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  • Soooo, I'm going to revive this thread because I think I'm going for 3 kids. I had a lot of fun posting during my last pregnancy. I'm making a lot of assumptions here, but I think I'll birth this one (if it happens) at home, so I should have a lot of fun things to write about. I'm not knocked up yet, so this time around I'll include the getting pregnant part as well. This will be instructive, too, as my 2nd pregnancy took me about 1.5 years to achieve. However, I became preg within 6 weeks of switching to a primal diet. I don't know how much I'll write leading up to a (possible) pregnancy, but I'll try to check in. Right now, my preference would be for an Aug-Oct conception so I can have a nice summery or fall maternity leave. Ha, I know!


    • Hello again! It has been awhile. I disappeared off the boards for awhile too. It's been three years since we had our 3rd child now. I wish you the very best! I'm still plugging along.
      Favorite Mark Quote: "I train to play."

      June 2010: 168.6 -size 16
      Current: 155 - size 10/12
      Goal:135 - size 8

      My Journal


      • Good to see you again Momto3!

        This is a bit early to assume much but I'd really like to document my pregnancy as early as possible. So, here I am, with my period 5 days late. I did a home test a few days ago but it was negative. However, my skin is nice and I don't have any normal symptoms that I expect leading up to my period, so I think there's a chance that the test was just a pinch early (or diluted or whatever). Just in case, and in the interest of documenting from the very beginning, I thought I'd check in and record what's going on. I think I'll follow the same format I used last time- food, activity, thoughts.

        So, food:
        Scrambled eggs and green onion in coconut oil, salsa, black coffee
        Lunch- planned- probably SFH protein, as I plan on going to crossfit at lunch and don't usually have time to sit down and eat
        Dinner- I've been wanting to make a big pot of chili. tonight should be good for that.

        I had some fun reading through my journal last night. It reminded me that it wasn't so bad to be pregnant. I still hate it times 1 million, but it's temporary and you get a baby at the end.

        Oh, and beginning stats- I weigh between 145-150 and am 5'6". I've actually gained a bit from my lowest after my last pregnancy (I was down to about 139 at one point) but I can deadlift and squat about double the amount I used to so I like to think it's mostly muscle I go to crossfit 5 x's/week, try to walk 2-4 miles most days, and eat pretty well, though nowhere close to perfect. My weaknesses are popcorn, fried foods when I'm out with friends and wine. I measured my stomach around the belly button this morning and it was 28 inches and my chest is 34.5. I want to track these two because they were the ones that changed so much last time!

        I feel completely normal and fine. So, no signs of pregnancy yet. I did a heavy deadlift workout last week, a 40 mile bike ride this weekend and didn't notice any difference. This is one reason I'm somewhat doubting that I'm pregnant. I guess I'll know eventually.


        • Still no period today. So this would make it 6 days late. I'll test on Friday. If it's neg., I'll just assume that my cycle is out of whack this month.

          I made a yummy thai beef soup last night instead of chili.
          And we did "Helen" at CF yesterday. This is normally one of my favorites but I felt really out of breath the whole time and my forearms were crampy, probably from our bike ride this weekend. I was not excited about my time. I was hoping for a sub-9, but ended up with a mid-9. Ah well.
          ground bison w/ spices, three eggs, homemade saurkraut
          coffee, black
          Lunch- protein
          Dinner (planned)- grill some steaks! With spinach salad or wilted spinach and roasted 'taters.

          Activity- CF, also plan on walking later

          I feel fine. I don't like this limbo. No symptoms but I've been more thirsty and hungry than normal.


          • Today I'm 7 days late.

            B- big jar of bone broth (with fat), coffee
            s- orange
            L- (planned) protein after workout + salad at lunch meeting
            D- Another meeting, this time at dinner. It will be a drinks and appetizers even from 5:30-8 or so. I will probably have some crap like wings, quesadillas, etc.

            Activity- CF, maybe walk later.

            I'm weaning myself off coffee. Right now I don't have any after noon. I'm going to keep bumping that time back until I only have 1 cup in the morning. However, with all of my past pregnancies I lost the taste for it sometime in the second month (weeks 8-12 are my least favorite). I am going from being an all-day, unknown amounts of cups, coffee drinker, so this is going to be a bit of a project. I am happy about having a real reason not to drink alcohol, though. My social groups are all big on alcohol and I like the 9 month break from it.

