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    After a not-stupendous-eating-summer, the 30-day Primal Challenge was exactly what I needed to help get me back on track, even though starting a day late. As a personal trainer, it is vital that I practice what I preach. In most instances, I eat much healthier than my clients. Although I do encourage them all to follow the Primal diet, most have yet to make the true sacrifice for their health.

    My Goals for this Challenge (hopefully):
    1) Lose 3-5 lbs. I weigh 130-133 on any given day. I would really like to weigh and maintain 125 at the most.

    2) Help my husband eat more primally- he doesn't really follow the diet- might follow it ~60% of the time

    3) Completely omit the very occasional grain

    4) I use Soy Silk coffee creamer in my coffee. As crazy as it sounds, I would like to get off the coffee permanently. I've tried the heavy cream, but I always wind up putting in too much sugar- so to get rid of the creamer & sugar completely, I have to quiet coffee.

    Meals so-far for 9/13:

    B: 3 small pork sausage patties, 1 slice bacon, blueberries & strawberries w/ walnuts, 3 c. coffee w/ creamer - will be working out shortly

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    Continued from yesterday, 9/13, a few more goals rattled around in my mind all day. Specifically, to keep my grams of carbs under 100 and possible under 90 for me so that I can lose the fat I want. Anyhoo- after breakfast, was my workout of:

    ~400 m run warm-up, stretches
    3x: 15 Wallball shots, 14lbs. & 15 Planche progression push-ups
    5x4 snatch work
    then 5 Rounds: 400m Run, 15 Thrusters w/ 65 lbs, 15 pull-ups (25 minutes flat)
    Consumed 1 hammer gel during workout

    Post workout: 1 scoop Hammer Whey w/ 1 scoop maltodextrin

    L: Steamed broccoli and cauliflower w/ tuna & all natural caesar dressing

    S: Chai Green Tea w/ small handful mixed nuts (almonds, macs, cashews)

    D: Steak Salad w/ red pepper, avocado, garden-grown cucumber, onion, tomatoes, all natural balsamic dressing, a few extra nuts

    Feeling pretty good about yesterday's meals. Breakfast carbs were probably ~25 grams (> 1 c. blueberries & ~ 1/2 c. strawberries ); consume ~15 grams carbs at lunch with broccoli and cauliflower, possibly 20 grams at dinner. Post-workout drink had 15 grams, and the hammer gel had 20 grams. So total carb count for yesterday was ~ 100 grams. I'll have to wait and see if I'm on track or I need to be more diligent about counting grams. Plus, according to Mark, it's about the net affect of the week, not just one day.

    Today should be a good day, too. Will be doing some heavy strength training after breakfast/before work. Need to get a good breakfast in this morning and will be ready to go!


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      As I am reporting a day behind, here are my meals for yesterday, 9/14. Did not sleep well the last two nights. Not sure what the deal was. Couldn't fall asleep Tuesday night and last night, then staying asleep was an issue. I've never really had any problems with sleeping- i'm usually dead to the world once i fall asleep. Anyhoo- here we go:

      B: 3 farm-raised eggs w/ 2 oz. turkey sausage, 1 c. blueberries, 12 mac nuts, 3 c. coffee w/ creamer- probably 30 grams carbs

      warm-up: jump rope 200 x 6, 15 sec rest between, heavy leg day:
      overhead squats 1-1-1-1-1, front squats 1-1-1-1-1, back squat 1-1-1-1-1, increased weight throughout, end at 100 for OHS, 145 FR, 205 BS
      3x: DB walking lunges w/25 lbs, 25 sit-ups

      Post workout: 1 scoop Hammer whey, 1 scoop maltodextrin, 15 grams carbs

      L: Chicken Salad salad: base instead of lettuce: home-grown zucchini, yellow squash, little bit carrot, red onion, red pepper, made w/ canola mayonnaise & little bit of balsamic dressing- probably ~ 20 grams carbs

      S: couple handfuls pistaschio nuts

      D: grilled steak w/ home-grown very small corn-on-cob w/ butter, cauliflower /w garlic & pine nuts in olive oil- ~ 30 grams carbs (not really sure)

      1/2 oz. dark chocolate piece- 72% cacao (5 grams?)

      Total carb count for the day: 100 g carbs? That is probably the best guess.

      Felt good during workout- pretty strong. Really wish I had bumper weights- I think that I could have lifted more on over-head squats if I could drop the weight from over head after done.


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        9/15 food journal:
        B: 3 eggs, red pepper, green pepper, onion, tomato w/ salsa (i some meat, but now I can't remember what it was), 3 c. coffee w/ creamer ~10 g carbs

        S: couple handfuls mixed nuts: macs, almonds, cashews

        L: sausage, steamed mixed veggies (frozen from bag), apple, ~30 g carbs

        D: Huge salad w/ tuna & balsamic dressing, ~30 g

        So total carb count for the day: ~70 g.

