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    Well, this is a first for me. Been lurking & dabbling for a while, and now it's time to get serious. Exercise wise, in a good place, but my diet hasn't been as good as it should be, which kinda sabotages my other efforts! Gluten free already, but need to kick the grains and legumes. Do SEALfit program for training, and coming back after a long layoff with serious injury (adductor/glute tears, twice!), won't overdo it ever again. My goals, in no particular order, because they are all important:

    1. No alcohol, grains or legumes for 30 days, period- and I bet I see performance gains and weight loss I am using CalorieKing to track intake
    2. No slacking off on training, but will take my rest days seriously
    3. Fat loss- I have a favourite pair of 501's to get back into by the end of the month (layoff from hard training + alcohol and grain intake has added a few kilo's back in the last 7 months)
    4. Find time to play- this is a hard one for me but I will take advantage of young nieces!
    5. Be consistent with logging progress- daily is the aim simply because 'out of sight' might mean 'out of mind' and I think the support here will be uplifting as well!

    Happy Hunting, everyone!

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    Happy with first day! Total calories 1280, 61% from fats (nuts, olives, avocado, rump steak, feta cheese, eggs), 34% from protein (steak, tuna, eggs), and 5% from carbohydrates (leafy greens, cucumber, tomato, pumpkin in 2 big salads). Today is a rest day from training but got plenty of exercise running around at work, and home (up and down ladders, painting).
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      Day 2! Very busy day today! It's day 7 of no caffeine, and apart from being grumpy with a bit of a headache for a couple of days, it has gone better than I expected (have subbed decaf coffee, herbal tea or plain water). Sleeping better too, and waking up refreshed- never thought I was a morning person before as I always had to have real coffee in the morning to get going (bad days was a 2 mug start)! Surprised with calorie intake today- only 980 (fat 45%; protein 26%; carbs 29%). Lite workout today as well- deloading this week, but had plenty of pull-ups, pushups, flutter kicks, box jumps, wall balls, and (oh joy!) burpees to get through......


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        Been a very busy few days, and only one little slip up (a big glass of a great shiraz to help a big steak go down- very nice!). Feeling a bit flat- hay fever season has started and it looks like it will be a bad one this year, but it will pass! I'm a little confused as to whether red wine is ok for paleo, but I guess a little bit occasionally won't do me any harm. Carb intake swings a bit, from really low (less than 10%) to high (day 2- 29!), but I am averaging about 14-15%. No grains have passed my lips either (I was having a small serve of rice once a week before the challenge) and v happy with that! Hope everyone else are doing great!