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    Okay starting my new journal here for the challenge. I had already considered it even before Mark's message today as I didn't think the folks over at Protein Power would want me clogging up my journal there with PB stuff

    So far today:

    Breakfast : 3 hard boiled eggs, 1 T butter, dash salt, dash pepper; 4 slices bacon

    Lunch: 6oz burger patty with slice of cheddar cheese, squirt of SF Heinz ketchup and a packet of French's mustard; about a cup of romaine with Caesar (unfortunately it is store bought, I'm not good in the kitchen); 2 oz baby carrots (also note that I ate this outside in the sun for my 15 minutes of sunshine)

    Snack: 50 grams apple slices (that were meant for lunch but I was stuffed) and 2 oz English cheddar

    Dinner Plans: "Chicken tenders and cheese sauce" according to the recipe card... chicken sliced into tenders (No breading) just cooked in butter. Sauce is butter, broth, Worchestershire sauce; cheese and cream. Also has red and green bell peppers.

    If I get hungry after dinner with have 1/4 cup almonds and 2 squares 90% Lindt.

    Exercise for the day.... from someone that is asthmatic and very out of shape (and over weight) - went for a walk with my 17 yr old daughter who is doing this challenge with me... only 23 minutes but was to the end of the block and back. And I was out of breath and legs burning when we got home.

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    Now that the day is done my numbers are:

    Protein: 146 (my minimum is 94, hoping going over is ok)
    Carbs: 23.3

    Feeling good about today


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      At least you went for the walk- doesnt matter how long- just that you did it Good luck to you and your daughter!

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        Thanks Lexxy!


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          Great job! What are your goals for the challenge?


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            Originally posted by FLGurl View Post
            Great job! What are your goals for the challenge?
            I have several.... but since diet is 80% of it all those are my main goal areas. To eliminate all grains for the 30 days as well as peanut butter.

            I have been basically LC for quite some time, even had lost a good bit of weight twice (10 years ago and 5 years ago) only to fall off the wagon and regain it all back. I have a tendancey to do okay for breakfast (either shake or bacon/eggs) and lunch, but then fall apart once I get home (mid-afternoonish) and dinner. I tend to be very very good or very very bad when it comes to the day's totals. Pasta and potatoes are my big weaknesses (and buns on burgers if we're eating out). And apparently peanut butter. I've "known" that I can over do it (so often feeling like I could sit down and eat an entire jar), but have also found that a large spoonful can curb other cravings. I completely ran out a few days ago and had it on my grocery list to get more. When Mark posted about the challenge I decided to not get more since it wouldn't be used for 30 days anyway. And nearly every afternoon since I go looking for it. First couple of days were rough in fact. That reaction right there tells me there is probably some sort of addiction involved and so I need to not have it, period.

            Also not an exerciser. When I had the big weight loss 10 years ago I was a gym rat - circuit training 3 days/week, elliptical for 45 minutes 3 days/week, yoga classes twice a week. Gym is no longer in the budget and I found that even when I joined (5 years ago) I just didn't go. Working on getting moving again, even if it's "baby steps". So my 23 minute walk yesterday was a huge step forward for me. I've done my assement in the PBF booklet and just finished my first round of those exercises (except pull ups as we have no bar). I have a very long way to go on those. But my main goal for the month is just to get moving, even it's just walking for 20 minutes 3-4 days a week.

            That said, what I accomplished on the exercise front this morning:

            Wall Pushups 2 sets 21 first set 12 second set
            Wall Squats 2 sets 13 first set 11 second set
            Elev. Jack Knife 2 sets 7 first set 5 second set (I used the stairs as my bench, just hope I had my form correct)
            Plank (hand/knee) 2 sets 37 seconds 46 seconds (and I just realized I totally forgot there are side planks involved - my abs are kiling me now I can't imagine trying to do more!)


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              Some people do a spoonful of coconut oil or almond butter or a shot of olive oil to curb cravings. Almond butter is really tasty and you can make your own with a food processor! I don't have one so I haven't tried to yet. But perhaps it would be best not to replace pb with another nut butter.
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                Making my own almond butter sounds interesting. I used to buy it for my shakes but it got too pricey. I do keep almonds in the house all the time though so making my own could be doable if it's not too complicated (I'm not good in the kitchen).

                Today's food:

                Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs (using butter, heavy cream, bit of shredded cheddar, salt, pepper) and 4 slices bacon
                Lunch: 3 oz chicken breast, 2 oz cheese, 2 oz fresh strawberries (new for me, never been much of a fruit person, I'm trying to broaden my food choices)
                Snack: 1/2 cup yogurt (again a new item, was real yogurt, plain, organic, whole milk, etc..) and 2 squares 90% Lindt
                Dinner: I had thown together a 2# sirloin roast, 1 potato and 6 oz baby carrots in the crock pot with spices and broth, split between 3 people so for Fitday I just assumed I had 1/3 of the entire thing.

                Protein: 157.8
                Carbs: 53.5

                Still feeling excited about this challenge. Really helps that my teenage daughter is doing it along with me, she's keeping me on track!

                Hoping I can find a way to do the Grokfeast posted about today, would be so nice to win a cow!


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                  Originally posted by LexxyV86 View Post
                  At least you went for the walk- doesnt matter how long- just that you did it Good luck to you and your daughter!
                  +1 The fact that you were out of breath and that your legs were burning is great! Grok on!
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                    Day 3 done... still doing well. Other than lack of sleep last night due to a new book by my favorite author

                    Had my boiled eggs/bacon for breakfast.... took a chicken caesar salad for lunch (romaine, chicken breast and the dreaded store bought dressing) and apple slices. Had some canned tuna with homemade mayo for my afternoon snack (DH made the mayo for me today using a recipe by the Drs. Eades of Protein Power fame) so that was my "new food" experiment for today. Currently working on a protein shake as my dinner. I had planned on having a burger patty but just wasn't up to that much food... only moderately hungry, but too hungry to go to bed with nothing... so opted for a shake (16 oz water, 2 oz heavy cream, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 2 scoops EAS 100% Whey).

                    Daughter was busy with homework when I got home from work and had church tonight so I wasn't sure we'd get our walk in, but we managed 20 minutes so I'm good with that (better than doing nothing).

                    Had my lunch outside again too so got my sunshine!

                    Today's numbers:

                    Protein 138.5
                    Carbs: 39.8

                    Thanks to everyone that has stopped in to offer support!


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                      Originally posted by BeccainSC View Post
                      Protein 138.5
                      Carbs: 39.8
                      How do you calculate these numbers may I ask?
                      Quit being paranoid, Brianna! Everyone is way too wrapped up in their own problems to be hating on you.


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                        Oops realized I forgot a meal... had a snack at work late morning 1/4 cup almonds and 2 squares 90% Lindt!


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                          Originally posted by Brianna View Post
                          How do you calculate these numbers may I ask?
                          I use


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                            Have done my LHT for today, except pull ups as still no way to do them. Is there something that can be substituted there? I do have some hand weights around here.

                            Actually did fewer of the wall pushups than Tuesday, was just too sore, my arms even got to the point where they were shaking - this affected my planks as well. Feeling the burn all over right now too.


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                              Having a rough day... monster headache and craving Chick-Fil-A and peanut butter something fierce. Made myself an extra large bowl of tuna (2 cans) and some almonds/Lindt. Hoping that will help with the cravings at least. Now off to the bed to (hopefully) help with the headache. Typical pattern for me... start LC on Monday, headaches kick in a few days later, I cave to cravings and have a bad weekend, restart on Monday and repeat. I have GOT to get through this. I know it will be better on the other side if I can just hold out!