        No workout today- super super tired. Just general mental fatigue from lack of sleep (slept much better, 9/14, but just not enough) Feeling better this morning, still a little tired, going to go workout.

        Also got some great help from everyone on the forum about poor sleeping- most are saying that I'm not in ketosis and I really should drop down to 50 g carbs to be so. Just had a handful of macs and coffee so far this morning- not really IFing, but will definitely help cut down the carb count. Plus going to weigh this morning and see how it goes.

        Also need to do some more reading/research on Jack Kruse and his leptin reset. That sounds super interesting. Makes sense, though, that if you are eating crappy carbs, which don't signal leptin, then you are going to be leptin resistant; as well as heavier and unhealthy. Funny how people can get so far from what we should be. Time to go back to our grok roots!


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          Sounds like you are doing great - keep up the good work!
          Height - 5'8"
          SW - 191
          CW - 162
          GW - 155

          Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.


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            Thanks for the reply!

            So what I have not been great at, has been entering meals for the last 3 days! I raced and was out of town Saturday, which made it a little bit more difficult, but it was okay. So, here we go:

            Friday: I did not really IF and I did not really eat breakfast. I had a couple handfuls of mac nuts and coffee with creamer, as well as a hammer gel (22 g). So carb grams: ~35 g.
            Lunch: Sausage w/ steamed broccoli and cauliflower- did not eat it all, ~18 g
            Dinner: 6 oz. grilled buffalo patty w/ 1 egg, zucchini parcel w/ butter and pine nuts, ~10 g

            Total for friday: ~63-70 grams carbs

            Saturday: Race Day! Mad Mudder in Missoula- obstacle course and fun run.
            B: 3 eggs w/ 3 oz. chicken sauteed in coconut oil, 1 small mandarin orange, ~10 g
            1 hammer gel, 22 g, recovery 1 scoop whey protein w/ maltodextrin, 15 g
            L: Salad w/ turkey & salami at restaurant, ~ 10 g- big, but most lettuce and a few other veggies
            D: Beef thing that Pat made w/ few tomatoes, ~ 10 g
            Desert: coconut ice cream, ~30 g

            Total for Saturday: ~75 grams

            Net Total for 1st week of Challenge: ~70 grams carbs, right on track. Also weighed on Friday morning and wt was: 129.4. Made me feel much better.

            B: Huge egg scramble w/ veggies: broccoli, onion, little bit carrot, bacon, chicken, salsa, ~5 g
            S: small handful macs
            L: chicken salad salad leftovers w/ tomatoes & avocado, ~5 g
            D: roast w/ green beans & pine nuts, cucumber, colorabi, cauliflower ~ 15 g
            Total for today: ~25 gr.

            Felt like I probably did not eat enough yesterday or feeling that from Saturday. Went to bed last night feeling slightly hungry, but okay. Did not sleep well last night. Not sure if I slept in too late yesterday morning, but also could not fall asleep- thinking too much about stuff. Tried relaxation techniques, but then would get side-tracked before I even got passe relaxing my eyeballs.

            I also have a majorly different schedule than usual this weekend and am trying to determine how workouts will fit in. Not so sure about today already, particularly if I want to eat breakfast- and I am hungry. I might try to workout with class this afternoon, but not sure how that will go. It's hard to teach and workout with them at the same time.

            Overall, feeling pretty good about first week of challenge. Although, stuff I don't normally crave, I want: like pastries! I rarely ever want a pastry but now that I totally committed not to eating any- that's what I want. I'm sure it will pass! Keep saying NO!


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              Yesterday went pretty well. Pat decided to start reading the Primal Blueprint after he spent some time looking at the website. He decided all on his own that he need to eat the primal diet- which is fantastic. It's great. He still needs a little help. I help him put together breakfast and lunch, some snacks and I think that he does okay with dinner- usually whatever Sandi cooks. We'll see how it goes for him, but he's doing great so far.

              Anyhoo- onto my meals for yesterday:
              B: 3 eggs w/ steak, onion, spinach, tomatoes in coconut oil w/ salsa, 3 c. coffee w/ creamer: ~25 g
              S: handful mixed nuts- macs, almonds, cashews
              L: tuna salad salad w/ cabbage, lettuce, spinach, collarabi, little bit carrot, red onion: ~15
              D: spaghetti squash w/ tomato sauce meat: ~30- I really have no idea
              1/2 oz. dark chocolate, 6 g
              Total for the day: ~76 g
              Peppermint tea before bed. Was a little hungry when in bed- but not too bad.

