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Becoming fit and in love with my body! by Sally from Copenhagen

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  • Becoming fit and in love with my body! by Sally from Copenhagen

    Hi all you fantastic people - how i love this place already. Having read as much as possible within the last week I have decided to jump all in, bought all the groceries, convinced the boyfriend, emptied the local health store, printed the recipes and made my own book of favorites etc. Unfortunately also already tested a few desserts, but hey...

    I'am 32 years old, live in Copenhagen Denmark and run a small advertising/event agency. I am 175 cm tall, and my weight is 66,1 kg.

    I hope to loose 6-7 kg of fat, and gain 2-3 kgs muscle.

    I'm not 'fat' but my body just seems to think that it should store fat on my but to prepare my for hard times... but since I do not expect a catostrophe I think getting rid of these would make me a happier person. I really hate my tighs, so I hope that this journey can help me start loving them and the rest of my body.

    I work out 2-3 times a week; kettle cross and functional training, starting crossfit next week. And I hope to start walking more, maybe 45 minutes a few times a week.

    I have always been a bit too big, but being tall makes it easy to 'hide' it. 1½ year ago I managed to loose 10% bodyfat following a diet for a year, I loved it. Only reason why i stopped was because it became a bit too complicated always having to prepare certain dishes. But i found out that I like systems, the more systems, rules and list - the better my chances of not creating arguments and leapholes for my self.

    So this blog is just another way for me to keep on path.
    I am really motivated, and I hope to God that I can do this. I stopped smoking 3 years ago, so I must be able to start eathing healthy.

    From wednesday next week I will go on a 7 day juice detox , since this has been planned for a while, and I hope that it can kick start my weightloss and clean up my system. My hope is that both the primal eating and the juice detox can give me more energy, clean my skin, make me happier (since I tend to have 'angry-bird' days, anyway that is what my boyfriend calls me when I'm being totally unreasonable and just sleeping and wining from the couch.)

    My food intake yesterday...
    B: juice on apple, carrot, ginger, selleri, cucumber
    L: bacon, avocade, egg, tomato salad
    Dorkstuffed chicken with vegetables
    S: raw food snacks, goji berries with chocolate, dried bananas

    Today so far...
    B: juice + banana pancakes
    L: bacon, avocade, egg, tomato salad

    well now it's on.....

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    Good luck going primal Sally.I'm sure you will do very well and you certainly have lots of enthusiasm.All the best


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      Good luck. I hope you reach your goals and get rid of the angry bird feeling. :-)


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        saturday stroll with a girlfriend, said no to cake 2 times.... very proud. Going to the cinema this evening, and have stashes up on raw food healthy snacks...


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          been reading about primal eating all day. So motivated. no training because i'm lazy though. Boyfreind is motivated as well.

          B: omelet muffin + juice
          L: omelet muffin + 7 choko coco balls
          D: meatza with proscioutto


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            Lost almost 1 kg already, æliking this new way of life! Event though I have been enjoying nuts, dates, cocoa etc.
            I also find it very interessting to use fitday - and see how all I eat adds to a my goal. I know my morning juice adds a lot of crabs, but I have kept them in my diet. (for now...)

            B: Juice
            L: avocado, bacon, tomato, egg, chicken breast
            D: cucumber + cantarels, steak of oxe, rucula, parmegiano, olive oil, proteing chocolate fudge + yoghurt + blueberries

            We had guest who enjoyed the meaty dinner:-) They are paleo newbees as well.

            From tomorrow and 7 days on i will be on a juice diet, to cleanse my system.

            See you on the other side:-)


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              God fornøjelse :-)


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                Good Luck!
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