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My first day!

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  • My first day!

    Today is the first day of my primal life. For now it went pretty good.

    Breakfast: Eggs with collard greens, avocado, kale.

    Lunch: Various nuts and black tea

    Early dinner: Salmon and salad with pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

    Late snack: Apple and cashew nuts.

    I walked around the neighborhood for 45 minutes, went to the gym and walked more and did some light strength exercises (as far as I remembered from what I've read), some knee push ups, planks and some stretching. I think what I did was a little too light for me. But I felt good.

    Good night,

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    Welcome. I hope you do really well on the challenge.
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      Thank you Hedonist!


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        I started my second day with the strengthening exercises, I could only finish one cycle and I couldn't do the pull ups. After that I had a good primal breakfast.


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          The second day menu:
          B: eggs, mushrooms, potato, turkey bacon, avocado, kale, black tea
          L: chicken, spinach and broccoli
          D: I was still full, we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner, I could only eat the appetizers, one skew chicken and 2 shrimps but I drank two cocktails which were pretty high in sugar.


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            Originally posted by Nimesay View Post
            I started my second day with the strengthening exercises, I could only finish one cycle and I couldn't do the pull ups. After that I had a good primal breakfast.
            Don't forget about the progressions in the Primal Blueprint Fitness e-book.

            Good luck, welcome to the Tribe!
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              Primal Blueprint Fitness e-book is my exercise guide) Thank you Griffin!


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                Third day menu:

                B: None (waited until noon to eat)
                L: Baked chicken, cauliflower, onions, potato, garlic casserole.
                Snack: 1 Apple and cashew nuts
                D: Guacamole and skirt stake in a Mexican restaurant.

                Mexican restaurant was really challenging and it was difficult to resist to chips, beans and rice were everywhere but we did it. My husband and I, we did not eat a single non-primal food. (but I should say I was still a little hungry when we left )

                As exercise we walked around the park in the neighborhood for about 50mins.

                It was a nice day!


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                  Fourth day:

                  B: Eggs with collard greens, mushrooms and bacon, red cabbage and carrot salad, steamed kale and smoked salmon (I love a big breakfast)
                  No lunch, I was not hungry.
                  Snack: Beef jerky
                  D: Mixed green vegetables cooked with minced meat and salad with seeds and nuts.


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                    This is what we usually eat for breakfast

                    Omelet with collard greens, mushrooms and bacon, smoked salmon, carrot and red cabbage salad and steamed kale and olives. Yummy!
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                      Five days in and now you're doing pictures? Fancy!

                      Yeah, I think you'll fit in well here on the forums. And, you'll stick to Primal pretty easily.

                      Keep it up!
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                        Thank you Tim!