            I've felt a bit snappish with my kids and husband. Maybe I'm finally getting my period?


            • So, I ended up getting my period super-late back September but am now 5W pregnant. This is a lot earlier than when I started posting to this thread with my last pregnancy, so I should have a pretty good record of the toughest time- the first trimester. I think I usually feel perfectly fine until week 8 or 9 and then exhausted until week 15 or so. We'll see. The only symptom I've had is (embarrassingly) an increase in gas. Ugh. I am also on day 23 of a Whole 30 that has been surprisingly easy. I'll be curious to see if an elimination diet like that has any effect on these early weeks. I may even extend it for another 30 days to see if that helps ward off the extreme exhaustion I'm dreading.

              Some differences between now and my pregnancy in 2009: I've been doing Crossfit 5x/week for the past year and about 3-4x/week for two years before that. I've also been eating primally for almost 4 years. Wow, that's crazy to say that. I'd describe my last pregnancy as easy (with the exception of weeks 9-15 where I just wanted to sleep all the time) and far, far better than my first. I gained about 30 lbs, I think? And I was able to run a pretty competitive 8K time just 6 weeks after the birth.

              Now, my starting weight is a bit higher (though I fit into the same size jeans) and I'm less of a runner and more of a lifter/crossfitter. Aaaand, I'm 32, not 27. I've got my work stress pretty well managed though it still runs me ragged sometimes. I'm so much further along in my health journey but slip ups seem to affect me so much worse these days. We'll see! I'm bursting with excitement about baby #3 and September can't get here soon enough.


              • For tracking purposes, here's what do most weekdays:
                3 eggs, leftover meat of some sort, sauteed peppers and sweet potato (everything cooked in CO)
                Coffee (black during whole 30; with heavy cream all other times)
                Late morning/pre-workout a big chicken breast with mustard or homemade mayo
                Noon- crossfit
                afternoon/lunch: tuna w/ homemade mayo and salad
                Dinner: varies, but generally meat/veg/starchy veg; snacking on almonds while cooking.

                Some nights I'm hungry after dinner and have some celery and almond butter or an apple, or beef jerky or something. Last night I was starving so I had a banana. I also take fish oil, magnesium, vitamin d, zinc and a prenatal vitamin now.

                I have a pedometer and strive for 10,000 steps/day but the last week or so has been about a million below 0 so I've just snuggled in on the couch. La-zy. I just want the temps to get above 0 so I can go for walks!

                Pregnancy news: none really, except a lot of hunger yesterday. Workouts, sleep and eating all seem the same.


                • Congratulations! How exciting for you! I loved being primal with our second, didn't need the after Christmas lunch nap last year!! Managed to keep off heartburn as well, it was anything with a trace of any flour, kept me on the straight and narrow
                  I look forward to hearing more about your journey


                  • Thanks vickyb! How old is your little one? I agree, my primal pregnancy was so much better than my SAD vegetarian first pregnancy. Ugh, I cringe thinking about 23 year old me being pregnant and finally just craving meat so much that I ended 9 years of vegetariansm. I guess that was a good thing- it led me to figure out that there was a reason I was starving for protein.

                    But, heartburn, backaches, a mouthful of cavities, stretch marks, insomnia, yeast infections and constipation were all something I just lived with during that first pregnancy. I had none of that during my second. Not to mention that the 2nd recovery was absolutely amazing to me. This time around I'd like to be a lot more mindful and hopefully the rewards will be even better. Also, I plan to keep up my activity level more this time (it wasn't bad during #2 but it can always be better). I'd also like to improve a few mental things: not hate my body so much, not focus on and be frustrated by what I CAN'T do, sleep when I need to sleep, stuff like that.


