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  • Going Going Gone Primal - Contest Journal Intro

    I went primal a few months ago when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I am youngish at 37 but about 100 lbs overweight (not sexy). I have been on 2 BP meds, Zoloft and evil Simvastatin for about 4 years and when my doc offered me yet another drug for diabetes, I said NO MORE! I poured myself into learning about diet and how the body works, how to naturally reverse diabetes and eradicate all the ailments that have plagued me for too long: obesity, high BP, high cholesterol, depression and anxiety and fatigue. Yes, and I'm a blast at parties.

    That's when I came across the low carb lifestyle and MDA and everything turned around. I knew there was something to this bad carb/sugar poison that was killing us all and a new, 'unconventional' way to look at how to heal our bodies from the poisons we are up against daily. I was invigorated! The first thing i did was start to wean off the useless Simvistatin (disclaimer: all med and vitamin changes were discussed with my doc) that made my muscles ache and my body tired. Then I started to wean off Zoloft very slowly (over the course of about 2 mos) that made my heart race and my brain to literally wah wah in and out (not fun). Then I cut one of my BP meds in half and started replacing it with vitamins and minerals like Cal/Mag/Potassium, COQ10, Taurine, Vit C, Fish Oil etc. And eventually went off them except for half a diuretic now.

    Of course I completely and totally said goodbye to anything that wasn't a plant, animal or wine After the first week, my body was singing with joy. I felt awesome. I felt lean inside and energetic on the outside. I kicked up my PB exercise regimen, I tested my Glucose and BP every day and every day was in Normal range! Now, having been Primal since July and off most of my meds for a couple weeks, I have dropped 35 lbs and I am feeling dangerous! Like I could just about do anything

    Of course, I have quite a long way to go, but I will tell you this. I don't even care about carbs and sugar anymore. If I want something sweet, I'll have some berries, or stevia sweetened green tea and I'm all set. I can barely force down 2 meals a day because I'm just not that hungry, but I snack healthy in between. I need to step up the workouts however, because I started slow as my body was in near death mode in the beginning. But all in all, an amazing start to an awesome journey of taking MY LIFE back from the death grip of 'conventional wisdom'.

    Thanks for reading and Grok on, kids!

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    Good luck! i'll be reading.