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    Today is day 2 of the Primal Challenge and I feel like I'm doing pretty well. I have been about 75-80% primal for about 3 weeks before the challenge started and I have already dropped 7lbs! I don't feel hungry, deprived or tired and I am really excited about this!

    A little history on me, just in in case anyone happens to be interested...

    I was always quite fit and healthy growing up. I was in the marching band and flag corps in high school and kept a pretty constant weight around 125 or so. (I am 5'3"). After HS I joined the Air Force, who told me that at 130 I was fat and was put on the "fat girl program" during basic. I promptly lost 15lbs in 6weeks.

    After basic I was back to 120-125 until I got married a year later (bad decision #1). I was diagnosed with Endomitriosis and put on a 6 month round of Depo Lupron, which effectively put my 19 yo body into menopause (bad idea #2). I put on 75lbs in 6mo, despite being on mando-PT, and half rations. I came off the medication, had one menstrual cycle and got pregnant with my first child. I gained another 75lbs or so topping out at a whopping 250 right after having my daughter. Then there was lots of craziness (i.e. divorce, jobs, moving across the country, and finally remarriage). I fluctuated between 180-200 during this time and then I got pregnant again and zoomed right back up to 250 despite my best efforts, using CW, to not gain too much weight.

    Since the birth of my second child (almost 2 years ago now) I have done everything CW said to lose weight. I even went so far as to try the HCG died (MAJOR MISTAKE!!) which did help me lose weight but then I packed it all right back on. ACK!

    I'm sure no one else is going to read this, or probably even care but maybe if my story can help someone else relate then Grok On!


    Today I rode my bide a total of 3.7 miles (round trip to and from the Train). I do this, give or take a few tenths of a mile, Monday - Thursday to get to school.

    B: 3 hard boiled eggs
    16oz coffee with heavy cream
    2 oz spiced, roasted almonds (my own recipe)
    L: lemon pepper tilapia fillet (last night's left overs)
    salad (romaine heart, shredded carrot, olive oil and balsamic vinegar)
    Small pgk of apple chips
    D: is currently undecided.. will update later.

    Woot woot down to 203 from 210 when I first started!!!!!

    Update: I would like to mention that I ended up having spaghetti squash with marinara sauce (organic!) and italian pork sausage from a local farm. SO Yummy!
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    Good luck, paganmom! I had a massive weight gain at 19 due to meds after a normal-size childhood, just like you. Yikes! It sounds like you're doing great!