              No workout yesterday. Jess is on vacation and I have super weird schedule. So trying to get Pat up and out of the house with breakfast and lunch makes it difficult to get a workout in before work. Today will be a super long day at work- so I will be doing a rowing workout here at home. So far though, feeling great and doing well with staying on track, with exception of coffee. I need to get a small coffee maker for myself so that I can start decafing without Pat suffering. I would really like to be off the coffee, and only have it as a treat, not as a need. Plus, the caffeine- can't have it if I get pregnant (eek!).


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                I'm a few days behind in my journal this week! Eeck! Work has been a little crazy do to another gal being gone. Anyhoo- no excuse not to write it all done. I feel as though I have been doing great! I think the carb cravings are almost completely gone and I am doing well sticking to my foods.
                So Tuesday was a little rough, tried workout, did before breakfast. Was already hungry when i woke and the banana and almond butter did nothing for me.
                S: banana w/ almond butter- 30 g
                Workout: rowing- 3 x 500m, w/ 20 over-head static lunges, 10 push-ups- totally died on last 500m rounds- from lack of fuel and feeling hungry before I got going
                B: eggs w/ steak, onions, spinach, salsa, 3 c. coffee w/ creamer, 20 g
                L: tuna salad salad- 20 g
                D: left over spaghetti squash w/ tomato sauce, 1/4 pork sausage- 10 g

                Total for Tues:~80-100 g

                Wed I was super tired. 10 hours the day before wiped me out, and I did not eat a whole lot.
                B: eggs w/ chicken, spinach, onion, tomato, avocado, salsa, 3 c. coffee w/ creamer- ~20 g
                L: little bit left over tuna salad, tomatoes, avocado: 5 g
                S: couple handfuls nuts- too many snack today- just from feeling tired
                D: grilled salmon w/ cauliflower & pine nuts, meat pieces (Pat cooked, was great): ~10 g
                1/2 oz. dark chocolate: 6 g
                Total for Wed: ~36-50 grams

                Feeling pretty good this morning. not quite enough sleep, but better than yesterday. Will do workout with my class this evening- Death by 10 Meters!


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                  It's Saturday and I have a lot happen since Thursday! It has been crazy! I now have a new job/career. It was a long, hard decision to leave the gym and go to work for Hammer Nutrition, but I know I am going to love it and it will be great. Needless to say, I haven't had a ton of time to keep up with my journal. So here it goes:
                  B: eggs w/ salmon, spinach, red pepper, onion, 3 c. coffee w/ creamer- 20 g
                  S: handful nuts
                  L: Tuna, steamed veggies w/ Caesar dressing- 20 g
                  S: Handful nuts, hammer gel- 22 g
                  Workout: Death by 10 meters w/ class- go 17 full rounds
                  D: 2 bison patties w/ roasted cauliflower- 10 g
                  S: Coconut ice cream- 20 g
                  Total grams: 96 g

                  Friday: Not the greatest day- had to work much earlier than normal and then did not get to eat well enough and wound up with stomach cramps most of the day
                  B: banana w/ almonds, 3 c. coffee w/ creamer: ~30 grams
                  L: Pork sausage w/ steamed broccoli: 10 g (did not eat all of veggies)
                  D: Grilled chicken thighs, sauteed kale in butter w/ garlic, 2 Mike hard lemonade-cranberry: 40 g
                  Total grams: 90 g

                  Did not feel very well at all yesterday. Waited too long to eat, was way too hungry, etc etc etc. Also weighed in 130.8 Slightly disappointing, but probably due to having my period right now.

                  I also just read the weekend story about Paula @ 51! So amazing. We'll see what happens with my weight- however, I probably over-eat, even if it's okay food. I think I will have to recalculate things and really watch how much fat I'm eating. I would rather see a super decrease in body fat than a drop in weight, but I don't see how I can't drop body fat without dropping a few more pounds. Doing really well without grains. Although, I did have some peanuts today in a trail mix I shared with Pat. tomorrow we are going to go do a super hike, up Great Northern. That will be awesome- a long day too and lots of fun. We are getting our food together tonight so that we are fueled up. I made pumpkin muffins, we will have trail mix (with peanuts- just bought a dried fruit & nut one, mixed with m&m's ). I'm not going to be so concerned about grams of carbs tomorrow.

                  So for today's eating so far:

                  B: eggs w/ lots of bacon (probably way too much bacon), 3 c. coffee w/ creamer
                  S/L: trail mix, iced tea (not sweetened), 1 chicken thigh, 1 pumpkin muffin
                  D: we are going to have some sausages for dinner and probably some kind of veggie. I will also probably have 1 regular Mike's Lemonade and one lighter Mikes.
                  Those drinks are the first drinks I've had in two weeks. Not over doing, I don't think. Trying to keep everything else balanced at the same time.

