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    Well... I did my walking. 20 minutes, little over a mile (1.16).

    I wish I had vibrams... I wore the shoes I've barely worn that I bought in sweden for the gym in the apartment complex (in sweden everyone has shoes for every little task... shoes to wear in the gym, shoes to wear while walking to the gym (never the same pair... indoor shoes, no matter the task, are only worn indoors... never out. Even when going into the hairdresser you take your shoes off or cover them with little booties).

    Well anyway, the shoes... the heel is either not shaped right or the shoes are slightly to short. I might have blisters on the back of my feet now /sigh


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      You know what... I'm biting off more then I can chew again. I'm just going to focus on the moving slowly part for right this second. No LHT for this week or the next.

      Poll: For those reading this, should I post here pictures of the 'start'? I took pics after the first week or two so it's not a true before/before.


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        Keep going - you are doing great! I started eating this way on 8/15 then the challenge hit! Here are some FUN activities that would work in your house -
        hula-hoop (lots of fun - I was a champ when I was a kid but when I got my hoop a few months ago, I was a total dork)
        Video dance games

        I resort to the above when winter hits and the weather is crappy. During the summer they gather dust.
        Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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          I have the mini-trampoline but a hulu-hoop sounds like an awesome idea for bad knee days! Thanks! <3

          Maybe that can be my fun day of exercise... there are all sorts of awesome hula tricks and things I've seen :O


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            Yeah - it is fun and there are hula dance videos that you can get too! I just do the normal hooping!
            Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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              My glutes are just killin' me from that walk... then again I just realized I walked up the wrong street and that's why that hill seems soooooo horribly long (but I survived, so it's just bonus points!). However I've taken the day to relax and maybe look for the that hula-hoop.

              Weight-wise I've solidly broke 50% bf and have been below it long enough that I'm sure it won't go above it I broke 210 yesterday, and was the same today however I'm expecting that to go back up again (working on protein is getting my eating schedule wacky again and i'm just not getting all the calories in before I'm full... thinking I'm going to pull back on the protein again), but it's nice to see a number 20X for two days in a row!

              Originally posted by NorCalGirlDiver View Post
              Yeah - it is fun and there are hula dance videos that you can get too! I just do the normal hooping!
              That's awesome! I might have to get a cheap one at the big box store and see what happens!


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                If you are going to get a hoop - get one that is designed for fitness - the ones you buy for kids will only frustrate you! They are too light to go any real good. I got mine from someone locally that makes them. You can search for Hoop Fitness or Hoop Dance to find one close to you.
                Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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                  I had found some directions to make one at home. Hoping to get the materials this weekend


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                    I've been lax about journaling, however there has been nothing new to report. I've been following the plan to my best ability, and keeping status quo. That in itself is probably a bad thing :P no moving forward is no movement at all.

                    I need a Drill Sergeant. Anyone?


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                      Horrible horrendous panic anxiety attack. I wonder what those who are starting primal do when days like this hit? Fighting for lucidity isn't really conducive to cooking. I think I'm too scared to cook right now.

                      My choices now are either protein shake or hard-boiled egg for dinner.

                      Or I'll raid the guinea pigs salad bowl for dinner (which the thought of actually made me crack a giggle so maybe I should just for mood relief).


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                        I've been quiet but there hasn't been much new to post.

                        Right now I have a shit ton of stuff in the dehydrator. Tomatoes which were in the discount bin at the produce place as they probably won't make the rest of the day, some bell peppers and some onions. My goal is to make a jar of dried veggies to make stew in the winter when veggies become more $$.

                        Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to the beef jerky.

                        Oh! My iHerb order is supposed to arrive tomorrow. That's exciting. I've been very... not caring about anything the last week or so. It's been hard to do anything. I hoping some better quality fish oil (and I got some mag sup) will help some (or maybe at least I can convince myself so).