not primal! But nauseous yet hungry so by 3 pm had porridge. Dinner bacon and eggs on lettuce leaves. Two cups tea with splash of milk.

                          Friday - really should have stayed home but work was crazy so lucky I went in. Large black coffee x 2 to try get energy, grilled salmon with steamed vegies for lunch, tried to have cutlets for dinner but just couldn't get them down, feeling like crap so had a bottle of red to make me nice and woozy with cold worked - got a great sleep!

                          Sat - feeling better. Bacon and eggs on lettuce for lunch, strong flat white (felt like the milk), for dinner I made honey soy chicken drumsticks in the slowcooker, with lettuce, tomato, cucmber and spanish onion for contrast. The meat was falling off bone, just dont know if I like chicken skin that isn't crunchy. Ummm, because I cancelled all plans for weekend due to sickness, I decided to get DVDs and...ummm...bottle of red. Good sleep again though!


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                            Resolutions after a week off to rest and naturopath and other input. Staying at a health retreat so it's been 4 days of detox, no coffee, no alcohol, healthy organic food (tho red meat instead of legumes would have been nice), lymphatic drainage massages and other pampering, loads of fresh air, tons of sleep.

                            Various input is that i have an inflamed, probably fatty liver. Rather than focussing on calories, weight loss etc, my goal is to resolve this.

                            I have read here a few threads about choline and will no longer feel bad about having eggs every day for breakfast.

                            Back to primal, no days that become weeks of cheating (because I will "start tomorrow")

                            I will read more about red meat and liver. I cant sort out if it's CW crap about avoiding red meat to detox liver. The fact organ meat is a good source of choline suggests not.

                            I am going to go back to yoga once a week for guided body weight exercise. I will also recommence sprints and body weight exercises.

                            I need to get more air and sun. Rather than setting myself high goals of walking every morning or every night, I am going to think about it from a daylight, air perspective. I will walk a gorgeous walk near me in the morning once a week, and I will leave work at a sane hour once a week to walk home and enjoy the light...and reflect.

                            I think that is achievable.

                            I will go as long as possible without drinking coffee again, doubly so for alcohol.

                            And I cannot ignore the work stress. Once every six weeks I am taking a long weekend and getting away.

                            Last night here so I thought I should record my resolutions before I get back and slip into old routine...

                            Some of my thoughts after a week away from work madness and reflection.


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                              I was wondering how you were doing. Glad to see you back!
                              Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                                Thanks honeybuns!

                                Ok, so week of good organic fresh food, only a few deviations as set food...small amount of rice, gluten free bed

                                Then yesterday got back and reflected on week and had best intentions.

                                Lemon with warm water with my billion liver supplements for breakfast

                                Meant to get eggs for breakfast but too busy

                                Chicken and roast veg ...asked for mostly greens... for lunch

                                Dinner prawn and avocado with lettuce and lemon juice. Felt yuck halfway....and ate a mini cheesecake 1 serve in fridge! What is wrong with me? After such a "good" week...argh

                                Should I be happy I am mostly good and still no coffee no alcohol?

                                I am reading the 4 Hour body....I think I used his "cheat day once a week" RULE, as an excuse. I am sure he doesn't mean that for people who can't lose weight for fucked up livers. Or people who are all or nothing..

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