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  • Torrie - Primal Challenge Journal

    Hi I'm Torrie and I have a carbohydrate addiction.

    I have been eating primarily Paleo for the last several months with wonderful results in weightloss, strength, and conditioning. However, I ALWAYS fall off the wagon and for the last two months I have fallen off the cliff into the usual pool of processed carbs (I'm a popcorn fanatic!) and not ironically, exercise as well. So after weeks of sore feet and hands (water retention and arthritis), sore back, foggy mind, etc. this challenge comes in good timing. Luckily the muscle mass I put on has helped keep my weight down so I only have 10 more pounds to go. My goal is to NOT return to the yoyo cycle of carb addiction.

    I know that my body stores grains and legumes as FAT pure and simple. I also have Hashimotos disease where my body attacks my own thyroid thus a have hypothyrodism. Even when I was all raw my body wouldn't let go of the fat because of all the grain I was eating. Paleo changed everything.

    My exercise goals are to walk 30 min./5 days/wk and start rehabilitating my dog after her knee surgery, strength training 1 hr./3 days/wk, yoga/stretching 90 min. wk, plyometrics 1 hr. wk, martial arts 1 hr./4 days/wk (getting ready for tournament so it's usually 2 days/wk), play is badmitton 2 hrs. 1 -2 days/wk. Some might say that my exercise could be excessive; however, with hyperthyroidism I had to find the right combination of food and exercise in order to maintain a healthy weight and I found that I needed to have a bit more exercise to counterattack my bodies habit of wanting to store fat.

    I wish everyone taking the Primal Challenge the best and am free for comments, support or feedback.


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    Welcome Torrie! Remember that you are driving the wagon not just riding. Grok on!
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    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Good luck to you can't wait to see more journal posts.

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        I can absolutely relate to certain carbs being absolutely addictive. I also can put away serious amounts of popcorn - although, I can't eat the same volume that I used to before Paleo (yeah, I've tried. more than once.) I still can put away huge quantities of sweet baked goods and donuts. I guess they don't bulk up as much in the stomach?

        anyway, congratulations to rededicating yourself!



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          Hi Torrie, I began the challenge today as well. Good luck to us, we can and will do this!


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            Hi Torrie! I am hypothyroid as well and feel sooo much better eating primal! I'm starting the challenge today too, to get back into exercising as my weight won't budge without exercise even when I stay ketogenic. Good luck to you!

            Do you do hot-air or microwave popcorn? My youngest (almost 7) is gluten-sensitive too, and loves popcorn. We bought a hot air popper, so he's only getting popcorn, butter, and sea salt, sometimes a little garlic powder.


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              Thanks for the reminder that I drive the wagon and you're so right....I'm an emotional eater and in times like that I want someone else to drive and I just sit in the back seat eating popcorn!! Take care, Torrie


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                Thanks Lexxy for your support! Torrie


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                  I have a hot-air popper and LOVE coconut oil (I can't do dairy or gluten) and nutritional yeast on my popcorn; however, the popcorn doesn't agree with me. It's good to meet others that battle with hypothroidism and I just didn't want to believe what the books were saying - "You may never get back to your ideal weight". It's not true and we can do it!! Thanks for you support and good luck to you too!


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                    OK....Day 1 and I'm already sore! - Weight 124lbs.
                    5:30am - Wake and prepare daughters breakfasts and lunches
                    6:00am - 1 hr. Chest and Back - varying pushups and pullups, bentover rows (includes 15 min. warm up and cool down) 15 min. abs
                    7:40am - Protein Shake - Egg white powder, apple, strawberries
                    8:30am - Work
                    10:30am - 4 egg omlette w/ lots of mushrooms, olives, and turkey bacon cooked in ghee and coconut oil
                    12:30pm - handful of pumpkin seeds
                    4:00pm - LARGE salad with mixed greens, 2 stalks celery, olives, nutritional yeast, 6oz. chicken breast, homemade Asian dressing 2T
                    4:30pm - Work
                    6:30pm - 20 min. walk with my dog and got sunshine
                    7:30pm - Bag of frozen raspberries
                    9:45pm - Bed


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                      Hola!! Chest and Back - Sore!! I must learn moderation! I was lifting heavy things yesterday
                      I woke up for the first time in 2 months with my arthritic hand not hurting after only 3 days of Paleo eating....Fantastic!
                      5:30am - Wake and prepare daughters breakfasts and lunches
                      6:15am - 1 hr. of Plyometrics - Jump Training - 30 sec. sprint type activities, with 1 min. rest in between
                      7:40am - Protein Shake - Raw Hemp protein powder, orange, frozen blueberries
                      8:30am - Errands
                      10:00am - 1 hr. of Martial Arts - Did lot of kicking with jumps and combinations
                      12:00pm - 4 egg omlette w/mushrooms, olives, turkey bacon, spinach, and green onions cooked in ghee and coconut oil
                      12:30pm - Work
                      3:30pm - Baked chocolate cookies and DIDN'T HAVE ANY!!! Yeah!
                      5:30pm - 2 Hardboiled eggs, 1 banana and 1T almond butter
                      6:00pm - 1 hr. in the garden - got my sunshine quota
                      7:00pm - Handful of green grapes
                      8:00pm - Big bowl of chicken and assorted vegetable stir fry - eating too late here
                      I notice that I wait too long after my protein shake to eat....I'm famished after a couple of hours. My endurance is coming back better than I expected and although I've lost some strength over the last two months of inactivity, it's again not as much as I expected.
                      I feel like I'm eating too much fruit and not enough vegetables....but I LOVE fruit (probably for the sugar content) :0)


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                        I am missing popcorn cooked in coconut oil - delish!
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