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    S: 8 hours...yay

    B: nothing. At a lengthy work meeting, there were trays of savoury croissants and pastries and coffee, and I ignored it all. + 1

    L: lamb skewers with tiny bit mint yoghurt, a crunchy fresh coleslaw sans mayo, bits of pumpkin

    D: home late so take away veal with creamy ham and mushroom sauce with veg. Kiwi for dessert.

    I need to throw away the individual key lime pie in my fridge (see cheesecake yesterday)...I knew I was going to be healthy when I went away and return to primal when I returned,so I had some naughties before I went away...need to throw away the left overs!


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      Didnt eat the key lime pie yesterday + 1

      Proud of myself - still alcohol and coffee free, that is 10 days.

      S: 7 hrs interrupted

      L: grilled barramundi with rocket and parmesan salad and few potatoes

      D: steak, roast pumpkin and onion, boiled beetroot here I ate the key lime pie wt choc cheesecake :-( -1

      but I am happy for sticking to the plan mostly and not going completely off the rails when I have cheated. Plus, I am going to clean out my kitchen this week - I wouldnt even think of it if it wasn't sitting in there teasing me.


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        S: 7 hrs
        B: peppermint tea...still caffeine free
        L: work lunch at pub. I couldnt believe there was no meat and veg option. I got chicken schnitizel and fries with aoili, tried to sneakily scrape off the crumbing and ate few fries...

        had tooth ripped out at 4.30...finally (was too sick when it was booked in August). It had an abcess underneath (I knew that, it would manifest into abcess on overlying gum occasionally and kill till it grew big enough to pop), I could see a congealed bit sticking to root of teeth when it was removed - dentist said it was longstanding and my body will be happy to be rid of the constant battle.

        so dinner had to be soft and not hot, so had oats with water no milk. not great, but aberrant occasion

        still a bit hungry. dreading the anaesthetic wearing off...

        my research about red meat and healing liver inflammation is driving me crazy. what is CW, what is real? I want to detox liver, but I struggle to adhere to primal so really need my beef and lamb!


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          trying VLC

          S: 6 hrs
          B: scrambled eggs
          L: grilled salmon. no greens
          D: 4 lamb cutlets, with bit of asparagus and brocollini


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            S: 5h
            B: bacon, tomato, 1 egg
            L: chicken breast, small amount salad and canned salmon
            D: about 150g steak
            Last edited by katemary; 09-21-2011, 03:42 AM. Reason: Forgot salmon


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              S: 5-6 h
              B: scrambled eggs
              L: salmon nicoise, But without sauce or potato, tiny piece of salmon
              D: barbecue chicken, lots of skin, avocado
              2 kiwi fruits


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                S: 7h
                B: scrambled eggs and baked beans. Shouldn't have done the beans, annoyed about probable sugar content.
                L: chicken and roast veg, avoid potato
                D: planned to have handful ham and handful turkey with mustard and packaged avocado, but I think the ham was off and packaged avocado is gross, so I had probably-off-too turkey and small tin of tuna. Wonder if processed meat is meant to last more than four days...
                3 strawberries
                2 large black coffees throughout day. I should note this week I revert to black coffee, but it's coffee and water, no tea etc.


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                  S: very broken 7 hrs
                  B: large black coffee
                  L: roasted chicken bit, spoon of canned salmon, roasted carrot, beetroot and watercress salad with fetta (only a bit, could have eaten a plate full)
                  D: lamb cutlets with brocollini. I like half roasting the lamb, then putting brocollini underneath the lamb so it roasts in the lamb drippings, tastes yum when the flowery bits go a bit crisp. Nashi pear.


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                    S: 7 h
                    B: large black coffee
                    L: roast chicken breast, roast veg
                    D: veal boscaiola with few of beans, snow peas, carrot and potato. restaurant so no control over veg.


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                      Are you sure you are eating enough food? If you undereat, you won't notice any changes as your body will go into starvation mode and hang on to everything. I have had this happen.
                      Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                        Hey honeybuns. I don't know - I am not hungry. I get so confused with the calorie debate.

                        S:6.5 hrs
                        B: spinach, 2 eggs, bacon, tomato. large black coffee
                        L: nil given breaky
                        D: quarter barbeque chicken with skin, handful shaved turkey, mustard, most of avocado. 2 strawberries.


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                          I know what you mean. The thought of counting all of that gives me the heebie-jeebies. I just try to make sure that I have plenty of protein.
                          Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                            yes! and if I am getting it take away, guessing the weight and kidding myself the resultant figures are meaningful, is just silly!

                            S: 7h
                            B: bacon, two eggs, tomato, large black coffee
                            L: large black coffee
                            D: lamb cutlets, brocollini

                            so proud of myself I did not "reward" myself for a good clean week, with pizza and wine (which would have led to an evil weekend and maybe two weeks of crap before I came back).it will be nice to wake up on a Saturday without a hangover!


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                              Good to hear that you had a good week!
                              Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                                It is shocking to see how all or nothing my journey is.

                                Last week i had no alcohol all week, but 'eased' myself into it by eating what I wanted.

                                Then a big night Friday and Saturday. I am lucky I havent had alcohol poisoining, seriously. Sat night I had a bottle of champagne, a bottle minus one glass of red, a bottle (in half bottle they come in) of sticky wine and two beers...

                                anyway, all I can do is watch my past behaviour and try learn from it.

                                S: 6
                                B: 2 poached eggs abd baby spinach leaves
                                L: barbq chicken and roast veg
                                2 black coffees during day
                                D: 4 lamb chops, asparagus and brocollini

                                god i hope i can go a week and feel good and stick to it...