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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Glen)

    First day. Guess I should have come up with a better handle, but I'd probably forget it by tomorrow. My own name I can still remember most of the time.

    What I ate today:

    8 a.m. - A banana and a handfull of walnuts.

    9 a.m. - A very big black coffee with 2 shots of espresso.

    11 a.m. - 10 almonds

    12:30 p.m. - salad with egg, tuna, and sunflower seeds in it.

    1 p.m. - cup of black coffee

    4 p.m. - 10 almonds

    6 p.m. - Muscle Milk (left over, drank after weight workout)

    7:30 pm - Chicken, 2 Italian Sausages, Salad (spinach, celery, radishes, walnuts, lemon juice), small glass of red wine.

    What I did today:

    10 a.m. - top to bottom stair walk/ 250 plus stairs.

    2 p.m. - 10 burpies

    5 p.m. - Strong Lifts 5 X 5 workout.

    5x5 Squats w/ just the bar

    5x5 Bench Press w/ just the bar

    3xF Inverted Rows

    3xF Pushups

    3x12 Reverse Crunches

    6:30 p.m. - Ran a 3 Mile Race. (13 miles to go to reach my goal of 500 miles raced this year).

    I weighed in at the gym. The scale was one of those medical type of scales with the balance thingamajig. It was damaged. I weighed in at 216, which I think is too heavy, but it might be right. I'll try to find a better scale tomorrow at work. It's 10 pm, Ifeel pretty good, but my belly is rumbling a bit. I can ignore it for now. Feels like a good start today, but as per my M.O., I jumped in without planning and probably didn't get enough food today.

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    Welcome Glen! I actually like your name a lot. The fact that it was not taken means you are unique.

    If I may chime in, it seems like you are missing out on the good quality fats in your diet. The Primal Blueprint diet is really a high fat, moderate to low carb, moderate protein diet. Fats will give you the most energy for your workouts. They will also keep you full and give you the best body composition. Animal fats and saturated plant fats are the best (tallow, lard, coconut oil, red palm oil), followed by macadamia nut oil, olive oil, and oil from nuts.


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      Day 2

      What I ate:

      7am - Scrambled eggs with spinach, 2 clementines, 1 banana.

      8:30 - giant coffee w/2 shots of espresso

      10:00 - 10 almonds

      12:00 - Chicken masalla, mixed vegetables, water.

      Afternoon- All I had was almonds. Ate a couple of handfulls.

      6:30 pm - 2 pieces of cube steak, several beef meatballs, guacamole, spinach with garlic cloves, scoop of almond butter, handfull of walnuts, glass of green tea, a few grapes and blueberries, a clementine.

      What I did :

      2 sets of 25 bodyweight squats spread in the morning during breaks at work.

      My upper body is pretty sore from yesterday's workout and I was famished with low energy this evening. After work, instead of going to the gym, I went to Trader Joe's and bought some chicken sausage, salmon, almond butter, blueberries, blackberries, green tea, almond milk and grape tomatoes. I've got to start putting some time into food prep at night.

      Thanks, kl, for the good fats advice from above. I've got to find ways to work them in. Felt starved and exhausted all afternoon.


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        Nice start. Keep it going, don't worry about soreness (unless it's REALLY bad) and just make sure to stay active!

        That 630PM meal looks very good!


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          Day 3

          What I ate:

          7:30 am - 4 slices of bacon, 2 eggs fried in the grease, smoothie with Almond Dream, banana, blueberries and blackberries - had to add water.

          -Stayed satisfied until lunch.

          1:00 pm - flank steak, cauliflower, water

          2:00 pm - 20 almonds

          7:00 pm - 4 beef meatballs and 1 chicken sausage in tomato sauce, salad with spinach, celery, walnuts, radishes, olive oil and lemon juice; Guacamole, grapes and a clementine.

          What I did:

          At work : 2 steps at a time for 75 steps in the stairwell x 1.

          Gym : 6 pm - Strong Lifts 5x5

          Squats 5x5 - 50 lbs

          Overhead Press 5x5 - Bar

          Deadlift 1x5 - 115 lbs

          Pullups (jumping) - 3xF

          Planks 3x30 secs.

          Treadmill: Sprint intervals 30 sprint/30 jog x 4.

          I felt more satisfied through the morning. Not sure if this has to do with the bacon fat or not. This was my first smoothie using Almond Dream and fruit. I left it on the counter for about 5 minutes while cooking and found it had set into a sort of gel. Back in the blender with some water and it was all better.

          Thanks for the comments S72 and kl.


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            If any one reads this, what are your thoughts on supplementing with whey protein after working with weights on Paleo? Any problems with that. I'm just starting out in strenght training and will be training for a marathon at the same time. so I'm trying to lose fat, build muscle and increase endurance all at once. Always been told you can't do it all at once. Want to try anyway.


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              Seems like smoothies with whey protein are quite popular among the PB crowd. Since protein is one of your primary sources of nutrient, I'd say go for it!

              Have you heard this interview with Mark?


              There is a point where the need to consume protein after a workout is addressed. It's a small piece of the interview - so if you aren't interested in hearing Mark discuss the system, you probably won't want to listen to the whole interview. If memory serves, he agrees with the interviewer (Brett McKay) that it's not necessary to consume protein after every workout. I would think that following PB would get you the protein you need.


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                Thanks Clark, I'll check it out.

                Day 4

                What I ate:

                7am - chicken sausage, blueberries, black berries, a banana, Almond Delight.

                12:00 - salad with ham, tuna, eggs, sunflower seeds, lettuce, spinach, olive oil, vinegar.

