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    Ok, so I've been skirting around really committing to this for the past 6 days. Id say Ive actually done pretty well for those 6 days considering what a high carb/sugar/sweetner lifestyle it was I was living before I decided to hit this thing. I have been struggling post-starvation mode for a long time, I was very ill with a stomach disorder that sent me very very very underweight, and since gaining weight my body has been all over the place, I have an out of whack body fat percentage, i store fat if I so much look at bread and despite a HELL OF A LOT of cardio I couldnt seem to drop it, oh, and I crave sugar like I will die without it. So enough is enough. I lived about 2 years in ketosis very very happily and I would like to get back to somewhere near there, with less hunger, less desperate need to eat and a leaner body mass.

    From this moment on, I commit for the next 30 days, and beyond.

    This WILL be a big battle for me, I come from the 'scared of fat but getting fat anyway' camp, I generally dislike hot food and cooking so I am taking on the challenge of dealing with that head on. I truly believe that I will have a better, happier life if I can.

    I will be taking a low nut/fruit stance for a bit to see how I go for the first two weeks with the intention of adding them in after that.

    Here goes everything...

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    Welcome. If you fight your way through the carb craving, Primal can be a very easy ride.

    You don't have to go into ketosis but you need to keep your carbs between about 50 and 100 per day.

    You don't have to eat a huge amount of fat, but you need enough to feel satisfied by meals - saturated and monounsaturated.

    It sounds like big-assed salads are in your future. Make sure to include olive oil/avocados/cheese (if you tolerate it)/cold meats/hard boiled eggs and other fat and protein. You gotta get some fat.

    Good luck. Come here for support. You can do it!
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