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Kiwi PB challenge - PB + 5 kids + ironman training

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  • Kiwi PB challenge - PB + 5 kids + ironman training

    Hi there
    I'm going to need your help...

    My name is Tim and I'm a choco/caffiene/simple sugar addict really keen to do PB and can see the benefits but struggle to get on to it. Mainly cos life so busy with a full on family doing sports and large extended family needing time and an intense business life. So, of course, I throw an Ironman into the mix! My IM training is high quality low volume so I can fit it in - 45 - 70 min about 5 days a week with a mix of intervals and power training so PBish

    My biggest challenge daily will be, being surrounded by kids snack food and work food but my aim is to wean the kids off the junk stuff in packets and move the to homemade cakes and biscuits for a start (at least it'll drop the amunt of 'science' in their diets) ne onto fruit and veges as snacks

    For me, it's dropping the mental intensity and slowing down as 'speed' leads to sugar and coffee cravings which rev me up more which leads to sugar and coffee cravings and on and on

    My theme for the 30 days (and beyond) is 'clean' food and quality relaxation - walks, mind stimulation

    Goals are to shop well and invest in good food
    Hide the kids snacks out of sight (of them too)
    Add some power workouts to my week
    Add some 'chilllaxing' time to unwind
    Learn new dinners that are quick

    Off we go!