                6:30 pm - two scrambled eggs, with pacific salmon, one chicken sausage, grapes, a clementine, green tea

                Rest Day

                Very sleepy tonight. Active at work today, feel like I'm breaking out of a rut I needed to break out of. I highly recommend Trader Joe,s chicken Smoked Andouille Sausage. I've eaten it for three days and still like it very much


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                  Day 5

                  What I ate:

                  7am - blackberries, blueberries, banana

                  12:30pm- salad with eggs, sunflower seeds, tuna, olive oil and vinegar

                  2:00pm - almonds

                  6:30pm - a few spoons of almond butter, grapes, clementines, chicke, Almond Dream, guacamole

                  What I did:

                  Strong Lifts 5x5

                  Squats 5x5 55lbs

                  Bench 5x5 50lbs

                  Inverted Rows 3xf - felt very weak

                  Pushup 3xf

                  Reverse Crunches 3x12

                  Definitely did not get enough food today. 9:30pm and I'm hungry, tired, headache, low energy. Tempted by bagels and cream cheese and milk today. I didn't cave. I did eat two pieces of hard salami and some green olives though. I felt very spindly in the gym today.


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                    Day 6 (yesterday)

                    What I did: Ran a 5k race first thing in the morning

                    What I ate :

                    11:00am - Bacon, eggs and salmon, fruit smoothie

                    3:00pm - shrimp

                    7:00 pm eggs, steak tips, onions, peppers, linguica,

                    some hash brown potatoes and 1/2 slice of white toast.

                    Went out with my family. Ended up going out to dinner. Felt bad. Headache, miserable, short temper, low energy - Christmas or carbs? I ended up eating a few carbs in the form of potatoes and minimal bread. Went to bed as soon as I got home.


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                      Day 7

                      Got up early to run a 10k in Rhode Island and realized I left home with bad directions. Never found the race.

                      What I ate:

                      6:30am - banana

                      10:30 am- fruit cup, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage links, 2 french toast w/ maple syrup, coffee

                      2:00 pm - walnuts, grapes, three or four slices of salami

                      6:30 pm - shrimp, spinach cooked in olive oil, lemon juice and garlic mash.

                      What I did: 6 or 7 sets of 10 pushups during commercials while watching football.

                      The french toast today was a bit of a violation. Still have another 10 miles of races to make it to by the end of the month.


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                        Day 8

                        Bathroom scale weigh in: 213lbs 7am (214 last week)

                        What I ate:

                        7:30 banana

                        9:00 mushroom, broccoli, provolone omelette ( light on cheese), two sausage links, 2 slices bacon, 1% milk

                        12:30 salad with tuna, egg, olive oil some feta cheese

                        6:00 almond butter on celery, two slices of deli turkey, clementine

                        8:30 salmon, spoon of almond butter, cherry tomatoes, green tea

                        What I did: 5x5

                        5x5 Squats 60 lbs

                        5x5 Overhead Press 50lbs

                        1x5 Deadlift 125lbs

                        3x5 Chinups (singles, jumping, assisted)

                        4x30 secs. Planks

                        Gym scale weigh in: 215 i/2 lbs. (216 last week).

                        No real weight loss in the first week, maybe a pound. Hungry in the afternoons and evening, low energy, irritable, head aches by evening. Did some more reading and feel okay about french toast the other day and a little dairy today. I'm still going to try to complete this pretty strictly - except for Christmas. Man, that milk was especially good today. I do enjoy milk.


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                          Day 9

                          What I ate:

                          7:30 clementine, banana

                          8:00 coffee w/ 2 shots

                          10:00 hard boiled egg

                          11:30 beef meatballs, veg soup

                          4:00 almonds

                          6:45 2 slices of pizza (they were going to be thrown out), 2 chicken breasts with pico de gallo and guacamole on top, green tea, dark chocolate, blackberries.

                          Skipped the gym to go to Trader Joes driven by the need to get some meet and dark chocolate after reading the dark chocolate thread on this site last night. The 72% Trader Joes variety tastes good to me. did well today, except for the pizza tonight. Seemed silly to throw it out with money being tight. Back and lats are sore from doing negatives on the pullups yesterday. Still not strong enough to crank out real ones, but I definitely put more into trying yesterday.


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                            Day 10

                            What I did:

                            Up at 5am and to the gym when it opened at 6am.

                            5x5 Squats 65

                            5x5 Bench 60

                            3x5 Rows - weak - look at technique

                            3x10 Pushups

                            3x12 Reverse Crunches

                            What I ate:

                            5:30 am - clementine, weight loss shake

                            7:45 - scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon,

                            11:00 - almonds

                            12:45 - salad with ham, turkey and eggs, 1% milk

                            4:00 - mocha latte, brownie, doritos (CHEAT)

                            7:00 - pork loin, peas, guacamole with pico de gallo, dark chocolate, green tea

                            1st time really saying, "the hell with it " and eating sweets. Glad to have an early morning workout in. Got out of work too late to travel for a 5k race tonight.


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                              Day 11

                              Pretty much a bust. Someone's birthday at work today with an irresitable chocolate cake. Very cold out so I skipped my run too.

                              What I ate:

                              7:30 am - clementine, banana

                              10:30 am - scrambled eggs, ham and swiss cheese on a croissant, 1% milk

                              1:00 pm - chicken vegetable soup, water

                              3:00 - a couple of pieces of mighty goos chocolate cake

                              7:00 - 2 chicken andouille sausages, spinach, blackberries, dark chocoalate, green tea.

                              No effort into today, but I didn't let the whole thing slide.