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    I am on day one of the 30 day challenge, after about 3 weeks of dipping my toes into it. I am fine during the week but struggle on the weekend in social situations!

    Anyway, here it goes......

    B: Piece of frittata with courgette, mushroom and parma ham. Tea

    S: 5 Brazils

    L: Leftover beef curry with cauliflower mash and spinach.

    S: 7 Macadamians + small apple

    D: 1 Thai Sweet Potato and Parsnip cake with 1/4 avo, fried egg, 1 pork sausage. Half glass of red wine.

    A few glasses of water during the day. Small square of 80% choc.

    Walked approx. 4 miles to and from work.

    I think I should cut out some of the nuts maybe....?

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    Welcome. That amount of nuts doesn't seem excessive, depending on your goals. I hope the challenge goes great for you.
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      I feel like a cow... lol I eat way more than that... but the upside I have lost ten pounds without any exercise. I wish you luck!

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        I ate more than that. I didn't count how many mac nuts were in my handful!


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          haha - that is pretty sad huh! I don't normally do that...


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            Day 2
            I was supposed to get up early to try the fitness self assessment....but I snoozed instead!

            I tried IF for the first time for breakfast....I was absolutely starving by 11.30, so much so that my colleague could hear my tummy grumble. So I caved and had a handful of nuts (no counting this time ;-) ).

            L: Sweet Potato Cake, Half Avo, 2 Sausages, apple

            S: Nuts - Macadamian, small salami, apple

            D: Chicken Fajitas with mushroom, pepper, scallions in lettuce with small bit of sour cream and other half of avo.

            2 squares of chocolate.

            WOD: Body Pump for 1 hour

            Is body pump recommended by all the Primal team..I am not sure?
            Walked 4 miles to and from work.

            To bed....


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              So I disappeared for a few days..busy work week and too tired to write!

              I fell off the wagon a little bit this weekend after a very good week. I had a few corn tortillas and chips. Back on it now though....

              B: Scrambled egg with spinach and piece of bacon.
              S: Homemade trail mix with a little dark chocolate - couple of handfuls.

              D: Cheat Pizza from It is made with almond flour, coconut milk, egg and then toppings - mozzarella, tomatoes, rocket and prosciutto.
              Glass of red wine.

              16km mountain bike ride...hard work but awesome!


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                Day 1 of Week 2

                B: Shake with whey protein, coconut milk, water, strawberries
                S: half avocado, brazils
                L: Paleo Pizza leftovers
                D: Wild Salmon baked with lemon, basil, garlic and butter
                S: Roasted rhubarb and strawberries with a tinsy bit of honey and vanilla with spoon of greek yoghurt.

                Walk about 4 miles today, sat in sunshine for an hour at lunch.

                I felt awesome today!


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                  Sounds like you're doing great! I think body pump is reasonably primal - its certainly lifting heavy things provided that you are pushing yourself. At the same time, make sure you're not over doing it if its a long class

                  I'm impressed at you getting an hours worth of sunshine! It seems like any time I manage to get some time outdoors at the moment it starts clouding up and threatening rain. Yesterday I got completely drenched when I went to the shops but it was lovely and sunny for the rest of the day!

                  Sugar is my nicotine...


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           hour sunshine in London is not quite full on sun as you know! It is better than nothing though - enjoy it while it lasts!

                    I felt pretty tired all day today even after a good sleep. I think I needed more food...?

                    B: 2 eggs scrambled with butter
                    S: Macadamians
                    L: Small piece of wild salmon, tomato, half avo
                    L number 2 as that was not enough: baked ham, blueberried and 2 spoons of greek yoghurt

                    S: Homemade protein bar before gym

                    D: 2 small minute steaks, courgette, roast red pepper, halloumi and portobello mushroom with garlic buttter

                    Body Pump tonight, felt a bit weak on my weights today. Still hungry after dinner!


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                      Today was a bit dull in work, which resulted in too much snacking (i think). How do people feel about snacking? Some say it is a NO NO, but Marks sample menu includes some small snacks. I am finding it hard to tell if it is boredom or hunger, but it felt like hunger today. Who knows?!

                      B: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces or bacon
                      S: Macadamians - too many
                      L: Small piece of steak, portobello mushroom, courgette, rocket, red peppers, half avo. 2 spoons of greek yoghurt and some roasted rhubarb.
                      S: Homemade protein bar (egg white protein, almond butter, hazelnut butter, some honey, cacao powder, coconut oil).
                      D: Bowl of spiced coconut butternut squash soup and small steak.

                      Glass of red wine.

                      I think I am not eating enough protein? hmmm will have to think about this one.

                      The usual walk to and from work, and some wandering around at lunchtime.


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                        Also here are my stats for the record. I would like to lose fat and gain some muscle. I can definitely feel a difference in my clothes already but I am hoping it will speed up soon.

                        Weight = 122
                        H = 5'5"
                        Waist = 26
                        Hip = 37.5
                        Chest 31.5
                        Thigh = 21
                        Calf = 12.5
                        Bicep =10


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                          Yesterday I slipped up with a ginger nut biscuit (cookie). I didn't really want it but I caved to pressure. It doesn't sound like much but within an hour I had a splitting headache, which stayed until this morning. It was borderline migraine, and the only thing I can triggered it is the bloomin biscuit. Oh well...

                          B: 2 scrambled eggs
                          S: cookie
                          S: cooked ham + protein bar (at a conference so very late lunch)
                          L: Bowl of soup
                          D: Chicken thigh, chorizo and some roasted veggies. Not overly hungry due to headache, but food made me feel better.

                          No exercise except for few miles walking, more than usual as a result of a big conference.