                    • Ok, I just went back and read some of my old journal entries and here's one that kills me:
                      Today I'm feeling really positive about my fitness. After making up my own lifting schedule in a somewhat haphazard way for the past year, I've decided to follow the Starting Strength program and see how that works. It's deceptively difficult, which really just shows me that my "do whatever" program was probably more of a play time than a true lifting program. Yet another indication that when you are a beginner weightlifter it's super easy to gain strength just by regularly touching weights. I'm hoping I can see some real strength improvements now! Here's where I'm starting (in lbs):

                      Squat: 120 (goal: 200 LIKE BATTY!!!! And be able to rock the overhead squat)
                      Bench: 90 (goal: my body weight so 135-140)
                      Dead: 145 (no clue what I can get this up to)
                      Clean: 75 (yep, no idea on this one either)

                      I'm so glad I found this! As my 3 year update, I've blown all of those starting numbers out of the water. This makes me really happy. Here are my somewhat recent max efforts:
                      1. Squat 215 (OH squat 105)
                      2. Deadlift 290 (can I get to 300 while pregnant? Haha, maybe I should try quick this week)
                      3. Bench- no clue, haven't done it in a while but 2 years ago I did 115.
                      4. Clean- 160 (that was yesterday).

                      I don't think I've kept any records from my lifting back then anywhere except this journal. But now I have proof that I've improved!


                      • I've decided that I should use this in-between period before I start feeling pregnant to make some diet tweaks. I make homemade sauerkraut and have been meaning to commit to eating it in the morning. I want to swap out snacking on nuts for sipping on bone broth while I cook. I would like to start using green tea as my default work beverage (ahem, instead of coffee). I'd also like to work in shellfish once/week and I still need to tackle my goal of eating/liking liver. I have a ton in the freezer.

                        Today we tested our max back squat. I'm up to 225! It's a bit depressing when I think about how I will have to start all over after this pregnancy. But, ya know, I'll have a cute baby so that should help ease the pain

                        Pregnancy stuff: still nothing notable. I did get a little depress-y this afternoon. That could be related to pregnancy hormones. Also, I've been pretty hungry the past three days.


                        • I have come down with a minor cold today. This is leaving me feeling a bit drained. But I'm on day 25 of my Whole 30 and I swear that this is keeping my symptoms to a pretty low level. Or who really knows.

                          I took a rest day from crossfit today. I plan on going Friday and Saturday and I like to take Sunday + one random day off.

                          I did make some extra-yummy chicken fried "rice" that the family seemed to enjoy tonight. It's amazing how quickly produce disappears from my fridge when I'm 1.) doing a Whole 30 and 2.) cook every night. The guy at the grocery store checkout even commented on how much produce I was buying and I thought maybe I'd gone overboard! But it's only Thursday and all I have left is a cabbage and a few apples.

                          After this weekend I'll have 6 weeks of pregnancy done. I need a few more under my belt to feel like time is moving at all. I think it will help if our winter could lighten up just a teensy bit. It's growing a bit exhausting.


                          • Ouch, my cold is settling in today. I must have spoken too soon. My face has a lot of sinus pressure now.

                            My food has really been on autopilot during this Whole 30. I'm on day 27 now and I'd say it's been easy for the past 10 days or so. Before that, lots of my food decisions were an internal battle. Now, I don't think that much about food, except that I've noticed an increase in hunger. My thighs also seem to be slimmer after this month. Yay! I know they will get bigger with pregnancy so it's nice to start with them on the smaller side.

                            I'll be headed back to the gym today and tomorrow. Generally a good sweat will help with sinus pressure, so I'm really looking forward to it!


                            • Pregnancy: The past couple of crossfit workouts have been a lot of up and down and change of positions (7 min. of burpees one day and a sprinting workout where we had to touch the floor and turn around every 10m). This has made me notice that my blood pressure is probably low right now because I've been getting dizzy/light-headed during these. I want some good old fashioned lifting workouts. Also, I was busy this morning and didn't have breakfast for about 3 hours after I woke up and I started to feel a little "off." Not pukey, really, just a vague sensitivity in my stomach. In the past two days my thirst has gotten insane as well. I'd forgotten about this but now it's coming back to me- I was a water fiend during the early days of my other pregnancies.

                              Food: Nothing to write about here, really. I've been eating lots of eggs, meat, various veggies, large amounts of baby carrots and almonds.

                              Otherwise, things are going well. I'm on day 28 of my whole 30.


                              • Hey, I miscalculated and yesterday was day 29 of my whole 30! So, today's my final day. How anti-climatic. Normally I'd celebrate with some wine, but, not this year. I can't even really think of what I want except to just not have to think about food all the time.

                                The sharpness of my cold is wearing off. My head is still stuffy but nothing like I was feeling this weekend. Now, I'd just like the weather to lighten up a bit (get above 0!) so I can do more walking/jogging/outdoor winter activity.