                  I'll have to see how this week goes. I will be training at new job, so working out might slide a little. I will focus really hard on eating. My other thought, is that I'm not eating enough- but other than Friday, I haven't really felt that way. Well, this whole last week, I've felt pretty tired all week. I'm not sure if it's just not sleep well or getting enough sleep or perhaps not eating enough. I hardly think that's the case. I could go back to counting blocks, and stick to 3-4 blocks per meal. I think that would put me at 27 grams carb per meal- if I stuck at 3. I really don't think that I need to eat that many blocks of carbs. I'm not really doing any exercise currently, for the most part, that is super endurance. Maybe after we move. Then next couple weeks are going to be crazy too, but if I can keep eating in check and maintain my no grains, then hopefully, no matter what happens, food won't be an issue. I know I won't gain any weight from not working out as much the next couple weeks. But with moving and a new job, it's going to be a slight adjustment. It will be fine, though. I will be excited to run/walk in a town with sidewalks; walking the dogs before work will be awesome. I'm really excited. We will make a few more weeks, get settled and get back into the swing of everything by mid- Oct. That sounds so far away- but it's not! Anyhoo- probably won't check back in until Monday. Tomorrow's hike will take us all day. I'll post pictures!


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                    We had an awesome hike on Sunday. Very difficult and very long (8 miles, 4,000 ft in gain and loss, 8 hrs round trip). Pretty sore today. So sunday's eating wasn't spectacular. As I said, i did not watch the grams of carbs at all. It just wasn't something that I could easily control while hiking and get in fuel at the same time. For breakfast, I had a chicken thigh, banana, and almonds; during the hike, I had several handfuls of trail mix that had dried fruit, peanuts (not great), almonds, m&ms, 2 Clif Protein bar, 1 hammer gel. We had Pat's beef stew Sunday with a few veggies. I also, uncharacteristically, made vanilla pudding with coconut milk for desert. I didn't eat all mine, didn't taste as good as I thought it would and it was really sweet. Also had a recevorite and protein drink, 1/2 small Dr. Pepper, and a Lite Mike's Hard Lemonade Cranberry. I'm sure I had plenty of carbs for the day, even though we expended plenty, too.

                    Monday's food looked like this: it was a difficult day
                    Couldn't get into the kitchen when I wanted to, so I had a pumpkin muffin, I'm guessing that these have about 10 grams carbs (or less but don't really know), then I had eggs w/ salmon, zucchini, tomato, red pepper, onion, in coconut oil and salsa, 3 c coffee & creamer 25 grams

                    S: 2 more pumpkin muffins (not good) 20 grams

                    L/D: I wasn't hungry after lunch, which I ate at 3:15- left over dinner w/ ~5 grams steamed broccoli and cauliflower

                    S: at 10 pm, pumpkin muffin
                    So Total for yesterday: ~70.

                    I know that the coffee and creamer are killing me and I could probably drop 2 lbs almost instantly if I get rid of it. Today, I've only had about 2 cups. I want to drop off the caffeine a little bit slower, so I don't have a massive headache for a week, but can't go buy a coffee maker for myself just yet. I really want to get off it soon. I'm sure that's contributing a lot to not dropping weight, as it is added calories, sugar, and carbs that I really haven't been as honest with myself as I should. Maybe just 2 c. the rest of the week and then green tea and next week I'll drop down to one. We'll see if I can get rid of it any quicker. Otherwise, feeling pretty good about eating for the most part. Thought it was really strange about yesterday. I just wasn't hungry and I probably could have gone to bed without eating that muffin, but felt a little hungry when I got home from work. Anyhoo- keep up the good work and I have to go do a work out here pretty soon!


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                      Did not get a chance to jot down what i had yesterday.

                      B: protein smoothie w/ huckleberries, coconut milk, whey vanilla protein powder, almond butter, 1 egg; 2 c. coffee w/ creamer, so ~30 gram carbs
                      W: 3x: push-ups (reg, wide, tri, handstand) and sit-ups (reg, butterfly, roll outs, j v-ups) with some other work in there
                      L: sausage and ~10 gram steamed broccoli and caulilfower
                      D: huge chicken salad, ~25 grams
                      so total for the day: ~65 grams
                      Not quite sure.

                      for today, since I'm here:
                      B: protein smoothie w/ huckleberries, same as yesterday, 2 c. coffee w/ creamer; ~30 grams
                      L: leftover beef stew w/ beets- have no idea about carb count on beets- guess I could look it up, ~15 grams
                      D: huge salad w/ talapia (not necessarily my first choice in fish, but it's already cooked)~20 g. I might have a glass of wine or a Mike's too,just to celebrate the new job a little.

                      So total for today: ~80 (if I have the drink)

                      Went for a run with Kami- pretty okay. Done for today- very tired.