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  • Primal Journal (Bjerregaard)

    Hi all,

    I've been eating primal (or at least been trying to) for a couple of months now.

    But lately I've been slagging off - December - It's all cookies and chocolate everywhere. Not that I crave it that much - it's just the feeling of x-mas that does that to me I guess. The month is all about eating eating eating. Yikes.

    But I'll try and get back on track now! Enough is enough!

    I just started at this crossfit gym, and it's just amazing. I thought I'd tried a real workout before - but I guess I hadn't. Couldn't walk down stairs in three days afterwords - but hey - who needs it anyway.

    I went with a friend and she showed me kipping pull ups, which I thought was just the coolest thing ever.

    I so do hope, I get to do that some day.


    My meals today.

    B: Skyr (high protein dairy) with blueberries.

    Coffee with milk.

    L: Mixed salad. Small portion of rice with beef stew.

    (Unfortunately it's lunch at work, so sometimes it's diffucult to get it real primal).

    D: Homemade salad of chicken, lettuce, grilled zucchini, tomatoes, olives, (real) mozarella and apples.

    S: 1 tangerine and 5 small cookies (oooops)...

    Feel free to comment!

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    So... my goals for this week are to be as primal as i can (of course) but also get under 70 kg again (height 174 cm).

    I currently weigh 71,2 - so it might be possible.

    Meals today:

    B: IF

    L: We'll se what they serve at work.

    D: Homemade salad of chicken, lettuce, grilled zucchini, tomatoes, olives, (real) mozarella and apples.

    WOD: On the bike for an hour - slow pace.


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      Welcome to the Forum Bjerregaard!

      Haha, yeah Crossfit is brutal! Although it gets the results!

      Good luck with your Primal Journey!




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        Thank you very much PrimalRAW.


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          It's looking good so far (but then again - it's only been two days).

          My weight today was 70,4 kg - so thats 0,8 kg down from yesterday. Must be water retention or something...

          Meals today:

          B: 3 eggs - scrambled.

          L: Meat loaf, mixed salad and roasted aubergine.

          S: 1 tangerine

          D: Oven baked salmon with mash of cauliflower, egg, a bit of cream and parmesan cheese.


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            Aaaah - a fantastic day today.

            I'm down to 69,6 kg today, so I've already reached my goal this week. Hurray!!

            I've been a really good primal girl all day!

            B: Skyr (high protein dairy) with banana and berries.

            L. 3 slices of veal, a small portion og salmon and a mixed salad.

            D: Salad of chicken, olives, lettuce, olive oil, apple vinegar, mustard and a bit of honey.

            I'll be finishing off my day with friends and fantastic fruit cocktails at a great cocktail bar i Copenhagen - which is not very primal, but great fun!!


            10 rounds of:

            12 kettlebell swings

            12 medicin ball clean

            Have a great weekend all!!

            Bjerregaard, Denmark


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              X-mas is over and it's time to get on that PB horse again.

              B: Plain yoghurt with orange and mango.

              L: Carpaccio with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

              S: An orange.

              D: Big steak of beef with a tomato-mozzarella-basil salad. A glass of red wine. Yum.


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                Hey sis,

                Looks great above - lets keep going primal. )


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                  The day of New Years eve.

                  B: Full fat yoghurt with mango. Cup of coffee with milk.

                  L: Tomato soup of tomatoes, paprika, garlic, onions and a bit of veal stock. On top Creme Fraiche and basil.

                  D: New Years dinner - yum!! (Not all primal though)...

                  Happy New Year to all of you!!